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Ammon Property Management – The Ammon City Council has moved forward with a controversial annexation and zoning for a neighborhood expansion after the neighborhood’s current residents struck a deal with the developer.

The dispute is over a 10-acre property that is being taken from the county for The Villas. Riverbend Management, the real estate developer of The Villas, wanted the property to be zoned as R1 and R1-A instead of R-A with low density in order to build duplexes on some lots and provide narrower lots for other homes.

Ammon Property Management

Ammon Property Management

Other areas of The Villas are zoned for low-density housing on large lots, and residents strongly opposed the change. Residents emailed city officials and spoke at an Oct. 17 public hearing, citing concerns about children being able to get safely to Rimrock Elementary School, the need for a second road into the neighborhood and the potential for dense growth. higher in the future.

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“I’m not against development, but I’d like to see the city get involved and plan this. That’s not happening, they’re just doing what the developer wants,” Villas resident Mark Broka said.

After a council meeting, residents sat down with representatives from Riverbend Management on Oct. 21 to come to an agreement on the neighborhood’s expansion. Riverbend Management representatives agreed to limit the density of the annexed land to 2.9 units per acre, between the minimum density of 2.5 and the maximum allowed for R1 zoning, and to pay for a sidewalk from the Villas to the nearby Rimrock intersection in exchange for . to set the recommended zone.

“We were satisfied with that because our fear was that they would completely leave and leave us without a road and without a path,” Villas resident Heidi Boyle said.

Before the discussion and vote, Mayor Sean Coletti and Councilman Byron Wiscombe weighed in on the discussion. City council decisions on planning and zoning issues like these fall under a third-party communication ban, which prevents discussions from opening up to public meetings where both sides can speak on an equal footing. Coletti and Wiscombe had called the developers after the October 21 meeting to discuss what was decided, which violated the law.

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Villa residents and Riverbend spokesman Devin Belnap attended the meeting but were unable to comment due to ex-partner rules. Council members relied on a summary of the residents’ meeting from City Administrator Micah Austin and City Planner Cindy Donovan. Councilman Rex Thompson expressed more concern, saying he had nothing on the record to show residents liked the compromise and that he opposed “zoning” of the new development.

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The council ultimately voted 3-2 in favor of approving the R1 and R1-A zoning, with council President Brian Powell casting the split vote. The ordinance that will conclude the merger will be read in two more council meetings before being made official.

The Ammon city council also moved forward with an ordinance to allow beer and wine restaurants in the city. The ordinance would require them to be part of a multi-tenant building including at least one restaurant, allow food to be brought in from restaurants and not serve alcohol. Douglas Toomer, the applicant who initiated the order, compared his proposed business to Tap N’ Fill.

Ammon Property Management

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As a general rule of life, things break, but we have the tools to fix them! Our assets are only as good as our weakest link. Choose a property management team that is committed to its tenants.

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No matter what you’re looking for we can’t wait to hear from you! Fill out the form to the right, or choose a method below to contact us! A home security system can be an irresistible highlight in an Ammon rental home. For the security-conscious renter, a home with cameras or alarms can provide peace of mind that other rental homes don’t. Having said that, a home security system is not without a few problems. Before choosing whether to install security cameras, it is important to evaluate some of the pros and cons of installing them.

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Ammon Property Management

It is indisputable that the biggest benefit of security cameras is that they provide you with an additional level of security for your rental property, tenants and their property. There is currently a wide range of security systems available, many of which integrate cameras as well as alarms and professional surveillance. Especially in areas where crime rates are high or vandalism is a problem, security cameras can act as a deterrent and also provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime. In these areas, the right security cameras can be worth the price as a result of possible tax increases.

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Among the main problems with installing security cameras in a rental property is the initial capital required to do so. Security cameras can be a huge drawback, and unless you’re sure that your specific events will warrant recouping the cost, you could end up losing money in the end.

But thanks to recent advances in home security systems, we now have access to small, convenient devices that offer the benefits of a complete security camera system without the expense and professional installation. Instead of installing security cameras yourself, you can leave it to your tenants to invest in the equipment themselves.

It is important to read all the pros and cons before determining whether or not installing security cameras in your Ammon rental home is a good use. The good news is that Southeast Idaho Real Estate Management can help. We can provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to make an informed decision, ensuring that each rental home includes the features your tenants want while keeping your expenses low. If you would like to learn more, contact us online or by phone at 208-522-2400.

We are committed to the spirit and spirit of American policy to achieve equal housing opportunities throughout the Nation. See the Equal Housing Opportunity Statement for more information. When you work with HomeRiver Group® Idaho Falls, you’ll get everything you need under one roof. We are part of one of the largest asset management companies in the United States. You’ll get direct shopping for all your management, investment, and real estate services. You will have access to standardized systems and best practices. Our technology is state-of-the-art and we bring you a level of efficiency you won’t find anywhere else.

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HomeRiver Group® Idaho Falls, professional management of your Ammon rental property, will combine local market expertise with centralized operations. You will receive a complete asset management and full service platform designed to meet your investment needs.

Pricing your property correctly prevents long and expensive positions. We will use our knowledge of the local Ammon market to price your home competitively, ensuring you get the most rental income possible. We will market the property on all the best online rental platforms, to ensure that sufficient interest is generated from well-qualified tenants.

We rent your home quickly, reduce your space and sales costs and place a tenant who can be counted on to pay rent on time, comply with the terms of the lease, and take care of your property. Tenants will appreciate our responsiveness, resulting in longer and more profitable rental periods.

Ammon Property Management

When it comes to maintenance, we handle everything from emergency repairs to preventative services. Our vendors are some of the best in the business, and they are dedicated to our company and our customers. The condition of your property will be protected and you will get high quality service at an affordable price.

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You will always understand what we are doing and how your property works. There will be monthly and annual accounting statements, allowing you to see what was spent and what was earned. Our financial accounting is transparent, detailed, and always available to you online through your owner’s website. We are easy to reach and completely accessible.

If you are looking for Ammon asset managers who are experienced, professional, and completely focused on your bottom line – you have found your partners. We work with landlords and owners just like you who are trying to earn more income

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