Clinical Business Analyst Salary

Clinical Business Analyst Salary – 1 Job Description Job Title: Industrial Business Analyst Department/Company: Industrial Policy/Payments UK Reporting to: Director of Industrial Policy Salary and: C Job Purpose To provide thought leadership and practical guidance to Members of Payments UK. policy or regulatory driven change affecting the payments industry using a blend of analytical and business expertise to provide expert advice, analysis (business and economic) and strategic recommendations. The role will focus on implementing the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) proposals (particularly as they relate to payment initiation and account information services) and the UK government’s expectations for an open API in UK banking. Market engagement and clear managed communication between both Payments UK members at a senior level and across a range of external stakeholders to advocate and influence will be crucial to the role. Key Activities and Responsibilities 1. Ideation leadership, analysis and guidance Analyze, articulate and advise on the practical, tactical and strategic dimensions of business and operational change resulting from investment in regulatory change. Identify the business and market impact of PSD2 and the UK government’s API proposals, particularly where they overlap. Understand the change management implications of the regulatory and policy change landscape for the UK and Europe in terms of key business issues. Provide business analysis and solutions recommendations that work with members and industry. Own and manage an action program focused on industry change for progress and lead industry decision-making and investment. Industrial relations and communication. 2. Facilitate engagement with Payments UK members and other stakeholders Lead and manage practical engagement with Payments UK members and other stakeholders. Organize, facilitate and lead engagement with industry and members as appropriate, including conferences, meetings and seminars; as well as bilateral obligations. Provide expert input and guidance. Engage with Payments UK members and other stakeholders to understand their various requirements and expectations and help build consensus.

2 Work as part of a team with the Head of European Developments and the Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs, participating in the Open Business Working Group and the PSD Working Group and related activities as required. 3. Influence and communications Influence change and investment decisions by developing clear recommendations and advocacy positions. Provide a clear and structured handover to Payments UK’s Design and Delivery capability. Formulate industry recommendations for change investment, focusing on PSD2 and the UK government’s API proposals. Ensure industry policy compliance and input within Payments UK. Provide input and thought leadership to ensure clear communication of the change agenda, such as writing white papers, speaking at conferences and liaising with European counterpart organisations. Enter the counseling answers accordingly. Develop and maintain a matrix approach to stakeholder engagement. A member of the Field Industrial Policy Division reports to the Director of Industrial Policy. Internal Communications colleagues within Payments UK, in particular the Head of European Development and the Head of Regulatory and Government Relations. External Relations Payments UK members, Government, regulators and key industry stakeholders at UK and EU level, experts in various business areas related to open API standard implementation. London does some occasional travel nationally and in Europe. Possible Work Styles Casual Mixed Work Work can be effectively performed at home or occasionally remotely (eg, personal circumstances, completing project work). Contract terms will remain office based. Regular Blended Work can be done effectively at home or remotely on a regular basis (eg once a week, once every two weeks). Job Specific Skills: Graduate with strong analytical skills and knowledge and experience in payments gained from working in a bank, supplier or industry body. Knowledge of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) legislative proposals

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Clinical Business Analyst Salary

Clinical Business Analyst Salary

3 Experience of working in a project type environment is desirable, perhaps with some experience in financial services, HMRC or DWP. Must have sufficient experience in an analyst role or similar where they are exposed to business analysis in a multi-stakeholder environment. interpersonal skills Key Competencies: Teamwork Level C Collaborates Seeks and uses the ideas, opinions and insights of other team members. Communicates fully and openly and is willing to share information and ideas. Gains the trust and confidence of team members. uilds Relationships builds collaborative relationships with key contacts within UK Payments and, where appropriate, between clients. Encourages others within the team to work together and contribute to team decisions and plans. Interpersonal and Communication Clearly and positively communicates UK Payments goals, values ​​and strategy. Communicates, promotes and provides feedback on corporate issues and plans related to controversial news or issues. Encourages free discussion. Upward Communication Communicates issues and risks to all levels of the organization. Keeps up communication. Formal presentations Understand your audience. Prepare thoroughly in advance. Uses

