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Silver, Single Element ICP and ICP/MS Certified Reference Standard, Enhanced Packaging, ARISTAR®, VWR Chemicals BDH® Supplier: VWR Chemicals BDH®

Aristar Property Management

Aristar Property Management

These ICP and ICP-MS CRMs are stable, compatible, traceable to NIST SRM, and manufactured and tested under ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025 guidelines. Certified values ​​are based on two independent methods, uncertainty is based on detailed error budgets, and trace metal impurities (TMI) are determined by ICP and ICP-MS for single component CRM.

Mortgage Reit Earnings Season Kicks Off, High Yield Is Back

Every single ingredient ICP standard ships with a Certificate of Analysis (A of C) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Certain lot C of A is also available online.

Extended packaging extends shelf life up to 4 years by sealing the product in an outer aluminized bag over regular poly bottles.

This specially designed outer bag prevents transpiration (water, or solvent, loss through the container.) Therefore, most of these standards have a shelf life of 4 years until the outer bag is opened. After opening the outer bag, the ctomer will mark the inner bottle with a shelf life of one year from that date.

Single Element Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are available in the BDH range for most of the periodic table, 10, 100, 1, 000, and 10, 000 µg/mLMortgage REIT investors have seen both the best times and the worst times over the past eighteen months. Mortgage REITs endured punishing declines and periods during the depths of the pandemic as violent volatility in the credit markets led to a cascading wave of margin calls that permanently damaged the loan books of several mREITs that were forced to sell their “core” loan books in firesales. Valuations For most mREITs that avoided a wave of forced sales, however, book values ​​and stock prices are now back within shouting distance of pre-pandemic levels.

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Best known for their generous dividends that often breach double digits, mortgage REITs – also called mREITs – comprise about 5% of the total REIT universe. Often viewed as a separate asset class from equity REITs that own, manage and collect rents on real estate properties, mortgage REITs act like a financial institution by originating and investing in interest-bearing real estate debt instruments. A wave of dividend cuts in 2020 gave way to a growth frenzy this year as 20 mREITs increased their payouts. Mortgage REITs now yield an average of 8.6%, a hefty premium to the 3.1% dividend paid by the average equity REIT.

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In the Hoya Capital Residential Mortgage REIT Index, we track 22 exchange-listed residential mREITs. Agency MREITs invest primarily in agency mortgage-backed securities, or RMBS, that are principally guaranteed by a government-sponsored enterprise, or GSE, such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Ginnie Mae, and thus carry minimal credit risk but tend to have higher interest rates. Be more sensitive to Non-agency mREITs invest in RMBS and other types of residential credit not guaranteed by the GSEs, including mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) and whole mortgage loans, which carry a higher level of credit risk but tend to be less sensitive to interest rates.

Buoyed by a red-hot US housing market, residential mREITs have bounced back from the brink over the past four quarters and nearly tripled from their lows. Contrary to the predictions of many pundits, the predicted pain and fearsome wave of foreclosures across the housing sector did not occur. In contrast, in fact, tepid home buying activity, rising home prices, and fiscal and regulatory support have provided strong tailwinds for the resurgent residential mortgage REIT sector.

Aristar Property Management

In the Hoya Capital Commercial Mortgage REIT Index, we track all 18 exchange-listed commercial mREITs. Similar to equity REITs, commercial mREITs focus on one or a few property sectors and assume relatively lower levels of leverage than residential mREITs. Commercial MREITs can be further divided into two categories: pure balance sheet lenders, which originate and purchase loans for their own balance sheets, and conduit lenders.

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Which originate and purchase loans both to maintain their own balance sheets and to securitize loans into CMBS or other vehicles.

Commercial MREITs have not faced the same “existential crisis” as their residential MREIT peers, but the sector’s heavy exposure to the hotel, office and retail sectors has dragged performance throughout the pandemic. After significant concerns early in the pandemic, rental yield rates in these commercial sectors have recovered significantly and have fully “normalized” across all property sectors except retail, helping most property owners keep current on their interest payments to mREITs.

