Accell Property Management Grand Rapids

Accell Property Management Grand Rapids – Over 40 years, we’ve experienced most of the scenarios your business could face, good or bad. We pride ourselves on being a patient, stable and loyal partner to over 1,400 companies.

A drone platform developer that aims to make large-scale drone operations simple, secure and fully integrated into workflows. The company’s platform inspects inaccessible assets such as wind turbines, solar farms, pipelines and production facilities from the air faster, safer and at lower costs, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate drone fleets, operations and data into a single workflow.

Accell Property Management Grand Rapids

Accell Property Management Grand Rapids

Developer of a financial technology platform designed to provide alternative investment and private market strategies to high net worth investors and advisors. The company helps access funds that would otherwise be unavailable due to oversubscription, illiquidity or minimal buy-in at the institutional level, enabling fund managers to optimize their client due diligence, compliance, distribution, onboarding, investor relations processes and workflows .

Western Technology Investment: Portfolio

Developer of a mental health program designed for home ketamine therapy. The company’s app uses knowledge graphs and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized, evidence-based therapies that allow users to diagnose and treat their mental illness.

Ratio is a product-based financing platform that offers B2B SaaS companies a way to fund customer contracts and improve the cash flow cycle of a traditional subscription business.

A provider of warehousing and logistics services designed to create a cloud-based task execution network that makes global logistics affordable. The company’s platform offers auto-scaling with a distributed warehouse network, which is simplified with one-click integration into all sales channels, and provides on-demand capacity at variable costs and flexible terms that allow customers to grow their business, fast and low-cost delivery.

Developer of an indoor hydroponic gardening system designed for growing food at home. The company’s system includes a physical grow device that can grow anything from greens and herbs to tomatoes and beets with an app that can share intelligent data on how to control plant growth in the device, thus allowing customers to have a seamless gardening experience. .

Ipcm® N. 71

Developer of teleconsultation and healthcare management software designed to provide individual emergency care. The company’s software provides virtual expertise in emergency medicine that provides personalized treatment and triage, enabling healthcare providers to leverage technology and expertise.

An e-commerce platform designed to accept payments for small businesses. The company’s platform offers all the tools needed to manage sales, send invoices, receive payments, manage inventory and more, allowing customers to access capital for growth.

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The operator of an online brokerage firm intended to convert equity into cash through a leaseback. The company connects credit inspectors, real estate agents and homeowners and helps negotiate non-traditional refinancing, allowing homeowners to achieve their financial and real estate goals in a streamlined way.

Accell Property Management Grand Rapids

Developer of customer value prediction software designed to enable brands to focus on the right customer by predicting value and affiliation. The company’s software provides a database that captures key adult personality traits, builds models and integrates real-time predictions into existing workflows via APIs, helping brands attract the right customers.

Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (high Resolution 950×532) Approx

Heymarket is a multi-channel communication with customers. It provides business-class features like shared inbox, tasks, templates and reminders for SMS and Facebook Messenger. With Heymarket, companies can communicate with customers and partners using the channels that are most convenient for them.

Developer of a real estate data platform designed to provide rich insights to fund managers. The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect and analyze massive amounts of data to provide accurate predictions of key real estate metrics by uniquely overlaying alternative data on top of primary real estate data, providing businesses with automated underwriting tools to efficiently source, acquire and manage SFR properties.

A developer of digital companion technologies designed for long-term interaction and helping people live a quality life. The company’s technology offers a social robot that helps make cognitive decisions with its own algorithms that proactively and intuitively predict and engage users, thus allowing them to remain independent at home for longer, providing assistance in situations of loneliness, social isolation and health.

A provider of educational book subscription services designed to deliver exclusive content and inspire readers. The company’s services mainly focus on offering children’s book clubs that follow the traditional developmental arc, personalized bookplates, art by famous illustrators, and have developed a platform where readers can discuss books and authors, allowing parents to receive personalized book packages for their children and users to access to exclusive content, author interviews and celebrity conversations.

