Verizon Business Account Executive Salary

Verizon Business Account Executive Salary – 2 • TELUS 2022 INFORMATION CIRCULAR Country Recognition The TELUS team recognizes that our work spans many territories and contract areas and we are grateful to the traditional scholars and elders who are with us today, those who have gone before us and the youth, that inspire us. We recognize the land and the benefits it gives us all, as an act of reconciliation, as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) 94 Calls to Action, and express gratitude to those on whose territory we live, work or be. visited. All financial information is reported in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. Copyright © 2022 TELUS Corporation. All rights reserved. The symbols TM and ® indicate trademarks used by TELUS Corporation or its affiliates under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Powered by purpose TELUS is a dynamic, world-leading communications technology company with $17 billion in annual revenue and 17 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, TV, entertainment, video and Urity across our award-winning networks. We leverage our world-leading technology and compassion to drive social change and enable remarkable human outcomes. Our longstanding commitment to putting our customers first fuels every aspect of our business, making us a distinctive leader in customer service excellence and loyalty. TELUS Health is Canada’s leader in digital health technology, improving access to health and wellness services; TELUS Agriculture offers innovative digital solutions throughout the agriculture value chain, supporting better food outcomes; and TELUS International is a leading digital customer experience innovator that designs, builds and delivers next-generation solutions for global brands across high-growth industry verticals. Driven by our vision to connect all citizens for good, and our deeply meaningful and enduring philosophy of giving where we live, TELUS, our team members and retirees have inspired more than $900 million in cash, in-kind contributions , time and programs and 1.8 million days of service since 2000. This unprecedented generosity and unparalleled volunteerism have made TELUS the most valuable company in the world. Together, let’s make the future kinder.

TELUS 2022 INFORMATION CIRCULAR • 1 Welcome to our shareholders’ meeting As a world leader in social capitalism, TELUS makes a meaningful difference in the lives of citizens, worldwide. Through the power of our purpose, our commitment to social capitalism drives our consistent financial and operational success, and enables the positive impact we make across the communities we serve. In 2021, we delivered strong financial results, driven by the execution of our proven growth strategy and our deep belief that doing good in business and doing good in our communities are mutually inclusive. Our compensation philosophy is to pay for performance, and our compensation decisions continue to reflect this philosophy. For more information on our 2021 performance and leadership in social capitalism, visit and On the following pages you will find information about the business items to be considered at our next general meeting. You’ll also find highlights of our leading corporate governance practices, including our diversity initiatives and succession planning processes, as well as our executive compensation philosophy and practices. We are pleased to have nominated a new individual as a Director, who will further expand the experience and skills of our Board. As a shareholder, you have the right to vote your shares on all matters that come before the meeting. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote and we facilitate different voting methods to allow you to vote in a way that is most convenient for you. We are leveraging our technology to allow our shareholders to attend our annual meeting in a virtual format via a live webcast while staying safe and sound at home. Registered stockholders and duly appointed proxy holders will have an equal opportunity to attend, participate and vote at this virtual meeting from any location. Non-registered shareholders who have not properly appointed themselves as proxy holders may also participate virtually as guests. Guests can participate virtually and listen to the meeting, but cannot vote or ask questions at the meeting. More information can be found on pages 10 to 15. We would like to thank all our shareholders for your continued support and trust. Inspired by our leadership in social capitalism, TELUS remains well positioned for the future and committed to continuing to create remarkable results for all our stakeholders through the power of our purpose. Together we make the future friendly. Sincerely, Dick Auchinleck Chairman of the Board The TELUS General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on May 6, 2022. Your vote is important As a shareholder, it is important that you read this material carefully and vote your shares. See pages 10 to 15 for detailed voting instructions and deadlines. What’s Inside 2 The Leading Social Capitalism Company 4 Executive Summary 9 About the Meeting and Our Board of Directors 9 Notice of Annual General Meeting 10 Information About the Election 16 Additional Information 17 Business of the Meeting 24 About the Nominated Directors 36 Director Compensation 40 Corporate Governance 62 Committee Reports 62 Audit 64 Corporate Governance 66 Retirement 67 Human Resources and Compensation 70 Executive Compensation at TELUS 71 Report to Shareholders 75 Compensation Discussion and Analysis 108 Executive Compensation Summary 116 TELUS Equity Compensation Plans 123 Appendix A: Terms of Reference for the Board of Directors

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Verizon Business Account Executive Salary

Verizon Business Account Executive Salary

2 • TELUS 2022 INFORMATION CIRCULAR The Leading Social Capitalism Company The Power of Our Purpose Through 2021, the TELUS team has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to leveraging our technology innovation, in concert with human ingenuity, to create positive outcomes in global communities where we live, work and serve. Our world-leading broadband networks and technology are improving the lives of Canadians by enabling online healthcare, education and teleworking flexibility during the pandemic, while accelerating Canada’s digital economy and society for increased productivity, competitiveness and human well-being in the post-pandemic Period. Bridging digital divides and enabling vital connections TELUS remains dedicated to ensuring that all Canadians can stay connected to the people and information that matter most, as evidenced by the connectivity we provide to over 230,000 underserved Canadians through our Connecting for Good® programs delivered in 2021. We continued to extend our Mobility for Good® program, providing free smartphones and fully subsidized rate plans to youth in foster care, eligible low-income seniors and Indigenous women surviving or at risk of violence. We’ve added 7,000 Canadians to Mobility for Good, helping them stay connected to vital support networks and resources, with more than 28,000 individuals benefiting since the program began in 2017. We have expanded Tech for Good™ nationally through a partnership with March of Dimes Canada. Launched in 2019, this program provides differently-abled Canadians with smartphone and tablet challenges with assistive technology and training that help them live more independently, with more than 4,600 Canadians now participating in the program. Our Internet for Good® program has provided low-cost, high-speed Internet to nearly 12,000 qualified low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities. Since its inception in 2016, 106,000 Canadians have benefited from the program. Responding to the world’s most pressing social challenges in healthcare We have continued to leverage our leadership position in healthcare technology solutions to deliver improved health outcomes for citizens through access to better health information. We are expanding Health for Good® with four new mobile health clinics in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto and the Niagara region of Ontario. The program will allow TELUS mobile health clinics to bring primary healthcare to people in need and living on the street in 14 communities across the country, support 35,000 patient visits in 2021 and administer more than 9,000 COVID-19 vaccines. Let’s make the future friendly TM, together Our TELUS family passionately demonstrated the power of our purpose in 2021, working tirelessly to support our customers, communities and each other. By giving back to our communities, connecting Canadians in need and committing to becoming a zero-waste, non-carbon neutral company by 2030 or sooner, we’re making the world a better place.

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TELUS 2022 INFORMATION CIRCULAR • 3 We have advanced our innovative virtual care offering to meet the increasing demand and evolving healthcare needs of Canadians, especially as they continue to seek virtual healthcare from the safety of their homes. Our rebranded virtual care services, TELUS Health MyCare for consumers and our employer-subscribed TELUS Health Virtual Care, as well as our Home Health Monitoring and Virtual Visit Services, have enabled healthcare providers to safely support patients virtually during the pandemic. TELUS Health MyCare is now the number one virtual care brand in terms of awareness and usage across all the markets we serve. By the end of 2021, we will have covered 20 million lives through our healthcare solutions, completed 551 million digital healthcare transactions and earned one million new virtual care members. In early 2022, our team launched TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy, providing Canadians with online access to prescription drugs and refills. Improvement of health

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