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Amazon salaries revealed: See how much engineers, managers and other employees earn at the cloud and commerce giant

Finance Business Partner Amazon Salary

Finance Business Partner Amazon Salary

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What Might Happen To Amazon’s Profit If It Paid Its Workers More?

A job at Amazon has historically not been one of the highest paying gigs in big tech. The e-commerce giant tends to lag behind Google and Meta on salaries, Insider previously reported. Amazon’s strategy has been to recruit what it calls “missionaries, not mercenaries.”

The pandemic changed everything. After working for two years at a breakneck pace to support rapid—perhaps too rapid—expansion, Amazon employee dissatisfaction over pay reached crisis levels, prompting the company to take drastic action.

Early this year, Amazon announced that it more than doubled base salary caps, from $160,000 for most positions to $350,000, and increased its salary ranges. Amazon also changed some stock vesting policies.

Insider compiled base pay rates for thousands of Amazon employees, disclosed in work visa applications filed with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Insider combed through data from the office, which allows hiring non-U.S. employees and then makes the data public.

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This data spans four major divisions of Amazon:, the company’s primary retail and e-commerce division; Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing business; Amazon Data Services, which operates the company’s data centers; and the Amazon Development Center, which supports other Amazon divisions and houses special projects.

The data does not include stock grants, which at Amazon can account for the bulk of employee compensation packages. The data also doesn’t fully reflect Amazon’s recent compensation changes, as most of the data is before Amazon’s base pay and salary increases took effect.

The majority of the 2022 Q1 wages analyzed represent workers in Washington state, California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont. The highest paid person in the data set was a director of regional operations in Washington state who was offered a base salary of $227,608, while the lowest paid people are two program managers in Tennessee, who were each offered $20,259.

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Finance Business Partner Amazon Salary

Here’s a breakdown of what Amazon pays many of its employees. The broad categories are taken from applications from the Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Roles are listed below only if there are at least five candidates. Total number of visa applications submitted for that title during this period is in parentheses.

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After you’re done checking out the data below, take a look at Insider’s Big Tech salary database to see how much Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel and other companies are paying their employees.

Click here to get a FREE download of The Top 5 Disruptive Trends Shaping Transportation and Logistics from BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. A Human Resources Business Partner is a consultant who works side-by-side with senior management, such as managers, to create and execute strategies that align with the organization’s business goals. Considering it’s such a big responsibility, the average business partner salary in the US makes business partner an attractive job title. According to popular salary reporting platform Glassdoor, the director’s salary is between $59,000 and $182,000.

Knowing the average compensation of human resources business partners has many benefits. So whether you’re a student looking for career advice, a recruiter wondering what to pay your next job, or an employee wondering whether or not you’re being paid fairly, the statistics are here to help.

This article will find out what a human resources business associate makes, their average compensation, and how their salary varies between different categories.

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In the United States, the average base salary for human resources business associates varies from state to state.

But what you get paid as a staff partner also depends on various factors such as years of experience, living expenses, size/type of an organization, etc.

The average base salary estimates for the business partner role are given below. This statistic shows some common compensation metrics such as the average annual salary of a business partner.

Finance Business Partner Amazon Salary

According to the 3,509 salary submissions, the average full-time salary for business associates in the United States is $85,425 per year.

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Remember – these estimates are based on various factors such as cost of living, industry, etc. Therefore, the numbers will vary depending on the filters you use on the tool.

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These estimates are based on 2,445 wage reports from across the United States. The highest paying cities for human resources business partners include New York ($124,702), St. Louis ($122,845) and Atlanta ($103,760).

PayScale is yet another reliable platform where you can get closer to accurate salary estimates for various positions.

According to their latest salary reports, the average salary for business associates in human resources is $75,306 per year and $27.31 per hour in the United States.

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Years of professional experience and the individual’s existing position are important factors in deciding compensation for their business partner. The role is also known as personnel consultant in some organizations.

Since the business partner role is already a senior position, the career path forward is not too complicated. After a few more years of professional experience, staff can become a senior business partner and advise on more significant executive decisions. Afterwards, they can lead the entire human resources department by becoming a director.

While the HR business partner role has many duties and responsibilities, they play a more critical role in strategic consulting and planning. A senior business partner earns an average annual compensation of $134,075. According to Glassdoor, there are more than ten thousand job openings for this important role.

Finance Business Partner Amazon Salary

The Director is responsible for the entire department’s decision-making and performance. Therefore, the transition from a senior advisory role as a senior business partner to this role makes sense. A director earns an average annual compensation of $141,281 and Glassdoor estimates there are nearly 200,000 opportunities for the position.

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If you are interested in climbing the ranks hard and achieving a top career role with an impressive salary, you should check out the top quality certifications at .

According to Indeed, the location-wise categorization of cities with the highest paying business partner salaries is as follows.

The professional level of education greatly affects the compensation for an individual in the human resources field. All organizations require a minimum bachelor’s degree for their entry-level roles, and you can then progress to more serious roles. However, a master’s degree can land you directly in higher positions with higher pay.

For a human resources business partner role, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in human resource management, finance or organizational management. A minor or additional major in business administration can also add to your business administration skills.

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In addition to college degrees, certifications are also important to a business partner’s qualifications. Some popular certifications you can seek to increase your credibility as a business partner are given below:

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Such certifications from trusted and quality institutions add significant value to your CV and help you earn an impressive pay cheque.

According to Glassdoor, here’s what the annual average business partner salary looks like at some of the top firms across industries.

Finance Business Partner Amazon Salary

By hiring human resource business partners, organizations can make better decisions because experienced professionals now guide them on business strategies. A business partner helps a company get the most out of its investments and make overall strategically sounder choices. Therefore, human resources business partners are crucial for companies that want to expand and develop in an intelligent way.

Career Outcomes & Alumni Contacts

Since being an HR business partner means creating value for the business of the department, make sure you are clear about what “value” means to your business. Once your vision aligns with the organization’s, you are more productive as a business partner and receive higher compensation. In addition, you get to work with senior management as personnel managers.

With the right credentials, skills and experience, you can land the role of Human Resources Business Partner and reap the benefits that come with it.

If you are new to Human Resources and looking to break into a business partner role, we recommend you take ours

, where you will learn how to build your human resources skills, build your staff network, create a great resume and create a successful job search strategy.

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