Airbnb Property Management Fort Lauderdale

Airbnb Property Management Fort Lauderdale – In what appears to be an avant-garde real estate deal, a four-unit townhouse complex being used as an Airbnb rental property in Fort Lauderdale’s Victoria Park has sold for a record $1.65 million. (Jennifer Lett)

South Florida real estate agent Sarah Dorfman hit the jackpot this month when she negotiated the sale of a multi-unit complex in Fort Lauderdale’s Victoria Park for $1.65 million. Main Selling Point: The property is set up for holiday rental. And the customer is eager to continue that business.

Airbnb Property Management Fort Lauderdale

Airbnb Property Management Fort Lauderdale

“We’re seeing more investors wanting to do things this way,” said Dorfman, who works for Native Realty. “I call them the smart investor.”

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On a larger scale, home sharing is becoming an attractive option for South Florida developers who are installing liberal rental programs for potential homeowners, including partnerships with Airbnb, an independent booking company, and Pillow, a short-term rental management company. service that serves as a property manager and tenant inventory specialist.

Newgard Development Group, which recently completed The Gale Residences in Fort Lauderdale Beach, partnered in October with Airbnb, a home-sharing company based in San Francisco. Under the deal, Newgard intends to build a 324-unit rental complex in Kissimmee. Owned by Newgard, it will operate under the brand name “Niido Powered by Airbnb”. Niido would allow renters to rent out their units on Airbnb for up to 180 days a year. The money earned would be split between the renter and Niid.

YotelPad Miami, a luxury skyscraper under construction in downtown Miami near Bayside, expects to give buyers and investors the ability to rent out their units without any restrictions.

Developer Santiago Vanegas, president of Habitat Group, is building a skyscraper called Smart Brickell in Miami’s Brickell Avenue Financial District. Owners will be allowed to sublet their units with a cushion.

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Urbis Real Estate and Domus Group, led by Flavio Rosato and Pablo Hoberman, are developing a six-story project at 6080 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, with a home-sharing component for owners.

“Historically, a lot of people have had their second homes here since before the Internet,” said Tom Martinelli, public policy manager for Airbnb in the Southeast. “If it’s a home or a multi-family building, owners are becoming smart about optimizing their assets” so they can retire early or generate additional income.

But traditional hotel operators have a dim view of the home-sharing phenomenon, particularly through the increased use of multi-unit properties. They argue the deal skews the playing field in favor of Airbnb and its homeowner partners. Home sharing, they argue, has grown into a full-fledged, multimillion-dollar business, and is no longer just a side hustle for moms and dads looking for extra income.

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Airbnb Property Management Fort Lauderdale

“These are not people bringing someone into their spare bedroom to make a few extra bucks,” said Troy Flanagan, vice president of government and industry relations for the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

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“You’re seeing the conversion of a residential quality of life into a tourist hotel,” he said. “It is something that local governments must consider carefully.”

A 13-city study by the hotel arm of CBRE, a national real estate services firm, leaves no doubt that the home-sharing business is booming, driven in large part by multi-unit apartment complexes. The study — which included Miami and tracked the number of hosts, units and income between October 2014 and September 2016 — found that year-over-year income for Airbnb hosts nearly doubled in 2016. And multi-unit hosts were are the fastest growing business segment in terms of the number of hosts, units and revenue generated in 2016, the research showed.

Hoteliers claim that many home-sharing operators do not register in their cities as required, do not collect and pay tourist and traffic taxes, and do not follow road rules set by local governments.

But Airbnb says it is making proactive efforts to collect taxes through agreements it has with counties and states. On June 8, he announced that he had delivered more than $12 million in tax revenue to Broward and Miami-Dade counties during the first year of the tax collection agreement with both jurisdictions. The agreements were signed in April 2017. Palm Beach County does not have a billing agreement with Airbnb.

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Last Wednesday, the Boston City Council voted to ban home-sharing investors, prompting a bitter rebuke from Airbnb.

