Aimms Property Management

Aimms Property Management – The Status Bar is used to display custom messages, i.e. status messages, such as the dataset currently in use or the connection status to a database to users. The status bar is displayed in the footer across the application, on all pages. These status messages can be updated when necessary or as required.

A status message typically has a header or title, a colored icon, and the actual message. A tooltip is displayed when the user hovers over the message, if configured.

Aimms Property Management

Aimms Property Management

A procedure can also be configured for each status message so that it is executed when the user clicks on the specific message. Texts in messages with a procedure are slightly darker and bluer when they move.

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If a procedure is configured for a status message, when the user hovers over the message, the text is highlighted in blue and the cursor changes to indicate to the user that they can click and perform a procedure.

Variants are also possible, e.g. a text and an icon but no header, a header and text without an icon, or even just text. In general, it is good advice to keep status messages short and concise and only use elements that add value to the user. For example, when displaying relatively abstract terms (such as supply or utilization rate), it can be difficult to find an appropriate icon. If it doesn’t add extra information anyway, it’s probably better to leave the icon out.

Messages in the status bar can be configured by the application developer via the AIMMS model and defined in the application settings under the application extension section.

A new section, StatusBar Support, has been defined in the AIMMS WebUI system library to configure the StatusBar and the messages.

Aimms Developer & Deployment Platform — Aimms Documentation

StatusBarSpecification – This set is used to configure messages in the Status Bar. The features of this kit are as follows:

. Right-click the string parameter and click the Data option to open the data page. Add the details for the status messages you would like to display. For example:

The status messages are added to the right side of the footer. Each new message is added to the right, moving the existing messages to the left. There is no limit to the number of status messages you can set up. AIMMS recommends no more than seven. The footer is divided into two sections with 30% width for the Breadcrumb on the left and 70% for the Status Bar. When the messages exceed the allocated space, the header is first displayed with an ellipsis. If the messages still cannot match, the text of the message is also displayed with an ellipsis. When too many messages are added, only the icon for each message will be displayed.

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Aimms Property Management

From the Application Settings and add the configured string parameter to the Status Bar field as illustrated below:

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Once the string parameter is added, the Status Bar with the configured status messages is displayed in the footer of the application.

You might want a different status bar depending on the page your user is visiting. The Status Bar can be configured to display different messages on each page of the application by indexing the string parameter

Icons can be given a color, but if no color is given, icons will be dark gray (#898989). As of AIMMS 4.68, it is possible to design and configure workflows in the AIMMS WebUI. The workflow panel is used to represent and execute any workflow designed and defined in the model by the application developer. AIMMS allows the application developer to configure multiple workflows in an application.

A workflow panel is a progression of steps (tasks, events, interactions) that comprise a work/business process and create or add value to the organization’s activities.

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The Workflow Panel guides the user through the defined set of steps in a specific workflow. It also gives the user the flexibility to enter or exit a workflow at any step of the process. The user can also navigate between workflows, so there is no limitation to only one workflow at a time.

The workflow has statements for each step that indicate to a user which steps can or cannot be accessed. Data statements help indicate which steps are complete, incomplete, or in an error state, as illustrated below.

In the collapsed view, when the user hovers over a step, the tooltip helps identify the purpose of that step:

Aimms Property Management

The workflow panel can be configured by the application developer via the AIMMS model. Public workflow support declarations are defined inside the pages and dialog support section of the AIMMS WebUI system library. These pre-declared identifiers are used to configure different workflows and their respective steps.

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Integrate Aimms With Models Built In Languages Like Python Or R — Aimms How To

To create and configure the workflow panel in the application, you need to create two string parameters. The first string parameter will configure the number of workflows in the application, while the second string parameter will configure the steps of each workflow.

When creating the string parameters to configure workflows and their steps, the first index for configuring workflows, the first and second indexes for configuring workflow steps must be in a subset of integers. You can create your subset of integers and use the respective index as well. To make it convenient you can use the indexes of the pre-declared set Extension Order for this purpose, i.e.

. This string parameter is used to define the number of workflows and their respective titles. The values ​​of this string parameter can be initialized in the Initial Data attribute, in a procedure or manually, by right-clicking on the string parameter and clicking on the Data option to open its data page. There you can add the details for the workflows and their titles (leave the style property blank for now):

Indexed over both indexes of the ExtensionOrder set and over the index of the WorkflowPageSpecification set. This string parameter is used to define the steps for each workflow defined in the MyWorkflows string parameter. In particular, each one

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To inspect the values, right-click the MyWorkflowSteps string parameter and click the Data option to open its Data page:

The data entered in the illustration above is for the 1st workflow configured in “MyWorkflows” string parameter, i.e. the Route Optimization workflow (defined with 10 steps).

There is no limit to the number of steps each workflow can have. As a guideline, AIMMS recommends no more than 10 steps per workflow. If more than 10 steps are required, please try to break the workflow into smaller workflows, if possible.

Aimms Property Management

To configure the steps for the other workflows, one can just select the respective value for

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Please do not use a page set up with the Wizard in a workflow, this will result in unwanted behavior.

Determines the state of a step in the workflow. A step can have an Active (displayed and clickable), Inactive (displayed and not clickable), or Hidden (not displayed) state. This state is used to control the flow of actions in the workflow. Some steps can only be made accessible when certain conditions are met. For example, in a sequential workflow, the next step should only be accessible when the current step is considered finished.

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Determine the data status of a page. This state indicates whether a step is Completed, Incomplete, or in an error state. There is also a default (Empty) state when a certain step does not require a data state, for example an “Instruction” or an “Introduction” type page.

These two conditions are actually interdependent, so the style of a displayed step can change accordingly as illustrated below:

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These conditions can be changed dynamically, as required, and as the user progresses through the workflow. This is achieved either by applying data changes made on a page or by using model procedures that are triggered based on certain actions in the front end.

To make changes on the page, please make sure the workflowPageState is active. Or, before setting up the workflow steps, first make changes to the respective pages and then set up the workflow steps. When the workflowPageState is Inactive or Hidden, you will not be able to access the respective page.

For a certain step is inactive or hidden, the workflow will be redirected to the page indicated by the

Aimms Property Management

. This is a fallback scenario for the situation in which a user tries to access a page in a workflow, via the Menu or through an OpenPage procedure defined somewhere in the application, but the page is not yet not made available to the workflow. The

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Is typically a page that is part of the same workflow. This ensures that the user remains in the workflow and learns that a previous step must be completed before accessing other steps of the workflow.

Is also invalid or undefined, an error is generated and the workflow remains at the current step. There is also a possibility that the workflow steps enter a loop, in which case the redirect is applied 25 times, after which an error is generated and the workflow remains

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