Sjsv Chamber Directory By San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber Of Commerce

A data-as-a-service operator aims to advance ocean knowledge through autonomous collection of high-resolution, scalable data. The company develops a data collection tool for obtaining data from the deep ocean, providing analysts with intelligent machines trained to process ocean data, autonomous data collection systems from shore, ship or aircraft, and a cloud-based storage of processed ocean data that subscribers can search and find what are looking for

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Developer of a cloud-based operating system and data analytics platform built specifically for the energy industry and its stakeholders. Zeno Energy OS is designed to synthesize data across energy organizations for real-time analytics and insights into business performance, asset optimization, strategic investments and market analysis to unlock data-driven decision making.

Developer of AI-based security hardware processors designed to protect end-to-end digital infrastructure. The company’s processors provide stability and security to control and manage heterogeneous infrastructures, eliminating fundamental security challenges from the ground up, allowing customers to protect sensitive data from vulnerabilities found in current processors and ensure security for every system.

Accell Property Management Grand Rapids

Operator of a dedicated community website dedicated to providing entertainment and practical resources for working mothers. The company’s website is a subscription-based online community that empowers women to build communities around topics like motherhood on social media, free of toxicity, trolling, shaming and negativity, allowing professional mothers to share experiences and answers to help each other to manage her life and career alone.

Pdf) Pay And The Pandemic: The Decoupling Of Dutch Boardroom Pay From Performance During The Covid 19 Outbreak

Monarch Tractor manufactures electric automated tractors for overhauling the traditional agricultural industry. The company also offers a platform to combine mechanization, automation and data analytics to improve a farmer’s existing operations while reducing labor and gasoline costs through automated electric vehicles.

Developer of construction management software designed to match general contractors and craftsmen with skilled field workers while reducing rework with collaborative task management and reporting tools.

Developer of a digital health platform designed to improve adherence through behavioral economics. The company’s platform is focused on better understanding and improving patient behavior for costly chronic diseases, where poor patient adherence is a major driver of preventable hospitalizations, readmissions and other costs, enabling insurance companies and risk-bearing providers to understand their population and improve the health of clients.

Maker of beverages designed to nourish, empower and educate future generations with access to real food. The company has developed a kid-friendly portfolio of healthy, plant-based, dairy-free foods and beverages that are scientifically proven and medically approved, allowing children to enjoy delicious and nutritious milk.

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Proto is the first device that allows people to teleport themselves to a place thousands of miles away and interact with people there. You can call it telepresence or even holoportation, but it’s real now. PROTO was founded by David Nussbaum in Los Angeles in 2019 and is already shipping its human-sized machines around the world.

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A B2C e-commerce platform operator dedicated to transforming middle and low-income Africans into empowered global consumers. The company’s platform helps people who may not have access to the Internet to shop using mobile technology, a network of local agents and its own delivery system, allowing consumers to access a variety of products delivered at their convenience. .

An operator of a mental health platform that aims to improve access to high quality and affordable care. The company provides personalized treatment solutions that use evidence-based therapies and technologies such as Spravato, transcranial magnetic stimulation, telepsychiatry and intramuscular ketamine, allowing patients to see significant results, feel better and achieve mental well-being with the most effective and affordable treatment with technology-supported access.

Accell Property Management Grand Rapids

Developer of an integrated AI platform designed to grow businesses by implementing hyper-personalized marketing tactics. The company delivers the future of e-commerce through intelligent brand development and relationship building, enabling customers to help small and medium-sized e-commerce brands grow faster than ever on a common AI platform that includes more than just new technologies

Analysis Of Carbohydrates And Glycoconjugates By Matrix‐assisted Laser Desorption/ionization Mass Spectrometry: An Update For 2011–2012

Designer and developer of modular kitchens and kitchen products designed to redefine the kitchen renovation experience. The company’s kitchen products are manufactured online with visual design, one-on-one designer consultations and simplified kitchen assembly, and provide 3D photorealistic visualization, allowing individuals and kitchen owners to get affordable kitchen renovations without the hassle of traveling to showrooms.

Developer of a cloud-based modeling platform designed to assist large-scale sustainable infrastructure projects. The company’s platform brings stakeholders together to provide them with the tools to generate, understand and develop intuition, identify and build investable projects, allowing clients to see all the outcomes of their projects in one place, including commercial, social and environmental impacts.

Coveralls is a digital insurance platform that provides cover for many types of insurance, from medical to home and travel insurance. Workwear combines concierge services with proven financial products to protect people’s time, money and belongings.

Developer of health and safety technologies

Indications For Decompression And Lumbar Fusion

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