Bayrock Property Management

Bayrock Property Management – An affiliate of Bayrock Real Estate, Bayrock Capital is a full-service global commercial real estate investment and advisory firm. With a data-driven and disciplined financial analysis approach to real estate financing, we provide our private and institutional clients with customized investment advisory services that assist their strategic investment decisions and generate superior risk-adjusted returns. Our clients include international financial institutions, private equity firms, pension funds, developers and high net worth individuals.

The company’s management has a proven track record in the commercial real estate investment sector and has extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of capital markets, investment planning, business due diligence and sales models. This experience allows us to help our clients achieve their real estate investment goals efficiently and effectively.

Bayrock Property Management

Bayrock Property Management

Bayrock Capital has advised on more than $3.5 billion of prospective and completed transactions internationally in the commercial, retail, transportation, development asset classes as well as operational real estate, including hospitality and senior housing.

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Bayrock Capital offers clients comprehensive advice on real estate investments in all asset classes and risk areas. These services provide our clients with the ability to source, underwrite, negotiate, finance and close real estate transactions, from single property purchases to large portfolios. All services offered by Bayrock Capital are tailored to the needs of each client and business.

Bayrock Capital provides analytical support to our clients by building custom Excel investment models for their prospective business. This service is ideal for boutique businesses with limited analytical resources or Excel investment modeling skills. Our investment models help our clients make smart financial decisions safely and avoid the stress of inaccurate financial models.

We undertake market research and financial analysis to assess reasonable operating assumptions, marketing and financial plans in connection with the acquisition. We offer a full acquisition financial model and corresponding report. Suggestions for alternatives or changes to our client’s analysis will be included along with all key risk factors to consider.

We provide marketing assistance and financial feasibility studies for prospective real estate transactions. The report covers financial analysis (operating pro forma creation and review, DCF analysis, return projects, valuation projections), capital structure review, dynamic supply and demand analyses, development potential and cost analysis, and competitive analysis. Our reports are tailored to the specific needs of the client, from short reports for internal decisions, to detailed reports for lenders and investors.

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Bayrock Capital performs comprehensive reviews of the client’s investment models to “sense” investment returns, formula development, model setup and sensitivity analysis. All client models are cross-checked against an internal model to verify cash flow and financial returns. In addition to refining inaccurate models, Bayrock Capital optimizes model functionality by adding custom features such as IRR split, sensitivity analysis, introducing (waterfall) barrier structures, construction plans and schedules (forecast and actual), scenario functions, amortized debt plans and much more.

Bayrock Capital’s affiliate, Bayrock Financial Modeling, offers Microsoft Excel investment modeling templates across the entire asset class. Designed by experts in real estate finance, Bayrock’s models calculate financial returns (IRR, EM, ROI, ROI) across multiple scenarios and business types (purchase, development, operation and sale). The flexible models allow our clients to confidently calculate investment returns without writing or modifying formulas, eliminating the possibility of model errors.

Aimed at real estate professionals, Bayrock Capital’s subsidiary Bayrock Financial Modeling offers self-paced real estate financial modeling with customized training programs that provide best practices and skills needed to build complex and flexible investment-grade financial models that assess financial credibility, risk and return of acquisition and development investments. The self-study allows users to complete the course in a flexible way based on work and personal life.

Bayrock Property Management

Independent financial advisor to a market-leading real estate investment firm on the creation of a CAD $100 million nine-property senior housing portfolio in Canada. Bayrock Capital supported its client to plan the transaction, prepare marketing materials, perform financial analysis, build complex investment models with multiple scenarios and advise on JV equity negotiations, leading to a successful closing.

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Bayrock Capital was hired by an American private equity firm to support its strategy to enter the London hotel market. Bayrock Capital advised the client on the opportunities available and executed a bid strategy for a vacant office remodel. Bayrock Capital worked with the client to develop and design the investment strategy and hotel location, built hotel P&L proformas and complex development investment models, advised on branding options and consulted with general contractors to develop the construction plan.

