Moss Adams Business Valuation Analyst Salary

Moss Adams Business Valuation Analyst Salary – John has successfully advised clients in a variety of industries including government services, aerospace and defense, business services, technology, consumer and industrial products, metals and mining. He closed more than $2 billion.

John has successfully advised clients in a variety of industries including government services, aerospace and defense, business services, technology, consumer and industrial products, metals and mining. During his career, he generated more than $2 billion in total transaction value. Prior to founding Stanton Park Capital, Mr. Taylor served as Vice President of Moss Adams Capital (MAC), a West Coast investment banking firm. Prior to joining MAC, he was Vice President at Capstone Partners.

Moss Adams Business Valuation Analyst Salary

Moss Adams Business Valuation Analyst Salary

Mr. Taylor received his B.A. in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Real Estate from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. While at UPenn, Jon was a midfielder on the school’s national men’s lacrosse team. He later earned an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) from the National Association of Certified Appraisers and Analysts (NACVA).

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Jon is the author of Maximizing Your Multiple: A Business Owner’s Guide to the Institutional Money Deal, which helps entrepreneurs build and sell their companies for maximum value.

Book: Expand Your Opportunities: A Business Owner’s Guide to Negotiating Institutional Money – For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build and Sell Their Businesses for Maximum Value

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Hello, welcome to the webcast where we introduce you to the world of SMB acquisitions and mergers. We interview business owners, industry leaders, authors, mentors, and other influencers with the sole purpose of sharing with you what buying or selling a business looks like. Let’s get rolling.

Hello and welcome to the How to Quit Podcast section. I’m here today with Jon Taylor. Jon is the author of Maximizing Your Biggest Business Owner’s Guide to Institutional Money Trading. The book helps entrepreneurs build and sell their businesses for maximum value. John has over 20 years of M&A strategic advisory and business valuation experience and has successfully advised clients in a variety of industries including government services, aerospace and defense, business services, technology, consumer and industrial products, metals and mining. He has closed more than $2 billion in his career. Welcome to the show, John, thanks for being on the show today.

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Sunny. We talked a little earlier. You know, my first question is going to be the origin story. Man, you were born and you know, you’re on my show, how do you fill the gap, how did you get here today?

Moss Adams Business Valuation Analyst Salary

Of course. So I finished school, I went to the Wharton School, which I graduated from in the late 90s, which was an interesting time. You specified Excite. Yeah, it was right around the time of the whole craze, you know, ’99, 2000 and, you know, my first job out of school, and I was studying finance and just being interested in Wall Street. You know, I remember watching Wall Street as a kid and just thinking it was a really interesting movie. I don’t think Oliver Stone was supposed to be like the movie, but I think a lot of people, my generation just hit Wall Street, right. So, you know, I read Barbarians at the Gate, in college, and some other deal books like that, and I got into middle market investment banking, you know, and I worked with some technology companies early on, and, you know, I loved it. many ways. But you know, at the same time it’s dark, you know, a lot of people went to point communications. And, you know, I spent, I tried the online thing for a while, but I went back to banking and, you know, I worked with a few different firms in my career, I started my own. practice seven or eight years ago and, you know, you know, we haven’t really looked back since just doing mid-market M&A, typically companies, you know, over 10 million to 20 million in sales, and then we have a very active business valuation practice. Well,

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It’s great. You said you mentioned the movie Wall Street, right? The funny thing was, when I decided to join M&A, I actually texted, called my friend to tell him because we used to watch that show when I was in the military, he and I used to watch that show over and over again. And we were trying to figure out if we were going to be stock traders or something, right? So when I decided to go for it, I tried to catch him. I couldn’t get a hold of him but his wife answered and she likes when we sent him you text him? I said, Yes, I’ll tell him blue, blue horseshoe love to any steel or anything. And she’s like, what, I just write it down and tell him. And so he texts me later like what the hell is going on? Looks like I moved to m&a. And he goes, “Oh, that’s a joke.” So it was just amazing that this is something 30 years later. , you’re right here in Palo Alto, we talked a little bit about I lived there for nine or 10 years. So you’re surrounded by tech company stuff, but we talked you into everything from local barbershops to big tech and everything in between, right?

That’s right. So, you know, our valuation practice, we work with companies of all sizes, you know, it could be anything from divorce litigation to you know, Renee very often values ​​stock options for companies that buy out partnerships. types of litigation. I mean, we’ve been experts in court, so there’s a lot of reasons why people value businesses. But you know M&A is the biggest part of what we do and what we love to do the most. So, representing the mid-market business and the sell-side, we mean, we’ve done some work not only in technology, but also in some industrial construction-type businesses.

So it’s interesting because the valuations are great, like almost the leading side of your M&A, right? Someone comes to you and asks, Well, what’s my company worth, and you help them. And then it leads to the good, what do you plan to do?

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Is it accurate? Yes, yes, that’s how some of our sales conversations started. People come to us for evaluation and we turn that into a sales opportunity.

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It’s great. So I’m a business owner and I’m coming to you and I think I might be willing to sell this stuff. Can you help me work? What is my business worth? Now, we’ve had a lot of conversations on the show about how to add value and like and understand the book and all that. But what does the process look like starting with the evaluation process? Or assessment? Rating? Of course, yes

So we usually start with a questionnaire and understand what the business does, what industry they’re in, you know, with the financial information, we have a list of requests for information that we send out that really look at the last three to five years. profit and loss statement balance sheet. The owners’ understanding is what the ownership structure looks like. Do you understand what the customer base looks like? Are there things like customer concentration, any significant risk factors, so we have a short questionnaire that we do with people initially to assess the company and understand what, what its value might be. different options if they want to sell it, what are their strategic alternatives. So obviously bigger companies have more opportunities to sell than smaller companies, you know, a lot of small companies are very difficult to sell. Because they have, you know, a lot of cases, they’re just too small to be interesting to the buyer, right? I mean, if, you know, if somebody’s going to spend a lot of time on due diligence and audits, you know, messing around with a little, you know, mom and pop type of business, you know, that’s often not the case. not a

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