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Theresa Bradley-Banta’s Invest in Apartment Buildings Profit Without the Pitfalls is a no-holds-barred guide to successfully investing in multifamily properties. This Bradley-Banta collection includes everything you need to know:

Banta Property Management

Banta Property Management

Theresa Bradley-Banta’s Invest In Apartment Buildings contains real estate fast lane stories that only Bradley-Banta shares. It fills you in on so-called “guru snuff”—losses that occur because investors follow the advice of the “guru” of the moment—and allows you to be involved in every aspect of the deal from start to finish. .

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This is a well written comprehensive book on investing in apartment buildings. It was really fun! Theresa Bradley-Banta shows you clearly how to find and understand good apartment investment markets; Visit and inspect the property (by driving and showing with the seller or broker); Obtain real estate financing from sellers for use in property analysis; Clearly understand investment terms, concepts and formulas; Find a team and lead it; Steer clear of the hype surrounding multi-family investing; And most importantly, go into action free from fear and doubt. I found this book very inspiring. As an added bonus, she makes all the documents from her book available for free download. I now have all the questions I need to interview both a commercial broker and a property manager (not to mention a great sample property management agreement), due diligence documents, sample letter of intent, sample real estate investor resume And other great resources. I would encourage you to buy this book. Keep it handy as an excellent reference. And read it every three or four months as you build your investment business. – Elizabeth Hedberg

I am a lawyer and a real estate investor. I wish this book was available before I made my first investment. The book is clear and concise. It is educational and entertaining. Theresa’s book could not have come at a more appropriate time. His book offers tremendous value and insight into this much-hyped area of ​​real estate investing. His voice is fresh and modern, a beacon amid the media frenzy surrounding new apartment building construction. It’s a welcome tool that can help first-timers or seasoned professionals navigate their way through the frenzy and hype of multifamily investing. Theresa has expertise in many family investment areas. She is able to provide unparalleled insight into what is quickly becoming a bright spot in our economy—real estate. His book is an on-the-ground practical guide to multifamily investing. Do yourself a favor and read it before you invest. – Mary Catherine

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I am an experienced real estate investor who has spent thousands of dollars in seminars and tools to learn my craft. Theresa’s book is up there with the best. It is an interesting, easy-to-read, practical information-filled book on investing in multifamily real estate. If you invest in real estate you need this book in your library. – Tomas Nani

I have been investing in single family homes for a few years now and I want to make the move to purchase apartment buildings. As a newcomer to multi-family investing I should not make costly mistakes. Theresa Bradley-Banta delivers the goods when it comes to practical advice. Not only does she cover successful deals she shows you she chose to pass on deals that didn’t fit her strategies. Most books make apartment building investing look easy, as if anyone can do it. As an experienced real estate investor I know this is simply not true. Big mistakes can happen when you’re dealing with millions of dollars. I found Theresa refreshingly honest about potential pitfalls and mistakes that could be made. i guess? Priceless! – Janet fish

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Finally a real estate book on investing in apartment buildings that is hot off the press and right on the mark. Real estate was, is and always will be a great investment if you approach it from the right perspective. Apartments are the hottest market in the country since the Great Recession. Investing in Apartment Buildings gives the reader an honest, comprehensive look at what it takes to successfully invest in multifamily real estate. This is a must-have book for any serious real estate investor. – Alan B.

Theresa Bradley-Banta’s book Investing in Apartment Buildings is a valuable resource and guide and wealth of information on how to invest in multi-family properties and apartment buildings and avoid the pitfalls and risks and problems that make people fail in commercial real estate. happened estate.Theresa generously shares her invaluable knowledge, information and real-world experience to invest wisely in multifamily real estate and avoid bad guru advice and misinformation. This book has tips on how to find good properties, the math of real estate, property management and hiring the right property managers, investing in the right market, negotiating, who to talk to to find out about apartment buildings, property inspections, Raising money to fund apartment building deals, building a team to help you, finding a mentor, working with commercial real estate brokers and other great information. – Jacob Cherian

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Theresa Bradley-Banta writes, speaks and consults on investing in real estate while avoiding the pitfalls that plague many investors.

Banta Property Management

She is an active real estate investor and experienced asset manager and owner operator of single-family rentals, multi-family properties and international single-family development projects ranging from $50K to over $9M. She is of counsel to clients with a total portfolio value in excess of $150M.

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OKC Home Realty Service is located in the heart of Oklahoma. And it is considered among the best property management OKC companies. OKC Home’s main goal has always been to be investor-centric and to be able to keep costs down, which is beneficial to both workers and owners. OKC home realty service is effectively advertised on many sites.

The main goal of a property management company has always been to be investor-centric and to be able to keep costs down which is beneficial for both owners and owners. Along with these, the very best part is that Okc property management companies have given the group of viewers 13 key ways to advertise their property which makes the company exceptionally reliable.

The main objective of Luxe is to increase the capacity and performance of the property under their course and team of experts. This is done with the vast experience of their management team and a dedicated emphasis on tenant satisfaction.

Oak Harbor Real Estate & Property Management

Secure tenants are a key factor in ensuring that properties not only meet but consistently exceed luxury performance standards. Their goal is to ensure that both their owners and tenants are as stress-free as possible in the leasing process.

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NAI was founded in 2002. NAI provides clients with sound market intelligence on everything they need to know about renting.

Their mission is to provide our corporate clients with superior market intelligence to solve their commercial real estate needs and to help our investors grow their wealth through the acquisition and management of their commercial real estate. .

Banta Property Management

Their examination begins with a list of commercial properties that are available for sale or rent within the recognized advertisement, thereby allowing a comprehensive comparison of showcase properties with a client’s properties.

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It offers sales, leasing, construction, and property management for all types of commercial real estate, including office, manufacturing, retail, investment, and multifamily properties. Every year, they include monthly reporting as well as budget planning.

Homeworx offers full benefit property management of single family homes, condos, and duplexes to individuals and speculators in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Dallas metro areas. They provide complete detailed information to the customers before starting any work related process.

Their management reasoning is around success and good communication. Their neighborhood staff is available seven days a week to handle any issues that come up while monitoring your property.

Property Center has been able to provide its management since 2005. The company caters to the exact buyer’s goals and needs. Their management adds maximum benefits to both the buyer and the dealer and minimizes the problems of occupants in the event that one claims more than one property, the property center oversees the management well.

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The Property Center listens to your goals and needs and works with you to find the right buyer, home or investment for you. You can rely on their expertise and personal attention to make the experience smooth and easy for you.

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