“The new ordinance unfortunately creates a system that violates our hosts’ privacy and prevents Boston families from earning much-needed extra income in one of the most expensive cities in the country,” said Airbnb spokeswoman Crystal Davis.

After Airbnb entered the scene, many local governments passed ordinances mandating operator registration and codes of conduct.

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Airbnb Property Management Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is considering amendments to the existing code governing vacation rentals. According to the city, most of the complaints received by its staff stem from noise, parking and the number of people occupying the rental units at any given time.

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In a series of recommendations issued last month, staff called for the maximum number of tenants approved by the city to be included in vacation rentals. It also recommended that guests of leased tenants be required to vacate the premises by 9pm or go indoors. The commission has yet to act on the recommendations.

South Florida developers who allow multi-unit owners to engage in short-term leasing say there is a growing demand for owner-occupier home-sharing. Plus, they say, their partnerships with Airbnb actually ensure that local rules are followed and taxes are collected.

David Arditi, founder of Aria Development Group, developer of the IotelPad project, said the home-sharing option in his high-rise is a result of Miami’s diversity.

“We recognized that, especially in downtown Miami, a lot of the property universe is not local,” he said. “It is located abroad and abroad. Absentee owners use their home for a few months over the years, and being able to offer the buyer a flexible rental option is ideal. We know people want it. We know people love it. We said, “Why not be proactive about it?”

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“In our case, owners will have the ability to professionally manage and administer their home through the program through Yotel or agents or services like Airbnb,” he said.

Harvey Hernandez, founder and owner of Newgard and co-founder of Niido, said his company’s partnership with Airbnb is a way to ensure local rules governing rentals are enforced.

In addition to Newgard’s home-sharing project in Kissimmee, The Gale Residences Fort Lauderdale Beach is being marketed as a “flexible living” complex with a managed rental program that encourages tie-ups with Airbnb.

Airbnb Property Management Fort Lauderdale

“It’s a way to allow activity in our properties and it provides an opportunity for our tenants to basically cash out that property that they’re renting from us when they’re not using it,” Hernandez said. “Instead of fighting the activity, we control it.”

Short Term Rental & Airbnb Property Management: Park Place

“We’re … making sure the municipalities get their taxes and we’re all registered,” Hernandez said. “If nothing else, we see ourselves as a solution to a problem.” Short-term rentals continue to be a popular choice in South Florida vacation meccas. The popularity of vacation rentals continues to grow,  following the rise of short-term listing sites and apps like Airbnb and VRBO over the past few years. If you are planning to invest in real estate in Fort Lauderdale, then renting on Airbnb is definitely the optimal rental strategy in 2022.

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In this article, we break down the reasons to invest in Airbnb rentals in Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale Airbnb laws and regulations, and the best Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods to invest in vacation rentals according to data.

Before investing in short-term rental properties in any location, real estate investors must first check the laws and regulations pertaining to such rentals. The growing popularity of Airbnb rentals in the US is forcing many cities considered top vacation destinations to impose strict restrictions. For example, Airbnb Los Angeles is only legal for primary residences, while Airbnb Las Vegas is not allowed for less than 30 days. But what about Airbnb Fort Lauderdale? Are vacation rentals legal and unlimited?

The good news is that Florida prevents any city from creating new Airbnb rules. In addition, the state also prevents cities from enforcing any existing local law, ordinance or regulation that prohibits or limits the length of vacation rentals. This means Fort Lauderdale is one of the few markets where Airbnb listings are legal for both owner-occupied (primary residences) and non-owner-occupied (investment properties). However, Florida allows local governments to regulate vacation rentals.

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Therefore, while investors can buy Fort Lauderdale homes for sale with the sole intention of converting them to Airbnb rentals, they still need to check and comply with Fort Lauderdale Airbnb regulations. The most important laws and regulations to keep in mind are:

Now that you’re familiar with the legal requirements for listing an investment property on Airbnb in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, let’s get down to the top 3 reasons why it’s a smart decision to invest in

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