Financial advisor to a leading property investor to develop a strategy to launch a joint investment and management platform across the UK. Bayrock Capital delivered a detailed feasibility report and comprehensive financial modeling for third-party trading and asset management systems.

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Bayrock Capital was engaged by a major property developer/investor in the UK and advised on the financial analysis and negotiation for the purchase of 60 retail properties. Bayrock Capital performed a comprehensive review of the property’s financials, developed customized financial models for multiple investment scenarios, negotiated and structured debt and equity terms, and delivered a detailed investment feasibility report.

Commissioned by a leading industrial real estate developer, Bayrock Capital performed detailed financial analysis, built complex multi-sector models, performed comprehensive due diligence and prepared marketing materials for a selection of “land bank” acquisitions the company was pursuing.

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Bayrock Real Estate is proud to have worked with international commercial real estate investment managers, banks, agents, developers and universities. A selection of clients who have used Bayrock Capital’s investment advisory services and/or Bayrock Financial Modeling real estate financial modeling training programs include;

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the investment advisory services offered by Bayrock Capital, please contact us using the contact form or email address below. Founded in 2015, Bayrock Financial Modeling specializes in providing high quality Excel-based commercial real estate financial modeling training and business consulting. Learn more.

Our corporate training licenses and self-study modeling programs provide their users with the comprehensive financial modeling skills, knowledge and processes needed to evaluate businesses and complete real estate modeling exams. Additionally, through our business advisory services, we are committed to maximizing investor returns for our new and long-term clients, leveraging the financial, technical and commercial expertise of our professional team.

Bayrock Property Management

Bayrock Financial Modeling offers two CPD certified self-study courses in Real Estate Financial Modelling, covering all skill levels. Mastering the Modeling Exam is designed to assist prospective financial professionals and professionals in passing the Employment Modeling Exam. Our flagship program, “Investment Quality Modeling”, focuses on the core skills and processes required when creating and analyzing complex investment appraisals. This program is essential for all investment professionals within the real estate industry.

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The programs come with step-by-step instructions, explaining how to build a real estate model one block at a time for a specific business scenario. The self-study allows users to complete the course in a flexible way based on work and personal life and at their own pace. The programs do not require classroom participation and offer the most cost-effective way to learn real estate modeling.

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Aimed at real estate investment professionals, this self-paced course will provide best practices and advanced skills for building flexible investment-grade financial models that assess the financial credibility, risk and return of commercial real estate investments. Real estate terms covered in the program include and are not limited to:

The Mastering the Modeling Test training program is carefully designed to teach and guide users through a logical step-by-step process on how to create flexible real estate financial models in a model testing scenario. limited to:

For many of our clients, the total cost of classroom training for model training stretches beyond their training budgets. In addition, the rigid structure of the course reduces the transferability of the content across companies/teams.

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Bayrock Financial Modeling is proud to offer an alternative and more cost-effective training method to classroom teaching. Our Lifetime License Agreement gives our customers access to a customized self-learning modeling program, which can be transferred across companies/teams. The license allows the training program to be available to all current and future employees indefinitely.

By significantly reducing the cost of training and eliminating the need for expensive classroom courses, the license provides the best return on investment for real estate model training. The license provides access to;

1.Lifetime access to customized PDF modeling guide and corresponding Excel workbook 2.Modeling test to assess current and future employee modeling skills3. One-on-one feedback sessions for a predetermined number of current employees

Bayrock Property Management

Bayrock Financial Modeling’s affiliate, Bayrock Capital, prides itself on the teams’ financial and business expertise to perform acquisition due diligence, underwriting, equity/debt raising and model audits. The team has extensive experience and expertise across all asset classes and risk areas, with a combined contract value of over €3.5 billion.

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Bayrock Capital is proud to have worked with global sophisticated investors, banks, funded individuals, investment banks, private equity investors, agents and investment managers. Bayrock Capital’s investment advice includes and is not limited to;

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