Attard Property Management

Attard Property Management – The following are real estate transactions of $5,000 or more listed in the records of the Erie County Clerk’s Office for the week ending May 14th.

• 34 Ashdale Circle, Luz Angelica Matus; From Ivan Alejandro Mercado to Kayleigh B. Terranova; Nicholas J. Terranova, $745,000

Attard Property Management

Attard Property Management

• 208 Denrose Drive, Penton Living Trust 102915 Tr to Dinesh K. Chawla; Rashmi Chaula; Tarunkei duck; Beef Duck, $635,000.

Marilyn Attard, Real Estate Agent

• 130 Fennec Lane, Milind D. Khadilkar; Sumedha M. Khadilkar to Benjamin A. Moore; Dana G. Moore, $385,000

• 169 Boxelder Lane, David M. Jacobs; Ashley L. Smith to Susan K. Schanz; William L. Schants, $355,000

• 792 North French Road, Elis Salkic; Ibrahim Salkic to Carson Steven Edward Sr; Tammy Lynn Carson, $250,000.

• 204 Willow Ridge Drive, Robert C. Robinson; Robert Charles Robinson to Christopher Nash; Nicole D. Nash, $242,000

Rob Attard, Author At Skedulo

• 47 Park Club Ln14221, Jean M. Montante; Joseph R. Montante to Brian D. Snyder; Pamela R. Snyder, $135,500

• 9 Cambridge Sq Unit 1, Richard H. Ferry; Roelfina Papoulidis to Marjorie A. Hurley; Thomas F. Hurley II, $117, 500

• 169 Coronation Drive, Rita A. Haddad; Therese A. Malouf; Gabi Ayub Ginati; George Ayub Ginati; Tony Ayoub Zinaty to Aziz Khairalah; Tony Kairala, $115,000

Attard Property Management

• Clearance 83 Winterbrook Drive, Mj Peterson Airport LLC; Ryan Homes of New York from Mj Peterson-Airport LLC, $59,007.

Ad Rental House Attard (atd) Ref:l2142mt

• 18 Sunset Boulevard, Ian C. Denton; Lisa K. Denton to Nadra M. Macarthur; Lawrence A. Wade, $183,000

• Cheval Road, a vacant lot, from Legacy Polo Grounds LLC to John Sigeti Ira Ben; Equity Trust Company Cust, $75,000.

• 749 Forest Ave., Eric J. Koessler; From Sarah G. Lane to Elizabeth Ann Lenz; Isaac Smith Jr., $550,000

• 49 Hodge Ave., Annie Y Yuen 2017 Revocable Trust 080717 Tr to Charles Hahn II; One Sujet, $441,000

N 8th St, Olean, Ny 14760

• 65 Russell St., Christopher T. Mcmahan; Melanie A. McMahan; From Melanie A. Shorey to Michael J. Adler; Evelyn P. Walsh, $380,000

• 325 Commonwealth Ave., Courtney A. Hamp; From Whitney T. Shaw-Hamp to Labayen Manuel Rey Salon; Nolan Ray O’Brien-Rabayen, $356,000

• 102 Wingate Ave., Christina E. Size; Colin J. Size to Blake W. Harper III; Mary Virginia Harper; Tracy Lynn Harper, $355,000

Attard Property Management

• 771 Lafayette Ave Unit 9c, Mary T. Jebb; Kathleen A. Rooney to Mary Truscott Jebb; John D. Shera, $310,000

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The Maxwell At Highland Creek

• 588 Hopkins St., Patrick R. Doty; Robert M. Gannon; $145,000 from Donald C. Hollenbeck to Gannon-Patel Enterprise LLC

• 179 Breckenridge Road, Brendan Young-Welch; Brendan Mitchell Young-Welch; Ashley M. Romanyk-Obrien in Casey M. Young-Welch; Taylor Lydia Romanyk-Obrien, $127,500.

• 108 West Cherbourg Drive, Michael J. Tarasevich; Vera Y. Tarasevich to Mary E. Frey; David C. Kreuter, $280,000

• 16 Rondelay Court, Maria Roberts Revocable Trust 050120 Tr; Neil Roberts Revocable Trust 050120 Tr to Brandon Patrick Trinkle, $255,000.

Lauren Attard / Property Manager

• 48 Wheaton Drive, Tamara D. Cathcart; Tamara D. Williams to Kevin D. Bowers; Ashley L. Jaques, $200, 048.

• 408 Lamarck Drive, Lori A. Gozdziak; Stephen E. Gozziak; Lori A. Krieger to Jacob D. Gozdziak; Rachel J. Lecchio, $145,000

• 12 Peachrow Lane, James L Luongo Revocable Trust 121818 Tr; James L Luongo Revocable Trust Tr to Corey B. Ehlenfield, $144,000.

Attard Property Management

• 231 Orchard Place, Pietra Intorre; Pietra C. Intorre to Cynthia L. Gehrke; Robert B. Gerke; Sarah L. Vogel, $141, 900

Andover St, Wellington, Co 80549

• 18 Temple Drive, Cheryl Brown; Janet L. Evans; Beth and Fornuto; Kathleen Hill; Lynn Marie Hill; Beth A. Kotecki; Richard J. Kotecki to Richard J. Kotecki, $127, 500.

