Capgemini Business Analyst Salary

Capgemini Business Analyst Salary – Business analysts are the power behind new-age enterprises that practice data-driven decision making and problem solving. At its core, a business analyst’s role is to bridge the gap between an organization’s IT and business verticals. They use data analytics to determine business requirements, evaluate processes, and provide recommendations and reports to relevant stakeholders.

Ideally, business analysts engage with business leaders to understand how data-driven decisions will improve efficiency. These changes can be implemented in processes, products and services, software and hardware to add value. Finally, they implement ideas that are both technically and financially feasible.

Capgemini Business Analyst Salary

Capgemini Business Analyst Salary

Business analysts mostly report to project managers. Key tasks include requirements analysis, implementation and documentation processes, and user-acceptance testing. A natural analytical bent and the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical users are keys to success for business analysts.

How Much Is Business Analyst Salary Around The World?

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Just like any other job role, the salary of a business analyst depends on various factors such as company size, reputation, location, work experience and educational qualifications. Companies like TCS, Amazon, Accenture or Deloitte pay high salaries. The more work experience you have, the higher your market value. Note that due to these variables, the salary is likely to change.

The average salary of a business analyst in India is around ₹612,656 per year. The average salary for a business analyst in the United States is approximately $70,489 per year.

If you want to learn more about salary trends as a business analyst over the next 5-10 years and compare your salary to your peers, check out Salary Builder and gain powerful insights.

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Depending on your years of experience, the average business analyst salary can range between 3,50,000-5,00,000. The lower end is an entry-level salary with less than one year of work experience and the higher end is the salary for those with 1-4 years of work experience.

As your experience increases over time, so does your earning salary. A Business Analyst with 5-9 years of industry experience Rs. You can earn up to 8 lakh per annum. Whereas a Senior Business Analyst with 15 years of experience earns around Rs. 12 lakhs per annum.

Let us consider TCS, Accenture, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Capgemini as some of the top companies that offer the highest salary packages for business analysts.

Capgemini Business Analyst Salary

HCL, Wipro, and CSC are at the lower end of the pay scale and offer similar packages.

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Companies like Amazon are also a really great place to work, with an average salary between INR 3, 28, 484- 17, 83, 171 depending on your experience level and seniority.

The above companies are some of the top companies that offer high salary packages for business analysts in USA.

The above companies are some of the companies that are at the lower end of the pay scale and offer similar packages.

Where you are located plays an important role in compensation. A business analyst in Bangalore or Pune will earn around 12.9% and 17.7% more than the national average. Hyderabad (down 4.2%), Noida (down 8.2%), Chennai (down 5.2%).

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A typical day in the life of a business analyst may have different tasks based on various factors such as the stage of the project they are working on. Also, some days are more research-focused, some days involve a lot of meetings and interactions, and some simply implement and execute changes to processes, products, etc.

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The basic educational qualification to become a business analyst is graduation, and post graduation is an added advantage. Professionals who have strong analytical, problem solving, communication, interpersonal, and team management skills should definitely consider a career as a business analyst. Technical skills vary based on employer and industry, the basic computer skills a business analyst should have are C#, .Net, Oracle, PL/SQL, and MS Office. Below are the three steps to becoming a business analyst:

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Capgemini Business Analyst Salary

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