Bezgever Llc Property Management

Bezgever Llc Property Management – Our team of local professionals supports property rentals in Raleigh-Durham, NC and the surrounding area. We provide a best-in-class full service so you can enjoy a stress-free investment while increasing your financial assets and cash flow.

Get to know your portfolio manager: his job is to make sure everything is running smoothly for you. They are supported by a team of local experts who provide 24/7 support. We will only bother you when things really need your attention, and when you need us, all you need is a phone call or a message and we are available in an emergency 24/7.

Bezgever Llc Property Management

Bezgever Llc Property Management

Maintain your home in good condition and happy residents without hassle. makes it easy to approve applications and estimates and track their progress on your computer or phone. With a network of proven suppliers and a team of in-house trade specialists who check every offer, you can be sure that you will get the highest quality work without overpaying, never. We give you quantity discounts on materials and you can say goodbye to tags forever.

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Thanks, finding someone who can call your place home is very simple: the average house is rented in 2 weeks. We sell your home on over 40 websites and bring it to life with 3D tours. We’ve made it easy for residents to find, explore and apply for your property simply and securely, so you can find a verified resident and start generating cash flow faster.

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In the company, we know that happy homes are the best investment. Our residents are rigorously screened for credit, income and rental history to ensure you get the best fit for your home. Our residents’ response time is under 2 hours, and the 24/7 emergency access line enables immediate assistance in any situation. Our income protection guarantees keep your cash flowing no matter what.

Get rid of the guesswork and paperwork of cash flow management. If you are renting with a company, we will collect the rent digitally and deliver it on time every month. You can view your cash balance in real time and generate advanced reports anytime from your phone or computer.

This premium plan may include a concierge service for owners and institutional investors who have a larger portfolio of homes. Prices are adjusted to your needs.

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