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Abaris Property Management – Garbage collection is on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00 a.m. Your rubbish must be placed in an outdoor bin with a secure lid; all garbage and recycling bins must be marked with your house number. Garbage bags should NOT be left on the sidewalk as they can attract unwanted animals.

Our trash service is very fast, so it may be easier to put your trash out the night before. After collecting the trash, return your trash to the storage area behind your home and out of public view.

Abaris Property Management

Abaris Property Management

Recycling collection is on Fridays. All recyclable materials must be placed in the “blue bins” provided by the municipality; contact the Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services to order your trash can. Montgomery County rules require that paper recycling not be mixed with plastic and glass recycling. Montgomery County rules also prohibit placing recyclables in plastic bags inside blue recycling bins. Montgomery County reserves the right to refuse collection of recycling if these rules are not followed: https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/sws/ Recycling containers must be kept out of public view after pickup.

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Yeah. There can be a maximum of three cars per unit and each car must have a current GPTC sticker. One car must be parked in a reserved numbered spot; any additional cars must be parked in the reserved, unnumbered space. GPTC will tow cars parked in numbered and unnumbered reserved spaces without a sticker. GPTC residents with a GPTC parking sticker are not allowed to park cars in the visitor parking space. GPTC will tow all cars with a GPTC resident sticker parked in the visitor designated parking area.

Read GTPC’s parking rules and complete the parking permit registration. Once done, you can email Abaris Realty at [email protected]

In accordance with the provisions of the rules, dogs, cats and other domestic animals are allowed, provided that they may not disturb other residents with smell, behavior, noise, health threat or in any other way.

Pet registration forms must be submitted to Abaris Realty along with a copy of the pet’s current Montgomery County pet license and a photo of the pet.

Rahul Risal, Cmca, Ams

In general, no changes may be made to the exterior of the unit without the written permission of the board and/or its managing agent (Abaris Realty). Homeowners must submit an application to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and obtain written approval before beginning any exterior alterations. Any unauthorized alterations to your home or landscaping must be removed and replaced in accordance with exterior alteration policies.

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The following are examples of items that require written application and prior ACC and/or Board approval:

GPTC is located just steps from the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station (Red Line) and offers convenient access to public transportation (Metro, Ride-On) and area freeways. GPTC is within walking distance of the Bethesda Trolley Trail and the Rock Creek Park watershed for walking, running and biking. The award-winning Grosvenor Market is located across the street from the GPTC, offering a full service market of fresh produce, meat, seafood, deli, beer and wine. During the summer months, neighboring Grosvenor Park I apartment buildings have offered pool membership to GPTC residents for a seasonal fee. The community is also across Rockville Pike from Strathmore’s renowned Music Center, which has unprecedented partnerships with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Washington Performing Arts, National Philharmonic, Levine Music, CityDance and Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras.

Abaris Property Management

The instructions for replacing windows and sliding doors contain all the information you need to start the process.

Rocky Mount Way, Silver Spring, Md 20902

What separates GPTC from the average townhome association (HOA) community is that when it was developed, the developer designated it as a condominium and included in the governing documents that GPTC is responsible for general insurance that covers the structural unit. all homes.

In a typical HOA, each homeowner is responsible for obtaining hazard insurance for their own home, and the HOA is only responsible for insuring the common areas belonging to the HOA. In addition, GPTC cleans all gutters in all homes twice a year and maintains all community yards including removal and replacement of front yard landscaping, which is not typical in a standard HOA where homeowners are responsible for all gutter cleaning and maintenance and replacement. landscape (trees, flowers and bushes) on the plot (front and back).

GPTC also has several buildings that are Moderately Priced Units (MPDUs) that had to meet county requirements when GPTC was developed. These MPDUs are known as piggy bank units and GPTC is responsible for the exterior maintenance, repair and replacement of all exterior parts, fences and decks of the homes.

All townhouse owners are eligible to serve on the GPTC board. Start the process by downloading and submitting the board nomination form.

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Property Management Agreements: What A Solid Contract Should Include

Yeah! Check out the Billing and Payment Options memo  to see how your payment can be automatically paid through Debit, Credit or ACH payments. Diversity is everywhere in Chicago. With this in mind, the Global Real Estate Council hosted a panel of experts to help REALTORS® interact with clients from diverse backgrounds.

We invited panelists Omer Ahmed of Abaris Capital Advisors, LLC, Michelle Shang of Unity Realty Inc., and Ricardo Morales of RE/MAX 10 to provide insight on navigating the Middle East, Asia and Latin American markets.

Panelists Omer Ahmed, Abaris Capital Advisors, LLC, Michelle Shang, Unity Realty Inc. and Ricardo Morales, RE/MAX 10, and Global RE Council Chairman Maurice Hampton, Centered International Realty

Abaris Property Management

It is important to gain access through trusted connections, especially in areas like the Middle East. Know your numbers, your details and your school district – especially when working with Chinese buyers. They hate paying too much and are likely to involve family and friends in the process. Finally, marketing, networking and market knowledge are essential for success in Mexico and Latin America.

Th St Ne #13, Washington, Dc 20002

If you are interested in the Asian market, joining AREAA or other Chinese organizations is a good place to start. Focusing on market segmentation in the Middle East helps identify different base stations. However, in any market, identifying a community of interest is very important, and networking is key. By knowing where you want to be and getting involved with organizations that give you access to that group, you can build confidence right away.

Preparation is key. Take advantage of tools that help show your expertise; For example, in many cases the focus is on the family – know your school district and crime statistics.

If you are interested in global real estate, establishing a relationship with the consulate is a great idea. Often, potential buyers check in at a consulate when they enter a foreign country, and that’s an ideal way to get in. Also attend events organized by the Global Real Estate Council to become more involved in the global community.

Yes, it is a reliable organization. Consulates don’t give out random information because it looks bad, but they trust the REALTOR® name. The REALTOR® designation is your trademark and stands for professionalism and leadership.

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P Street Northwest, Unit 402, Washington, Dc 20036

This can be challenging for both buyers and brokers. Everything is blocked in China, but there is a popular We Chat app that works. In Latin America, they use a combination of Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp. In the Middle East, Skype and WhatsApp are popular. The Middle East is ahead of the game – SIM cards are readily available and the culture is such that everyone can have two or three mobile phones. Also check your carrier. Some (like TMobile) offer programs where you can make local calls.

Remember that the Chinese are very superstitious. Avoid bells, whites, fans or umbrellas. On the other hand, red is safe. But the best option? Cash. Cash is king. Also remember that alcohol is difficult to give as a gift, as many Chinese people prefer spirits to wine.

In Mexico and Latin America, it’s all about creativity and customizing the final gift for the customer base. The more premium the customer, the more customized.

Abaris Property Management

And in the Middle East culturally, if you help them in the store, you usually get a gift. It would be inappropriate and insensitive to give a gift.Over 42 years of community and property management experience in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Confidence. Experience. Knowledge. Abaris Realty, Inc. We know Washington.

Br, 3 Bath House

Marketing is the key to successful rental management. Aggressive marketing allows qualified tenants to be found faster, resulting in less downtime for Owners, saving thousands in potentially lost rental income.

We make sure the rent is collected on time, every time. We offer tenants free online payment options to help them set up automatic monthly rent payments. This means our owners get their monthly income faster every month.

Maintenance problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We have a team of licensed and insured contractors who can handle any real estate issue, whether it’s basic maintenance or an emergency.

That’s where we come in. Our job is to take that stress away from you and

Grand Champion Dr, Rockville, Md 20850

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