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It is important to note that mortgage REITs are not exclusive in their risk exposure. Mortgage REITs typically operate with high levels of leverage to increase investment spreads and often use short-term hedging instruments to manage interest rate and credit exposure. Below, we break down and define five primary risk exposures facing these different types of mortgage REITs: leverage risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, prepayment risk and derivative risk.

While agency and commercial MREITs are negatively affected by high interest rates, some non-agency MREITs — particularly those with large portfolios of mortgage servicing rights that face risk to future income streams from mortgage prepayments — tend to do better when interest rates rise. . Due to the use of hedging instruments, however, the ultimate exposure to these MREITs is not always so straightforward or predictable.

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Mortgage REIT earnings season kicks off next week with results from AGNC Investments ( AGNC ), KKR Real Estate ( KREF ), and Apollo Commercial ( ARI ) on Monday. Below, we discuss and analyze three trends we’re seeing this earnings season The 3 trends we’re looking at: 1) dividend increases, 2) updated book values ​​and 3) the impact of expiring pandemic relief measures and commentary on trends across the broader residential real estate sector.

The mREIT sector experienced a “dividend cut bloodbath” in 2020 as 30 of 40 REITs cut or suspended their dividends, including 21 of 22 residential mREITs and 9 of 18 commercial mREITs. This wave of dividend cuts has given way to a dividend hike frenzy with 20 mREITs increasing their payouts this year. Currently, 6 MREITs pay dividends above their pre-pandemic rates while 26 pay dividends below their pre-pandemic rates, with the balance paying a dividend that is in line with its pre-pandemic rates.

After a catastrophic plunge in tangible book value per share (“BVPS”) during the worst of the pandemic last year, the better-capitalized residential mREITs have seen their BVPS recover steadily over the past four quarters towards pre-pandemic levels. Underscoring the divide between sectors last quarter, four MREITs reported book values ​​higher than their pre-pandemic values, but four MREITs reported BVPS that were 50% or more below their pre-pandemic levels. The average residential mREIT reported a 1.1% rebound in BVPS in Q1 after three quarters of average growth of 5-6%.

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Aristar Property Management

On the commercial mREIT side, conditions have been much more stable throughout the pandemic, particularly for REITs focused on lending to “less COVID-sensitive” property sectors. Commercial mREITs reported only a 6.5% decline in BVPS at the depth of the pandemic and recovered most of this decline over the next four quarters as the average commercial mREIT recorded BVPS in Q1 that was only 5% lower than in late 2019. level

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The strong rebound and ongoing strength in the US housing sector averts a complete meltdown for many mREITs, and we’re interested in hearing these residential mREITs’ outlook for the latter half of 2021 and the impact of the expiration of several additional COVID-related relief measures, including the CDC’s eviction moratorium that expires at the end of July. Expected to end. The latest data and commentary from Black Knight (BKI) shows that the number of Americans in active forbearance on their mortgages continues to decline — falling below 2 million earlier this month for the first time since last April — as only 3.5% of borrowers remain in a COVID-19 forbearance plan, last month. Down from a peak of roughly 9% in May.

Despite running “doom-and-gloom” stories in the press any time stimulus or relief measures appear to expire, the reality is that rent collections are within 1-2% of pre-pandemic levels and the percentage of mortgaged residential properties. Properties with negative equity are at historic lows. We suspect we will see a small but perceptible increase in Class B & C multifamily and single-family rental listings. Based on commentary from SFRs and apartment REITs, the impact will likely be higher reported rents as these units reset to market rates. Importantly, subprime loans and adjustable-rate mortgages — the dynamite that led to a cascading financial market collapse in 2008 — were largely nonexistent throughout this cycle. Mortgage payments as a percentage of income are about 50% lower than average

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