Aspm Llc Property Management

Aspm Llc Property Management – Many landlords want to know how much it costs to hire a professional property manager in the Salt Lake City area. Generally, property management costs are around eight to 10 percent of your monthly rental receipts. That means if you’re charging $1,000 in rent for your property, the cost of a good manager is about $100.

Leasing is a process outside of public administration. Some property managers charge an additional fee, called a lease fee. This is an upfront fee you pay to get a tenant into your property. At ASPM, we do not charge lease fees. We don’t think it’s fair for property owners to pay a professional to house a bad tenant, then get paid again to evict the bad tenant and put in another. We do not charge lease fees to our owners as we see them as negative. However, many companies charge those fees, so make sure you’re comfortable paying them and be prepared for the extra cost.

Aspm Llc Property Management

Aspm Llc Property Management

As we always tell our owners, the cost of professional property management in Salt Lake City outweighs the increase in income and decrease in vacancy over time. In fact, you hire a property manager for the same reasons you hire a professional accountant or attorney. They know the industry and they can help you increase your overall income. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what you’re going to pay in management fees each month. Instead, look at your bottom line and see what you get in return for what you pay.

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Professional investors do not manage their own assets. They hand over to property managers because they know they will maximize their rental income and return on investment.

If you have any questions about payment systems for asset managers, please contact us at Advanced Solutions Asset Management.

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Relocating Outside Salt Lake City – Renting or Selling Your Home? As a landlord struggles for a hassle-free life as a property owner, what to expect with the maintenance costs associated with the property rental business. Fill out the quick contact form to contact us!

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Owning residential rental properties can be very rewarding, but being a “landlord” and dealing with day-to-day tenant issues shouldn’t be your concern.

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It takes an incredible amount of time to list properties, screen applicants, take repair calls and avoid extended vacancies.

We are here to give you peace of mind as our strict adherence to proven processes and procedures helps us manage your property efficiently.

Aspm Llc Property Management

We handle all the legal stuff like risk management and compliance, and take care of service calls quickly, so tenants are happy and your costs are under control.

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We seamlessly process rental payments right into your bank account and regularly monitor market conditions to maximize your return on investment.

Rest easy knowing that we take care of all things landlord, so you can enjoy being a property owner.

Strict adherence to our proven processes and procedures enables us to efficiently manage your property. Here’s what you can expect from ASPM:

Our scheduled notifications, reminders, and follow-up help you seamlessly process rent payments right into your bank account.

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Better screening results for better tenants. Our proven system streamlines screening for income, employment, credit, rental history and criminal history.

Our home care company means 24/7 service calls can be taken care of quickly. This keeps tenants happy and keeps your costs under control.

We communicate clearly and often so you always know what’s going on and have a say in how your property is being maintained.

Aspm Llc Property Management

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s with detailed leases, comprehensive move-in inspections and regular inspections every time we visit your property.

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We have over 65 years of property management experience, so you can rest easy knowing we have this stuff down to a science. We excel at:

We’ve been down this road a few times. We know when to file and when to limit the risk and losses from unpaid rent.

We manage hundreds of properties and have done conversions for thousands of tenants. We know how to minimize downtime and deliver maximum ROI.

You can trust ASPM to manage inspections, security deposits, equal housing opportunity laws, fair housing laws, ADA compliance and service animal shelters.

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We have a unique perspective to deliver what every property owner is looking for – minimum hassle with maximum ROI.

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A: Tenant must inspect the property first. Once they view the property, they will be prompted on their cell phone for our application page. Once tenants apply, they will be contacted to verify certain details such as date and # of occupants or pets moving in. Once verified, they are run using a national multi-step background check of credit, criminal and rental history. Background results are compared to our published minimum requirements. If they meet those minimum requirements, the lease process begins.

A: As a landlord, it is your responsibility to provide tenants with a safe, secure and clean home, but sometimes you have to deal with difficult tenants, which is time-consuming and very expensive for landlords. Examples of these difficulties include: persistently late rent payments or persistently asking for more time with rent payments, unauthorized persons or pets, tenant damage to the premises, threatening or abusive behavior by the tenant or other tenant that negatively impacts the remainder. Your tenants or neighbors. Having a strong lease is key to ensuring you can manage your investments and deal with difficult tenants if necessary. When dealing with problem tenants, adherence to the terms of the lease is imperative. Penalty fees, 3-day notices to comply or vacate, and 3-day notices to pay or quit are powerful tools in a landlord’s toolbox when it comes to problem tenants. We also want to emphasize that if you are going to use any of the above notices, you must be prepared to follow the terms of the notices.

Aspm Llc Property Management

A: We always contract with a good eviction attorney who is ready to go. As we say in business, bad things can happen to good people. Evictions are one of the most difficult parts of being a landlord but at the end of the day, you need to act to protect your investment and business. If the terms of the lease are violated and the tenant does not work with us, we turn the documents over to our attorney. The work we did on the front end of the lease (detailed application, identification, contact information) makes the case much easier for the attorney. After filing a case with a lawyer and doing everything right, we expect to attend a court hearing, and in most cases (if we’ve done our part properly) the judge will order restitution. It compels the tenant to vacate the property. We contact a constable and issue an order to vacate them.

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A: Making tenant payment issues easier to deal with is the biggest problem landlords face and one of the biggest reasons we are called in to help. Avoiding payment problems in the 1st place starts with a comprehensive initial application. More details about the initial application will make it easier to pay later if problems arise. 1st, we will immediately add the late fee to the tenant’s wallet. 2nd, we include any postage charges included in the lease. 3rd, we fill out and issue a 3 day pay or quit notice to the tenant. Pay or Quit is one of the most powerful tools in a landlord’s toolbox when used consistently. When it comes to tenant paying behavior, it’s important to be consistent in using pay or quit. Continued use of the system drives the desired result.

A: • If the tenant gives notice to vacate, an exit inspection will be scheduled for the rental unit on the next business day after the vacate date.

• The property is pre-leased in our system. This allows the property to be listed once it has been verified that the property is vacated by the outgoing tenant. It also looks at whether an increase in lease rates is in order.

• Upon vacating, an exit inspection is conducted once all tenant damage has been identified. A lease entry inspection is used to check if existing problems are the tenant’s responsibility or pre-existing. The inspector will also identify wear and tear issues that need attention. Owner responsible for wear and tear issues.

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• Once the inspection is complete, a work order is created to address any tenant issues or wear and tear and materials. If the tenant leaves

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