Abj Property Management

Abj Property Management – ABJ was established in 2003 as a family business with a long-term holding strategy. Over the past fifteen years, we have grown to stock over 80 properties throughout NYC. We have a proven record of maintaining our properties to a high standard. Finally, our tenant service, and our partner’s satisfaction. As owner-managers, we pride ourselves on overseeing each project we employ.

We target a specific market, a significant competitive advantage. Over the years, ABJ has built strong relationships with many financial institutions and lenders, achieving smooth and efficient transactions every time. Additionally, we have built a reputation with city agencies, such as HPD, NYCHDC, & DHCR within the Department of Affordable Housing. We manage everything from the beginning, including strategy, design, construction, energy efficiency, and full implementation of each business plan. Our innovative and systematic investment approach has been, and will continue to be, the key to our ultimate success.

Abj Property Management

Abj Property Management

We are a local company, with an office in the neighborhood where we are owned and operated. Proceed. Our competitive advantage is our team. We are strategists. With a young, enthusiastic team of principles, consultants, managers, and supervisors, combining their new era investment strategies with traditional analysis and evaluation, ABJ can compete effectively and deliver exceptional results to partners, and outstanding services to tenants. The product of fifteen years of intensive experience as an investor and manager, ABJ Properties has acquired a strong knowledge of its target market, as well as superior geographical access. The partners have extensive experience in all aspects of leasing, property management, purchasing, construction and design, and most importantly finance. ABJ has built strong relationships with some of the leading banks, brokers, and lending institutions, which has helped to give ABJ a strong competitive position within the industry. Users every month get 5 free search pages. To get unlimited views upgrade to our Free or Pro plan.

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Every month the user gets to see 5 free search pages. To get unlimited views, please upgrade to our free basic service or request a demo to view our PRO plan.

GB Property Management is a property management company with more than 17 years of experience in property management. Their diverse portfolio includes condos, multi-family and single-family homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties. GB Property Management has developed a client base by caring for landlords and residents and treating them with honesty & respect. Their number one goal is to protect the owner’s real estate investment while maximizing its potential.

GB Property Management is owned and managed by Declan O’Toole. Declan specializes in the management of investor-owned multifamily residential properties and luxury condos in the Boston area. Declan has extensive experience in liaising with Landlords, Vendors, Tenants, trade and giving to the negotiator. He also launched several new buildings, giving advice on pricing, procedures and marketing. He was able to successfully grow his assets without compromising service levels by focusing on:

GB Property Management offers a low fee guarantee and responds to 99% of tenant issues within 30 minutes. Their management services are designed so that your role as an owner just sits back and relaxes.

Abj Farms Pumps Up The Jam

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Abj Property Management

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Abj Property Management

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