Infosys Business Analyst Salary

Infosys Business Analyst Salary – Business Analysts are the power behind new age enterprises that practice data-driven decision making and problem solving. At its core, the role of the Business Analyst is to bridge the gap between IT and the business vertical of an organization. They use data analysis to determine business needs, evaluate processes and deliver recommendations and reports to relevant stakeholders.

Ideally, Business Analysts engage with business leaders to understand how data-driven decisions will improve efficiency. These changes can be applied to processes, products and services, software and hardware to add value. Finally, they implement ideas that are technologically and financially feasible.

Infosys Business Analyst Salary

Infosys Business Analyst Salary

Business Analysts mostly report to project managers. Key duties include requirements analysis, implementing and documenting processes, and performing user acceptance testing. Natural analytical inclinations and the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical users are keys to success for Business Analysts.

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Just like any other job role, the salary of a Business Analyst will depend on several factors such as company size, reputation, location, work experience and educational qualifications. Companies like TCS, Amazon, Accenture or Deloitte pay higher salaries. The more work experience you have, the higher your market value. Keep in mind that due to these variables, there is a possibility of changes in salary.

The average salary of a Business Analyst in India is around ₹612,656 per annum. The average salary of a Business analyst in the US is around $70,489 per year.

If you want to learn more about salary trends as a Business Analyst over the next 5-10 years and compare your salary to your peers, check out the Salary Builder and get great insights.

Salaries At Infosys Shared By Employees

Depending on your years of experience, the average salary of a Business Analyst may range from 3, 50, 000-5, 00, 000. The lower end is the entry-level salary with less than one year of work experience, and the higher end is the salary for those who have 1-4 years of work experience.

As your experience increases over time, the salary you earn also increases. A Business Analyst with 5-9 years of industry experience can earn up to Rs. 8 lakh per annum. While a Senior Business Analyst with up to 15 years of experience earns close to Rs. 12 lakhs per annum.

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Let’s consider TCS, Accenture, Computer Sciences Corporation and Capgemini as some of the top companies that offer the highest salary packages for Business Analysts.

Infosys Business Analyst Salary

HCL, Wipro and CSC are at the bottom of the pay scale and provide similar packages.

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Companies like Amazon are also a very good place to work, the average salary is between INR 3,28,484- 17,83,171 depending on your experience level and seniority.

The above companies are some of the top companies that offer higher salary packages for Business Analysts in the US.

The above companies are some of the companies that are at the bottom of the salary scale and provide similar packages.

Your location plays an important role in compensation. A Business Analyst in Bangalore or Pune will earn around 12.9% and 17.7% more than the national average. Hyderabad (4.2% less), Noida (8.2% less), Chennai (5.2% less).

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A typical day in the life of a Business Analyst may have different tasks based on many factors such as the phase of the project they are working on. Also, some days are more focused on research, some days include lots of meetings and interactions, and some days are just implementing and implementing changes in processes, products, etc.

To become a business analyst, the basic educational qualification is graduation, and post-graduation is an added advantage. Professionals with strong analytical, problem solving, communication, interpersonal and team management skills are the ones who should really consider a career as a Business Analyst. Technical skills vary by employer and industry, the basic computer skills a Business Analyst should have are C#, .Net, Oracle, PL/SQL and MS Office. Here are the three steps to becoming a Business Analyst:

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Infosys Business Analyst Salary

Infosys is a global digital services and consulting company founded in India with just $250 USD. With over 37 years of experience, the company is present in over 46 countries. Learn more about technology services firms, including an inside look at company culture, the most important traits for successful employees and how to get hired.

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How Much Salary Does Infosys Pay For Various Job Roles

Location: The company’s headquarters are in Bangalore, India. Locations in the United States include Phoenix, Arizona, Broomfield, Colorado, Bentonville, Arkansas and Glastonbury, Connecticut. Other international locations include London, England, Stuttgart, Germany and Mulshi, India.

Mission: “With over three decades of experience in managing global enterprise systems and workflows, we expertly guide our customers through their digital journey,” the company’s website says. “We do this by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the implementation of change. We also empower businesses with agile digital scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Our active learning agenda drives their continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise and ideas from our innovation ecosystem.”

The average salary for an Infosys employee is $108,103 per year. The stair estimate is based on our calculations.

Infosys is currently hiring 368 open positions, including Technology Analyst and Oracle Spatial GIS to join the team. Find a full list of open roles on the Infosys Ladders Jobs page.

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Infosys began with its roots in education and learning, so it’s no surprise that a shared trait among employees is an embrace of lifelong learning.

“Our training infrastructure in India is the largest of any corporate worldwide,” said Ravi Kumar S., President of Infosys. “We can house 11,000+ people currently, train them and equip them with the skills of the future…that’s what makes this company so unique and world-class.”

Infosys Business Analyst Salary

Infosys is now bringing their work in training and expanding capability sets to the United States with its Technology and Innovation Hub efforts. The company has set up Technology and Innovation hubs in the United States in the following cities:

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“For me that is the defining philosophy or the defining root of this firm,” Kumar said. “We are perfectly positioned in this new digital age because lifelong learning is so critical.”

“One of the most important behavioral characteristics that we see is an individual’s ability to unlearn and relearn,” Kumar said.

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Infosys looks for this trait in potential employees because technology moves at such a fast pace, so often employees have to forget something they’ve learned so they can master new technology.

In addition, the company looks for the candidate’s ability to work in a team and have a common goal. Collaboration and passion for a cause is important because companies always run with cross-functional teams.

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The company raised $200 million in a Post-IPO Equity round raised on July 10, 2008, with Chrys Capital as the lead investor.

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Reviews on Glassdoor range from two-star reviews titled “look elsewhere if you want a good start to your career” to five-star reviews stating that the company is “a company founded on strong principles”.

Infosys Business Analyst Salary

“The company’s value system deserves attention,” wrote one commenter. “The company has managed to retain it over time and across its new hires. This is most evident in challenging times or when faced with difficult situations. This is a company to build a long-term career or join early in your career to gain exposure to professional workplace practices.” Infosys CEO Salil Parekh earns $10.2 million a year; how does his salary compare to chief executives at Accenture, Cognizant and IBM? Infosys had said earlier that Parekh’s proposed total target remuneration compared to the most recent remuneration paid to peer CEOs was around the median.

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Infosys handed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salil Parekh an 88 percent pay rise, to $10.2 million a year, making him one of the highest-paid executives in India, as the software services firm justified the increase citing industry-leading growth in recent years.

With the increase, Parekh ranks fifth on the list of highest compensation received among peers

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