Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego

Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego – The worldwide adoption of digital technology, which enables organizations to work faster and more efficiently than ever before, has also brought greater vulnerability to high-tech attacks.

The result: Today, the ongoing epidemic of cybercrime has sparked a call to arms in cybersecurity—as organizations around the world seek skilled professionals to combat the constant threat of costly cybersecurity breaches.

Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego

Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego

The 21st century cybersecurity workforce has mobilized to meet this challenge, but the supply of workers still lags far behind the ever-increasing demand. As private industry and government agencies alike struggle to secure their IT infrastructure and protect their data and information assets from highly skilled hackers, alarming headlines are making news about the latest big-name organization to be hit by a major security breach.

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And with every new breach, the demand for talented cybersecurity professionals continues to grow, with new help-wanted listings popping up every day for six-figure jobs from employers across all industries.

“Unfortunately, the security talent pool is not where it needs to be to help curb the cybercrime epidemic,” says Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group and a panelist on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” As a result, hackers and cybercriminals detect blood in the water.

Among the many statistics that help put this opportunity into perspective: The cybersecurity field currently faces zero percent unemployment.

This special report from the University of San Diego’s Cyber ​​Security Online Master’s Program provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the cybersecurity job market, as well as an exceptional view of the industry as a whole.

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“Strong cybersecurity capabilities have become an absolute must for all organizations today. Unfortunately, the industry-wide talent shortage makes it very difficult for employers to find qualified professionals,” said Chuck Bane, Academic Director and Professor of Practice for the University of San Diego’s Innovative, Online or Campus Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering. “The result is an unprecedented opportunity for current and aspiring cybersecurity professionals to earn high salaries while doing important and relevant work.”

Current Status: Trillions of dollars at stake, billions of people affected, and millions of highly skilled, well-paid professionals needed to combat hackers—all of which create unprecedented career opportunities for current and aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

Another, more detailed projection of the cybersecurity workforce shortage comes from (ISC)², a non-profit international consortium for the certification of information systems security. The Cybersecurity Workforce Study (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study reports that the global cybersecurity workforce gap has widened to more than 2.9 million.

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Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego, another great resource for cybersecurity job seekers, offers a detailed profile of cybersecurity employment in the US, complete with an interactive heat map of supply and demand, and a Cybersecurity Career Paths section that provides information and average salaries for such key cybersecurity jobs as:

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The following statistics also contribute to a deeper understanding of how cybercrime affects people and organizations:

The list of data breach victims hit by hackers so far reads like a Who’s Who of major corporations, government agencies, retailers, restaurant chains, universities, social media sites and more:

Today’s reality is that cyber security professionals are needed in all industries and at all levels of management. Here’s a quick overview of some of the main categories of cybersecurity job opportunities:

Another factor complicating the cybersecurity staffing situation: high demand and competition for talent is causing a high turnover of cybersecurity jobs. This means that companies are having trouble retaining their existing talent AND that recruiters are getting in touch with skilled workers even when they are not actively looking for them.

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For businesses and organizations struggling to stay ahead of hackers, this higher-than-average job turnover represents an “existential threat,” according to Infosecurity Magazine.

But for workers, the report states, “Cybersecurity skills are a seller’s market, where experienced professionals can easily find lucrative offers to leave one employer for another.”

According to a comprehensive study by the Information Systems Security Association and the Enterprise Strategy Group, an independent industry analytics firm, “Any employer who has tried to recruit cybersecurity talent in the recent past knows how much of a challenge it is. The competition is fierce.” The research reveals that:

Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego

A quick search for cybersecurity jobs on leading job sites LinkedIn,, and reveals many open positions across the country, spanning all experience and seniority levels.

