Airtable Property Management

Airtable Property Management – CRE has a lot of moving parts, but tracking them doesn’t have to be stressful – add CRM to your CRE management workflow and keep everything in one place with Airtable.

Commercial real estate management is the ultimate juggling act. Closing deals means constantly interacting with the client while going through countless steps and variables on your deal checklist. This puts an emphasis on having the most up-to-date information available to you and your team – and easily accessible. While typical transaction management systems can help consolidate some of this information in one place, they also tend to dictate specific workflows that are at odds with the natural dynamics of each customer and circumstance.

Airtable Property Management

Airtable Property Management

Airtable offers the ability to centralize your entire CRE management workflow into a single source of truth – including CRM! – while giving you the flexibility to work in ways as unique as your business and clientele. Databases are fully customizable live tools that allow you to store everything you need in your workflow, but only see the information you want, when you want and the way you want – it’s the perfect transaction management tool and the antidote to static, simple – path CRE management solutions.

Importing Data: Airtable

We’ll show you how adding a CRM to your existing CRE management base can help you manage relationships, focus on the details that matter to you, and declutter your workflow so deals close virtually.

Let’s start by creating a contact table (in this case a list of clients, brokers, and others—anyone you need to maintain relationships with) and link it to the rest of our tables. The linked contact table is the foundation of any CRM—it makes it easy to store, organize, and access information about individual people across your base. For maximum time savings, import an existing table directly as a new table.

Customizing the field types in your new contact table allows each field to best interact with the relevant information – it will also make it easier to link the information to the relevant tables as the database evolves.

A contact table is essential for storing information about the people in your workflow, but it’s usually just a jumping off point. Great for recording information about specific moments, adding an interaction table allows you to use your contact table in new and useful ways.

Airtable Review: Flexible Low Code/no Code In The Cloud

This is our interaction table where we can keep track of different types of individual interactions. We created a new table, attached the contact table to it using linked record fields and filled it with important information.

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Once you’ve created a new table, you can populate it with important information – the guest’s name, the date they viewed the property, and the properties they visited. We grouped the fields by type to separate the information, and used the formulas feature to combine the name, interaction type, and date into a single field. To find the formula you need, see our handy link to the formula box.

No matter how our tables are laid out, it’s challenging to keep track of multiple properties on the market or listings at different stages of their life cycle. Using views allows us to visualize the necessary details in different configurations depending on your specific needs at any given moment. In this case, let’s take our existing property table and create a gallery view that we can use to share properties with our clients.

Airtable Property Management

We’ve already built a robust property table into our base, but clients like to be able to visualize the spaces they’re considering – not be overwhelmed by the avalanche of information that’s mostly useful to us on the back end. You can use the gallery view for a more visual presentation and customize it to share only the most compelling information.

Airtable Collections: Guide

We can also hide fields and filter out unwanted entries in our transaction table to remove redundant fields, allowing us to focus on the key elements of a given transaction: main players involved, documents requiring signature, display plan. Using a filter to view active listings is a great way to narrow your focus as you prioritize your time and attention.

We used the hide fields feature to hide non-essential information, then applied a filter to show us only active offers – to this we can add another filter to show only dates in a given time range, allowing us to expand or narrow the visible information as we see fit.

A big part of commercial real estate management is scheduling and keeping track of appointments—meetings, viewings, follow-ups. We can use Zapier, a service that allows users to connect apps in their workflow, to create even deeper integrations within our base.

To save time, let’s automate the creation of a Google Calendar event every time we add a due date to our transaction management system. This Zap collects a lot of useful information in one place; it’s customizable and makes sure we get the information we want (and need) without redundant data. Everything we need is listed in a detailed calendar, which saves time and provides important peace of mind.

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How To Add A Crm To Your Commercial Real Estate Management Workflow

Adding a CRM to your base is just one way Airtable can transform your commercial property management workflow. No more lost or forgotten data, juggling spreadsheets and fixed-path “solutions” – with powerful, dynamic features that allow you to consolidate the information that drives your daily life, Airtable gives you the flexibility of a transaction management system that works. with you, not you for it.

Light of the Creator of the Universe: Joshua Auerbach of the Culinary Institute of America Joshua Auerbach of the Culinary Institute of America uses Airtable to track recipes in syndication. Are you looking for Workflow Software for your real estate agency? Many businesses are moving to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and thanks to modern cloud software, we can easily migrate our work and continue to operate without problems.

Of course, it will be difficult to monitor the progress of your employees and their tasks, as physical interactions will be limited during this time. But there is an easier way to organize and structure your company’s projects and tasks while still being able to ensure that your clients are taken care of.

Airtable Property Management

Airtable is a database management software that can help you organize your workflow, track employees and complete your tasks. It boasts a wide range of features and functions for those who are already familiar with other software of the same nature.

Clickup For Real Estate

Airtable combines the intuitiveness of task management software like Asana and Trello with the practicality of spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You get a versatile organizational tool that’s fully customizable and flexible enough to guide new users.

Airtable is an enhanced version of your typical database spreadsheet software. One of the benefits of using Airtable is that it allows you to track your team and what they are working on in real time. This added transparency is especially important in situations where team members who are not in the same office together or are working from home due to an event such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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This also gives each employee accountability as their duties will be tracked and recorded every step of the way.

Airtable is user-friendly, has a neat interface, and is packed with features you won’t find in any other spreadsheet software.

Powerful Work Execution

If you’d like to learn more, she’s created a free training course that gives you an extensive look at Airtable’s core functions and features. Click the link to access the free course.

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Unique to other PM tools, Airtable collaboration software boasts a low-code relational database for building team applications, and in my experience, it’s possibly the most underrated project management solution on the market. With extensive configurability, affordable plans, and innovative features, Airtable workflow capabilities can improve the prospects of almost any team or project.

Airtable Property Management

This review is based on my experience registering, configuring, and implementing a project in Airtable. The sample project I created in the tool is a three-month app development timeline with six sprints and over 20 core tasks.

Work With Intuiface & Airtable

Below is a sample project (Figure A). Columns listed include task title, start and end date, assigned contact, status, duration, percent complete, and notes. Rows, meanwhile, organize sprint tasks and subtasks into sprints. Two sprints contain multiple subtasks.

To add further context, I reviewed Airtable’s product documentation, demos, industry reviews and testimonials, and benchmarked against alternative software applications. I started a free trial of the Pro plan to test this tool.

Airtable is a company and project management software for viewing project data and enabling collaboration between stakeholders through a central cloud-based platform.

Airtable launched in

Free Simple Database Software? How About Using Airtable?

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