Business Strategy Manager Microsoft Salary

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks at the Microsoft Build developer conference in Seattle in May 2019. (Photo/Kevin Lisota)

Business Strategy Manager Microsoft Salary

Business Strategy Manager Microsoft Salary

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella saw his total compensation rise 3 percent to $44.32 million during the company’s 2020 fiscal year, which ended in June.

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The number, disclosed in an annual filing released Monday, includes Nadella’s salary ($2.5 million), stock awards ($30.72 million) and cash bonuses ($10.99 million). The cash bonus is based on the board’s review of the CEO’s performance.

Microsoft reported record revenue of $143 billion, up 14 percent, in fiscal 2020, with net income up 13 percent to $44.3 billion. The company’s shares are up more than 30% this year.

The proxy includes an assessment of Nadella’s performance in 2020 based on three categories: product and strategy, customers and stakeholders, and organizational culture and leadership. Out of a possible rating of 200%, Nadella scored 146.6%. Nadella was praised for growing the company’s commercial cloud business; growth of GitHub developers and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions; and for his leadership amid the COVID-19 crisis, among other awards.

“The Board believes his strong leadership of the Company’s actions in response to the unique challenges of 2020 is second to none,” the filing said, adding that “Mr. Nadella led Microsoft’s transformation in response to COVID-19, including dedicating technology and resources to ensure customers such as government agencies, schools, medical facilities and other front-line responders had virtual collaboration and other digital tools to to successfully navigate the unprecedented situation. the challenges of 2020.”

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The board also noted Nadella’s “extraordinary progress driving cultural change across the organization,” citing survey data showing that 95 percent of employees feel proud to work at Microsoft.

The annual proxy reveals how Nadella’s compensation compares to the average employee at Microsoft, which came in at $172,142, or a ratio of 257 to 1. That’s up from a ratio of 249 to 1 last year last.

Microsoft also said it increased the performance-based portion of Nadella’s equity awards from 50 percent to 70 percent for fiscal 2021 and increased the weight of the financial performance portion of Nadella’s annual cash incentive from 50 percent to 70 percent %. The moves reflect a continued shift toward a higher percentage of performance-based compensation for Microsoft’s senior leaders.

Business Strategy Manager Microsoft Salary

As part of its annually reviewed CEO succession plan, the board noted in the filing that it is “committed to actively seeking highly qualified women and individuals from minority groups to include in the pool of potential CEO candidates “.

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Shareholders will have a chance to have their say in an advisory vote on compensation for Nadella and other executives at the company’s annual meeting of shareholders at 8 a.m. on December 2, along with several other matters. Interesting subject matter, challenging work, work environment, potential for growth, benefits… these are just a few of the factors that product management professionals consider when taking or staying in a job. But for many product managers, salary is a huge component of whether or not they’ll accept an offer.

For employees, job hunters and hiring managers, it’s essential to have good information when considering salaries for any job. It is especially critical for product management. Because there are probably far fewer workers performing these functions than there are engineers or salespeople, for example.

That’s why industry benchmarks are extremely useful for all parties involved. Using this data, everyone can understand what is fair versus unreasonable. The data paints a more complete picture of the full range of compensation packages offered to product management professionals at different career stages and locations.

Collected salary information from respondents for our 2021 Annual State of Product Management Report. Now everyone from aspiring product managers to seasoned veterans to executive leaders has access to this benchmark data. This information is powerful for career decisions and offer letters.

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Note that the numbers in this article are specific to product management professionals in the United States. It is important to note that, on average, the product manager salary in the US is higher than in any other market.

Newly minted product managers in their first two years on the job earn an average of $74,000 per year. Those with two to five years of experience bring in an average of $88,000 annually.

Getting past those initial five years results in a big jump in salary. Workers with 6-10 years of product management experience earn an average of $116,000 per year. While those with 10-15 years of experience earn an average annual salary of $134,000.

Business Strategy Manager Microsoft Salary

Those with the most tenure are, unsurprisingly, the ones who bring home the highest salaries. Product professionals with more than 15 years of experience earn an average of $154,000 each year in the United States.

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The pay gap between male and female employees performing similar functions is a problem for the entire workforce. Women faced an uphill battle to receive fair compensation. This remains, unfortunately, for product management as well. Men earn an average of 7% more than women in product management.

This uneven gender split increases the higher up you go, as women hold 36% of management positions, while men hold 64%.

It was not always the case that men held a disproportionate number of product management positions. At one point, it was almost an even split.

However, more organizations have placed increased value on technical product management and product managers with degrees in computer science. As women still lag considerably behind men when it comes to studying computer science in college, male applicants have fared better and increased their market share.

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Although women actually outnumber men in the junior ranks of product management, things tend to change after the five-year mark. Men begin to hold most of the roles. Because women drop out of the discipline earlier than their male counterparts, they are less often found in leadership roles.

41% of women leave tech after ten years, while only 17% of men leave at a similar time. This leads to an increase in the number of applicants for higher paying leadership positions that skews more men.

Looking at actual product management salary data, on average, women earn 7% less than men in this field in the US. This discrepancy begins immediately. On average, most female product managers earn 7% less than their male counterparts.

Business Strategy Manager Microsoft Salary

After that, things become a bit more even. Women make only 2% less than men in years three to five and 3% less in years six to ten.

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The most visible gap is in the crucial period of 11-15 years. Here the difference is 9% during the period when women are most likely to leave product management.

Product management and technology in general are also not immune to the systemic problems that perpetuate race-based inequality. For the same types of jobs, Asian professionals continue to earn the most, followed by white workers and then Hispanics, with black workers earning the least.

Just like in real estate, where someone works (or where their company is based) can make a big difference in their wages.

Part of this compensation is based on the cost of living. But it is much more driven by competition for talent. Technology focuses are finding candidates fighting and increasing compensation.

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The city that never sleeps is also the city that pays the highest product management salaries. New York City ranks 129% above the national average. The Bay Area isn’t far behind, as product managers in San Francisco earn 80% more on average. Seattle (49% more), Boston (48% more) and Los Angeles (43% more) round out the top five highest paying markets.

What remains to be seen are the repercussions of two significant trends that began in 2020 and will continue for years to come. The first is the shift to flexible work environments and remote mindsets among many technology firms.

While the pandemic has accelerated this movement, more companies will seek talent wherever they can find it. But she might be less thrilled to hand out premium wages to workers in more expensive areas. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Stripe and VMWare are happy to support their employees moving out of Silicon Valley, but these moves will come with pay cuts.

Business Strategy Manager Microsoft Salary

The other shoe that is about to drop is the rapid exodus of firms from these expensive locations. Oracle, Tesla and Hewlett Packard are leaving the Bay Area for Texas, while Miami is also making a play for California and New York firms to head south for more than spring break. Cheaper costs and lower taxes are obvious advantages. But the impact on base salaries is still up in the air for both those moving and those staying behind in more expensive markets.

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“Household names” in the tech world pay their employees a premium. The salary of a product manager is no exception. Product management professionals at Uber, Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, and Slack have average salaries of more than $200,000 per year.

But not all well-known companies are necessarily handing out huge bags of cash. For example, the average product manager at Adobe “only” earns around $132,000 per year. Even a product manager at Dell brings home an average of $120,000 a year. While all of this trumps less noteworthy firms, it’s an important reminder that

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