• 4910 Meadowbrook Road, Elaine M. Martin; Kathleen A. Sparshott to Kathryn E. Vadala; Leonard S. Vadala Jr., $274, 250

• 1419 Burns Road, Roger E. Gerwitz; Shirley Ruth Goewitz to Jonathan Christopher Goewitz; Sarah Lynn Gowitz; Shirley Ruth Gowitz, $42,000

• 194 Tracey Lane, Vinette M. Kroetsch; Anne E. Noujo; Anne E. Pasco; Patrick J. Pasco; Vincent P. Pascoe II to Sfr3-000 LLC, $165,000.

Ad Rental House Attard (atd) Ref:l1122mt

• 75 Windham Ct (sl 106), New England Estates of Grand Island LLC to Forbes Homes Inc, $75,000.

• 1538 Electric Ave., Lackawanna Post No 63 of The American Legion Inc to Allan A. Rybak, $22,000.

• 10 Greenbriar Drive, Amanda M. Heiser; Ernest F. Heiser to Jeffrey S. Hewett; Megan L. Hewett, $370,000

Attard Property Management

• 2035 Como Park Boulevard, Kevin J. Arndt; Justine Flynn to Anthony M. Dirienzo; Caitlin M. Dirienzo, $237,000

Attard, Furnished Maisonette

• 13107 Bullis Road, Kurt M. Vandermeulen; Kurt W. Vandermeulen; Lois A. Vandermeulen; Ross N. Vandermeulen to Brittany Myers; Donald J. Myers, $225,000

• 7861 Scotland Road, Julie L. Angello-Mcfadden; Scott E. Mcfadden to Elizabeth A. Budzinski; Kevin B. Shoemaker, $325,000

• 18 Woodhaven Drive, Robert E. Fisher III; Brianna H. Gimbrone to Corey J. Duffy; Lindsay R. Duffy, $210,000

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• 321 Lowell Road, Frances L. Marzullo; Susan M. Zynda to Emily C. Hennessy; Timothy J. Hennessy, $360,000.

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• 13062 Warner Hill Road, Adam D. Bush; Kara B. Henneberry-Bush to Melanie Perdue Martin; Martin William Randolph Jr., $367,500

• 71 Singer Drive, Allyssa J. Niggel; Nathan D. Ohara to Peter L. Veech; Taylor L. Weed, $195,000.

• 50 East Carriage Park, George A. Walker Jr.; Linda Ann Walker to Buffalo Properties Management Holdings IV LLC, $95,000.

Attard Property Management

See who bought and sold real estate in Erie County with our weekly real estate listings.

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© Copyright 2022 The Buffalo News, One News Plaza Buffalo, NY 14240 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Do not sell my information | Cookie PreferencesMelanie Attard has been in the real estate industry in the Hills and Hawkesbury area since 2005. She is a certified real estate agent and Strata managed broker. She also holds a Real Estate Diploma and Strata Management IV Certificate and she was recently awarded the Century 21 Real Estate Manager of the Year award. With a conscientious and passionate approach and ability to build relationships with clients, she is also passionate about the need for wealth managers to educate themselves to advance her career. [Image credit: Tim Keegan (Flickr)]

She started working in real estate since 2005 when she was 10 years ago. She has a passion for real estate since she was young and she likes to work with people, so I think real estate management fits that passion.

I am a Certified Real Estate Broker, Certified Auctioneer, Certified Strata Administrative Agent and Certified Equity and Reverse Agent.

Thanks to technology, many people can be reached 24/7. This is generally very positive, but some customers now expect me to continue to be available, which can sometimes be unrealistic!

Sonata Apartment Rentals

I really like the diversity of jobs. I’m not bored and I don’t have the same two days. I always find something new happening! I also enjoy building and maintaining relationships with clients. We are lucky to have many long term clients and enjoy following them.

We think we are unique because we are a small boutique agency powered by the power of a global brand. This means we not only have the support, training and skills of a large corporation, but we can also provide personalized service.

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The most important thing to me is always being honest and trying to make everyone do the right thing.

Attard Property Management

Regular communication is important. Not only that, I think it’s very important to be honest and friendly (even if you’re having a bad day!).

Wayne St, Olean, Ny 14760

I have met many inspiring and successful people within the Century 21 network who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with anyone in need of guidance. I would like to consider many people in this network as mentors.

I am passionate about my job and I love to share my knowledge with others. In that sense, I want to explore the possibility of becoming a real estate trainer someday.

Exercise is very important to me. I train most of the day and I believe this helps to keep my overall mood positive along with a good sense of well-being. It’s the best way to start your day! I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I have met many successful and knowledgeable people through the Century 21 network. I couldn’t pick just three!

Ronald Attard At Nhl Draft

The current market for sales in the Hawkesbury area is very hot. In my experience, many buyers are investors and the amount of rental property is increasing. However, the real estate market is always changing. If interest rates remain low, the sales market will continue to grow in the short term. I believe high-quality properties will always be rented if landlords are ready to meet the market and realistic with their rental expectations.

Educate yourself! You should have an in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and make sure you are aware of the changes in the law. The registration certificate does not cover complex laws. I always encourage people to get further education. At least a level 4 real estate license.

We also believe that in asset management you will face situations where you cannot please everyone. When this happens, it’s important to remember to learn from experience and not take it personally. Currently under construction and scheduled for completion in the spring of 2023, this top-of-the-line villa is in one of the most popular locations.

Attard Property Management

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