Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az – Arizona residents have complained about increased noise, litter and traffic in their neighborhoods after a 2017 law expanded protections for short-term rentals.

The new law, House Bill 2672, is sponsored by Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, and addresses “party houses” or short-term rentals used for special events.

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

Kavanagh said short-term rentals used only for weddings and other large events were not originally mandated by law.

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Residents of Sedona are struggling to find long-term housing in the city after state law prohibits the city from regulating short-term rentals.

“It was sold to allow private homeowners to make extra money on the side,” Kavanagh said.

In October. “Unfortunately, this has turned into big investment groups like raising cash, buying houses and building party houses and catering to golf courses.”

In order to make it through the Senate, the new legislation was pushed back from an initial bill introduced by Kawang. Restrictions on investor-owned rentals and restrictions on the number of guests have been lifted.

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“In Arizona, we respect our right to do what we want with our property without undue government interference,” Ducey said in a statement signing the bill. “If the bill is too broad, I’m open to amendment.”

The new lawn would allow municipalities to limit overnight rentals to events that would otherwise require a permit, such as weddings.

Under the new law, short-term rental owners cannot operate without a sales tax permit. Anyone who owns a short-term rental in Arizona must register a sales tax license number in the property’s advertisements.

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

The Airbnb market has exploded in Arizona over the past five years, according to data from AirDNA, a Denver-based research firm.

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At the end of 2014, there were only 687 rentals listed on Airbnb in Phoenix, and only 245 of them were rented overnight in December of that year.

80% of Phoenix Airbnb listings are for whole homes, with properties in the listing filling 83% of homes, with an average daily price of $247 for those renting as a whole home. The average rent for studios and one-bedrooms is $126, compared to a hotel room.

According to AirDNA, Scottsdale is a small city, but has 379 more listings as of March 5. The occupancy rate in that city is about 73%, and the average daily price for an entire house is $400, compared to $178 for a comparable hotel room or studio.

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Sedona is facing a housing shortage as a result of the 2017 law, with 20% of their housing stock being short-term rentals.

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Sedona had 2,095 properties listed as of March. The share of whole rooms reached 75%, and hotel comparisons reached 68% in rooms and studios. The daily average price for a house in Sedona is $250, and single-family homes are $159.

Local governments retain the authority to enforce regulations related to noise, traffic control, and other neighborhood nuisances.

Scottsdale city code limits short-term rentals to adults and their children, but local laws are not easily enforced, city officials said.

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

Ryan Keagy, the city’s director of neighborhood planning services, said the ad alone is not enough for the city to cite homeowners for violations.

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Even seeing 18 to 20 people in one house isn’t proof that they all spent the night there, which violates the city’s occupancy rules, he said.

“There is a right to privacy and to resist unlawful search and seizure,” said Keagy. “It’s very difficult to prove.” “If we get a complaint, we send them a compliance notice that only has six people, and usually they change the ad.”

The city’s best evidence for suing landlords for violating the rules is if the unfortunate guest provides the city with evidence that more than six people spent the night in the short-term rental, Keagy said.

“It’s harder to gather the evidence we need to make a successful prosecution,” he said. “If we go to court, we want to win.” Having what you need during your trip is different from enjoying a long day in the world.

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From scheduling cleaners and maintenance staff to complying with building codes and city codes, communicating with guests and monitoring smart locks and sound sensors, make sure your neighbors aren’t bothered or come to you with noise/party complaints. And once you’ve searched the listings of other properties, know how many listings they have, how many are booked per night, and keep in mind if there are any events in the area, there are things you’ll need to repopulate your property each day. .

Call us today to help you reclaim your time and maximize your rental income.

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Looking for a place to stay? Do you copy your business? Find out how we can put you in the perfect property.

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

We assign a designated account manager to each property to increase accountability and personalized customer service. From initial booking and registration to special instructions and coordination with your coordinator, our team knows your property inside out for a frictionless rental experience.

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We provide ongoing support and advice on ways to reduce costs and maximize profits using the latest technologies. Ensuring the safety of guests staying at one of our properties is a top priority at Travel Properties. Professional contractors and handymen are available 24/7 for repairs or adjustments inside or outside the rental property.

We take every precaution to protect the properties we manage so they are in the same condition as every guest. Exterior security features include dynamic headlights and security cameras, as well as electronic locks.

At the core of the hospitality industry is ownership. Successful rentals provide income for owners while providing stress-free visits for our guests. A positive word of mouth is the best guarantee of future visits.

Tristan is the most conscientious, diligent and thoughtful manager you could ask for. He takes great pride in providing exceptional service and always goes above and beyond. For example, when my roof leaked, he spent a lot of time and effort making sure everything was fixed. And he made sure every guest had the best experience. It uses excellent technical solutions and best vendors to make it seamless. He’s great at his job, a good person – someone you’d want to trust with your home.

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Sojourn gave me a free audit of my property so I fully understand what it would be like to run it as a short term rental. They were very responsive to my questions and broke down all the numbers so I could better understand the process. My wife and I are thrilled to be working with them. We recommend it.

Tristan was a pleasure to work with! I’m glad he reached out to help me with our rental. We are excited about the progress and what the future holds.

Great company, easy to work with, very good at getting back to me when I need something. They manage my properties in Scottsdale.

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

My wife and I were looking to rent out our vacation home in Scottsdale long term and met Tristan as a family member. Tristan gave us a thorough briefing on how our home would work as a short term rental and we decided this was the best plan for the place. He is easy to communicate with and his team is very thorough. I highly recommend them!

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At Sojourn Properties LLC, we convert vacant homes, apartments, and condos into short-term rentals to generate income for property owners. Having a vacant unit or bad tenant is not only frustrating, but also expensive.

We are fully responsible for turning these vacant units into profitable hospitality venues for corporate travelers, families and vacationers. Good tenants are hard to find and even harder to keep.

We use state-of-the-art technology to protect each of our properties from damage, as well as protect our neighbors from disruptive guests. We have established tried-and-true methods for maintaining properties, including a staff of contractors and professional cleaning crews who deep clean the property every week.

If you are interested in learning more about our process and how we can help with your property, please fill out the form or give us a call and we look forward to working with you!

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We’ve partnered with the industry’s most innovative and innovative technology companies to maximize market share, streamline hosting, enhance security, control noise, and manage revenue.

We have partnered with leading companies including more than 20 different websites to market to our global markets. Phoenix Airbnb property management is easier than ever. We take care of the short term rental process!

Our approach to Phoenix Airbnb management and short-term rental management is analytical, hospitality-friendly, and owner-friendly. Short Term Rental Managers make sure you and your rental property are in good shape. Our Airbnb property management services in Phoenix are designed to help hosts take advantage of this market without the daily workload.

Airbnb Property Management Phoenix Az

Due to good weather, year-round demand,

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