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LinkedIn – Over 60,000 listings for opportunities ranging from an internship at Major League Baseball to a senior cyber security engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, including:— 22,000+ listings (more than half of them with an estimated salary over $100,000) for jobs ranging from “cyber ninja” at Axis Technologies to cyber exploitation officer at the CIA. Additional job titles include:

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It’s no secret that top companies in all industries are constantly looking for cybersecurity talent. According to a recent check of several recruitment websites:

Accenture Security, a division of this multinational professional services company, “helps organizations prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover at all points in the security lifecycle.” Jobs: Recent job postings include entry-level security analyst, cyber solutions architect, and industrial control systems security manager. (Their pitch to job seekers: “Innovate security solutions by partnering with the brightest in the sector, using the coolest technology to defeat hackers and help customers build resilience from within.”)

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A leading provider of cloud computing services, this Amazon subsidiary provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, businesses and governments. Intelligence analysts and security data scientists.

Bugcrowd works with enterprise organizations to manage their bug bounties, vulnerability disclosures, and next-generation penetration testing programs. Careers: “We’re always interested in hearing from people who want to improve Internet security.” On its homepage, Bugcrowd invites white-hat hackers to “hack with us.”

Founded by hackers and security leaders driven by a passion to make the internet safer, HackerOne describes its platform as “the industry standard for hacker-driven security” and says, “We partner with the global hacker community to highlight the most important security our customer’s questions before they can be exploited by criminals.” Careers: In addition to several security analyst openings, HackerOne invites qualified professionals to “join the largest hacking community in the world.”

Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego

The world’s richest company is constantly in need of talent, with nearly 700 jobs posted on LinkedIn during a recent check, including many openings related to cybersecurity. For example:

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Founded in 2003 by prominent IT entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, the company provides cybersecurity products and services to enterprise organizations, with a special focus on complex multi-technology environments. Careers: Listed jobs include security systems engineer and senior security consultant.

A leading provider of cybersecurity services for businesses and governments, Microsoft claims to employ “more than 3,500 global security professionals.” Opportunities for students.

ThreatQuotient’s mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations through a threat-centric platform by integrating an organization’s existing processes and technologies into a unified security architecture. Through automation, prioritization and visualization, ThreatQuotient solutions reduce the noise and highlight the most important threats to provide greater focus and decision support for limited resources. Careers: Recent listings include a Security Operations Engineer position in their Maryland office.

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Tripwire “works with Fortune 500 companies, industry organizations and government agencies to protect the integrity of critical systems spanning physical, virtual, cloud and DevOps environments.” Its blog, The State of Security, serves as a valued source of industry information. Careers: There are dozens of jobs at Tripwire and parent company Belden, including developers, software engineers, sales professionals, and more.

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WhiteHat describes itself as a leader in application security, enabling businesses to protect critical data, ensure compliance and manage risk. Its WhiteHat Sentinel application security platform “brings together automation, artificial intelligence technology and human intelligence to deliver end-to-end application security at a scale and precision unmatched in the industry.” Careers: Dozens of job listings, including many openings at Threat Research Center (in Houston and Belfast, Ireland).

Of course, private companies are not the only companies at risk. Government agencies—federal, state, county, local—all have to be vigilant about cybersecurity these days.

The Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies certainly have their hands full when it comes to defending US infrastructure and information assets against a wide range of threats. Of course, this also applies at the national and local level.

Business Systems Analyst Salary San Diego

With annual spending in the tens of billions of dollars, the federal government is constantly strengthening its cybersecurity mission, which is divided among more than 100 agencies, each responsible for its own security. Evidence of their vulnerability is the fact that many have been affected by high-profile data breaches, from the IRS and FBI to the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

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Uncle Sam is actively recruiting skilled cybersecurity professionals to combat “rogue hackers, criminal organizations and nation states,” according to aDHS’s cybersecurity recruiting video.

DHS and other federal agencies post government cybersecurity job listings on A recent review found jobs in agencies ranging from the Federal Aviation Administration to the Small Business Administration, as well as the U.S. Legislature, the Department of Defense and all branches of the U.S. military.

The need is so strong that

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