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4 Effectively conveys presentation materials and information in a structured and concise manner. Relationship management builds and manages relationships. Consistently respects and cares for people as an individual Solution-oriented Open-minded Willing to adopt new approaches and techniques, both personally and for the team, not just sticking to traditional approaches. Encourages new approaches. Awareness Appreciates the various political, social and environmental influences that exist when assessing situations. Demonstrates cost awareness. Demonstrates risk awareness by assessing the level of risk associated with certain courses of action. Makes decisive Reasoned judgments in a timely manner. Undertakes a course of action without undue delay or imprudence. Thinks as part of a team focused on team solutions. Always considers the impact of his decisions on other business units. Prioritization and Time Management Planning and Prioritization Provides others with clear and detailed plans that identify required results and timelines. Prioritizes department goals and clarifies them to employees. Manages team work Ensures tasks are completed by using team time efficiently and prevents problems from getting in the way of work completion. breaks down large tasks into achievable steps. Defines real-time plans.

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5 Manages Resources Manages team resources to ensure task completion. Manages progress against plans and makes adjustments as necessary. Creativity and Flexibility C Encourages positive change to team members and advocates challenging situations as learning opportunities. Talks positively about the benefits of change to others and the need for flexibility. Advocates new approaches, encourages others on the need to change behavior to effectively deal with environmental changes. Encourages others to try new approaches to get things done. Takes initiative Takes learning opportunities and uses feedback to improve performance. He learns from his own experiences and the experiences of his colleagues and encourages others to do the same. Motivation C Committed to continuous learning to adapt to the business as the environment changes. Works above and beyond Demonstrates commitment to UK Payments by exceeding internal and external customer needs and providing quality service. Is willing to go beyond the boundaries of the role if necessary. Adaptability Responds positively and cooperatively to change challenges and conflicting demands. Perseverance Continues to pursue goals despite obstacles and setbacks. self-

6 motivates and encourages others to complete the task at hand. Professionalism Focus on Quality and Continuous Improvement Promotes the need for and ensures adherence to Quality procedures. Sets and achieves quality standards. Actively reviews the quality angle of the entire team’s work and strives to improve quality procedures. Assesses and reviews risk exposures and assigns responsibility for risk to individuals. Establishes External Relations, builds long-term relationships with customers and promptly resolves issues and concerns. Focused in thinking and disciplined in approach. Resolves conflicts Listens and understands the concerns of external and internal customers and employees. Proactive and takes ownership to solve internal and external problems and issues. Supports Corporate Initiatives Actively supports UK Payments Corporate Initiatives and is responsible for the implementation of initiatives within his team. General Skills: Payments Industry Knowledge and Experience Level Payments Industry Law – General awareness and working knowledge of payment industry law Meetings – Attend, represent and participate effectively in meetings External Environment – Certain knowledge of the relevant external environment and demonstrate understanding Technical and Operational Advice/Management

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7 – Provide the first point of reference for stakeholders Rules, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines – Coordinate the development of rules, procedures, standards and guidelines Evaluation of management data and Statistics – Implement recommendations – Analyze existing management data and draw conclusions Strategy – New identify and resolve issues arising from strategy implementation Understand stakeholders* Payments Industry Relations – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant stakeholder relationships Stakeholder Education and Awareness Implement agreed strategy Analysis Analysis Experience and Knowledge – Respond to a complex industry inquiries – Defining a problem and formulating a solution – Demonstrating depth of knowledge in required areas of expertise Report writing and publications – Overseeing the preparation of a formal report – In-depth analysis and prepare annotated reports – Edit reports of a non-complex nature – Consult stakeholders on the content of the report – Understand the business context of the Reporting Committee

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