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Access Property Management Lake Elsinore – Many times when we meet new owners we are asked for an eviction. We usually answer with numbers, which show that the removal frequency of Access is usually below 1% of all files. On average we have 1 apartment for 200 good tenants. Needless to say, we don’t usually entertain the idea of ​​evictions at great risk to our owners based on past sound-check practices. Our first line of defense is to negotiate keys before going to court. This usually includes a security deposit and a small fee to ensure the property can be cleaned/repaired. A negotiated “removal” usually results in less than $1,000.00 for our owners, with many cases of no loss. A typical eviction going to court may cost the landlord 2 months rent or more plus court/attorney fees of approximately $650.00-1, 100.00.

It has recently come to light that there are lawyers and law firms that have created an entire industry by making the owner’s life difficult through the eviction process, and charging exorbitant fees in the process. These agencies will walk the tenant through the process creating foggy details, legal loopholes and various methods to push the eviction for more than 2 months. As we begin to see the light and expect the judge to hear and get it back, the tenant throws a punch and asks for a jury trial. It is not clear why any judge would allow this as the general expulsion proceedings are based on the actual violation of the terms of the agreement and not on the interpretation of the circumstances by the members of the jury, but we have recently seen it with our own eyes. when we prepared for court. After days of combining evidence, witness testimony, jury instructions and utilizing the legal process, the landlord decided to negotiate with the tenant for 75% of their damages and regain possession within 3 weeks through a court-ordered mediator. Although not perfect, our owner expects to take minimal losses due to a negotiated payment plan. In any case, we at Access are appalled by the whole process and have started looking for ways to avoid similar issues in the future.

Access Property Management Lake Elsinore

Access Property Management Lake Elsinore

When we sought legal advice we amended our agreement to read that attorney fees cannot exceed $500.00. This move is to keep legal fees reasonable and avoid triggering judgments, sometimes up to $18,000.00, against our clients. They will not be able to recover more than $500.00 in legal fees so the tenant will likely be out of pocket for any costs associated with hiring an attorney over $500.00.

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To conclude, we do not believe that this is a disease at all. In my 9 years of professional property management this was the first example of this not being personally involved. It was also a new client from a different management company, which the tenant tried to use to “muddy” the waters. We still believe that evictions are a rare example, and we plan to continue to focus on the numbers we can control such as rent, vacancies and maintenance along with good screening practices at the beginning of the rental process. As we continue to grow we plan to implement other measures to increase the well-being and security of all our owners. We look forward to continued growth, good management, and a prosperous 2016!

So whether your property is in Orange County, Riverside County, the Greater Inland Empire or San Bernardino Trust Access to go above and beyond. Our property managers and staff have personal rental investments as well, and work hard to provide the same level of professional property management they expect from their homes. Copywrite 2015 Access Property Management Inc, Lake Elsinore Property Management Central.

The Placement Associate works under the direction of the Property Manager, meeting prospective tenants and providing a warm and engaging experience as the first point of contact for Acquisitions. The Placement Coordinator is the liaison between prospective tenants and Acquisitions, and is responsible for:

• Greet incoming guests • Promptly return all phone calls, texts, and emails • Identify properties to demonstrate that they meet prospect requirements • Show properties to prospective tenants with basic application eligibility questions

E Lakeshore Dr #1312, Lake Elsinore, Ca 92530

The Application Office works with applicants to gather necessary information, organize supporting documents, and verify the information submitted. The application below carries the burden of responsibility to quickly and effectively analyze the application, or often competing applications, to find the strongest one to fill a vacant rental unit. The Application Reduction has the discretion to determine key risk mitigation strategies and, when necessary, demand increased rent, deposits, or co-signers to “coast” the application. When many strong applications are received the Application Underwriter is expected to review available resources and recommend similar resources to Access to ensure that all qualified applicants have the greatest chance of becoming a resident. one of Access’s rental properties. The Applicant Writer directly affects the quality and sustainability of Access residents, and is responsible for:

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• Increasing the number of properties reaching the vacancy rate and implementing rapid marketing systems to prevent irregular vacancy periods.

The MIMO Coordinator’s role spans the life of a lease from the newly approved applicant moving into a property to renewing the lease before it expires, coordinating evictions and re-leasing the property. The MIMO Coordinator must demonstrate time management skills, communication, and sensitivity to respond to each of the life cycles of a lease while maintaining strict adherence to the objectives and policies of the company and the owner regarding each property. The MIMO coordinator must ensure that all pre-move-in requirements are met before the new tenant takes possession of the property, including collecting funds, making sure utilities are in place, and making sure all lease documents are prepared. and signed when necessary. As the lease expiration approaches the MIMO Coordinator will work with the resident and landlord to complete a semi-annual safety and security walk through and to ensure that the lease renewal is on a positive note by avoiding Unnecessary vacancies and ensuring that agreements are updated as appropriate to ensure compliance regulations are met or waived. Upon receiving notice of eviction from a resident our MIMO Coordinator will work to ensure all keys are returned, the property is quickly inspected, and the tenant’s deposit is settled promptly with taking care to charge a deposit as appropriate and guaranteeing a thorough review of check-in and check-out pictures. The MIMO coordinator directly affects the quality and consistency of the resident’s experience with Access, and is responsible for:

Access Property Management Lake Elsinore

The Property Manager designation is a unique position that requires a real estate license in good standing with the California Real Estate Bureau. A Property Manager is the liaison between owners and tenants of a specific property or portfolio of properties, and is responsible for, among other things:

Corps Updates Citizens, Officials After First Year Of Lake Elsinore Ecosystem Restoration Study > Los Angeles District > Los Angeles District News Stories

• Strict follow-up to ensure estimates are returned in a timely manner and work is completed on schedule

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• Dealing with difficult decisions for owners who prefer a hands-on approach by going through the details for owners who prefer to be hands-on

The Director of Maintenance works with tenants, vendors, and owners to quickly and efficiently address necessary maintenance concerns. The Maintenance Director is tasked with identifying the type of maintenance and, through experience and investigation, determines not only the impact and severity of the maintenance but also determines the cause and responsibility for the maintenance as well. Prioritizing maintenance requests by identifying the risk, real or perceived, to property or safety is essential and the maintenance director must be aware of the owner’s tolerance and approval standards when it comes to access to controlled maintenance. Perhaps as important as the maintenance themselves, the Maintenance Director is also responsible for the health of the Access vendor network. Constantly expanding, shopping, and scouting local markets to ensure that those hired by Access to benefit its customers are providing the highest level of service at the most competitive rates. A summary of the duties of the Director of Maintenance is as follows;

The appointment of an Executive Director is a unique achievement within our organization. The Executive Director is the liaison between the owner’s new customers and Acquisitions, and is responsible for;

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The appointment of Executive Director comes with a strong track record of hands-on, management and sales skills, including;

• Budget preparation • Analysis • Decision making and reporting • Effective and efficient leadership • Relationship building motivation • Effective problem solving skills

Cinthya has been with Access Property Management since its inception in 2009 and has worked as a marketing coordinator since 2011. She is responsible for marketing existing rental properties as well as coordinating the showing schedule.

Access Property Management Lake Elsinore

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