Business Quality Specialist Tesla Salary

Business Quality Specialist Tesla Salary – In the last two articles (which I wrote exclusively), I looked at Tesla’s level of disruption and cost of capital. This time, I’d like to look at Tesla’s labor cost.

“Labor cost is the sum of all wages paid to employees, plus the cost of employee benefits and payroll taxes paid by an employer. Labor cost is divided into direct and indirect (expenses) costs. Direct costs include the wages of workers who produce a product, including workers on an assembly line, and indirect costs are associated with support labor, such as workers who maintain factory equipment.”

Business Quality Specialist Tesla Salary

Business Quality Specialist Tesla Salary

“When a manufacturer sets the selling price of a product, the company takes into account labor, material and overhead costs. The selling price must include the total costs incurred by the company; if any costs are excluded from the calculation of the selling price, the amount of profit is less than expected. If demand for a product declines, or if competition forces the business to cut prices, the company must reduce the cost of labor to remain profitable. A company may reduce the number of employees, reduce production, demand higher levels of productivity or reduce other factors of the cost of production.’

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“In some cases, the cost of labor can be passed directly to the consumer. For example, in the hospitality industry, tipping is encouraged to reduce labor costs for companies.’

“Suppose XYZ Furniture is planning the selling price of dining room chairs. Direct labor costs are expenses that can be allocated directly to production. XYZ, for example, pays workers to run the machinery that cuts the wood into precise pieces to assemble the chairs, and these expenses are direct costs. On the other hand, XYZ has several employees who provide security for the factory and warehouse; these labor costs are indirect, because the cost cannot be located at a specific level of production.’

Labor costs are also classified as fixed or variable costs. For example, the cost of labor to operate the machinery is a variable cost that varies with the company’s level of production. XYZ also has a contract with an outside vendor for equipment repair and maintenance, which is a fixed cost”.

“Because it can be difficult to assign indirect labor costs to the correct product or service, XYZ Furniture may understate labor costs for one product and add labor costs to another. This situation is called under-costing and over-costing, and can lead to incorrect product pricing.”

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“Suppose, for example, that XYZ manufactures dining room chairs and wooden bed frames, and both products incur machinery operating labor costs totaling $20,000 per month. If XYZ overallocates $20,000 of labor costs to the wooden bed frames, it underallocates to the dining room chairs. The labor costs of both products are incorrect, and the selling price cannot be accurately calculated.’

Where can I find labor cost information for Tesla? This unfortunately became a major research commitment as Tesla does not provide too much information on the matter. One of the few things I found was an item in Tesla’s annual report called “Payroll and Related Costs.”

“Payroll expense is the amount of wages and rent paid to employees for services rendered to a business. This period can also be assumed to include the cost of related payroll taxes, such as employer matching payments for Medicare and social security. [my emphasis]

Business Quality Specialist Tesla Salary

“In a cash-basis company, payroll expense is money paid for wages and rent during an accounting period. In an accrual-basis company, payroll expense is the amount of wages and rent earned by employees during the period, whether or not those amounts were paid in that period.”

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“Payroll expense can be the largest expense a business incurs, especially when in the service industry, where income is directly tied to hours worked. In contrast, in a fixed-asset-intensive business, such as an oil refinery, payroll expense is a large proportion of total expenses. it can be much smaller [emphasis mine]

‌I went ahead and took the following literally: “The term can also be assumed to include the cost of related payroll taxes, such as employer matching payments for Medicare and social security.” Why did I take it literally?

I looked up Tesla’s 10-K for payroll tax information. However, I couldn’t find much information except for two references. I found the first in an unusual section called “Additional Disclosures” in the statement of cash flows. There, I found a line item called Cash Paid for Taxes during the period, excluding refunds in the amount of $65,695,000, which may or may not be an indirect reference to payroll taxes.

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Second, as noted above, reference is made to Note 10 (under Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements) and Form 10-K for liabilities incurred and others shown below. Tesla had payroll and related costs liabilities of about $378 million in the annual report. However, the numbers together didn’t make sense to me.

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If the folks at Accounting Tools were right, maybe that was Tesla’s shady way of revealing Medicare and Social Security taxes. Why? Tesla had 37,543 employees on December 31, 2017, but the amount of $378 million is too small to be the annual salary of 37,543 employees. However, the number was felt around taxes.

Medicare and Social Security taxes are usually split equally between the employer and the employee. Also, these two taxes are a fixed percentage that doesn’t change too much unless a person’s income level is above a threshold, and in a large company like Tesla, which adds up all the individual taxes owed, that level of information becomes irrelevant, unless they are all. employees are enabled.‌

In addition, in many large companies, the company withholds the employee’s portion of Medicare and Social Security taxes and adds the company’s portion of taxes to the withheld employee’s taxes, then pays both tax portions to the Internal Revenue Service.

Business Quality Specialist Tesla Salary

The chart above shows two quick attempts to determine whether Tesla included corporate taxes, retained employee taxes, corporate and employee taxes, or none on FICA and MEDFICA payroll taxes. Stated more formally, my choices were:

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From this initial research, I decided to assume that “Payroll and Related Costs” were the same annual taxes as FICA and MEDFICA, and it was possible, but not necessarily true, of the four options that these were consolidated and affiliated corporations. payroll Why? Average salaries (cash compensation) made sense for the smaller number at $65,856). The second option ($131,713) seemed too high for the average salary paid by a manufacturing company, even one growing as fast as Tesla.

Now I had to prove myself right or wrong. To start, I looked for public information about Tesla’s acquisitions of various companies. I then tried to adjust these based on published reports, such as in the case of SolarCity. SolarCity cut 3,030 employees the same year Tesla offered to buy SolarCity from 15,273 to 12,243.

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Then I looked at the number of job offers at the various locations where Tesla’s offices are known. After that, I looked for other information and news about Tesla employees. So who are the guys working at Tesla?

According to a survey of more than 33,500 tech industry workers from 2013 to 2015, the majority of Tesla employees were young (30-year-old) males (80%) and earned a median early entry salary of $81,400. mid-career pay was about $118,500, based on total cash compensation, which “combines base annual salary or hourly pay, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions and other monetary earnings, as applicable.” It does not include equity (stock) compensation, the cash value of retirement benefits, or the value of other non-cash benefits (such as health care).”

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The translation of the last part is: Total cash compensation is the sum of cash wages (for salaried or hourly employees) and bonuses. Benefits are not included in this calculation.

Tesla appears to offer stock options and stock purchase plans (see below). In addition, it appears to offer health care and retirement benefits (see below).

Total cash compensation is defined as the cash payment earned by an employee during a year of full-time employment. Total compensation includes base or hourly wages, overtime, bonuses, commissions, tips and profit sharing.

Business Quality Specialist Tesla Salary

Employers’ compensation in the United States refers to the monetary compensation and benefits that an employee receives in exchange for the service he or she performs for his or her employer. Approximately 93% of the population of the United States are wage or salary earners.

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“Tesla Motors pays its employees an average of $92,991 per year. Tesla Motors Salaries

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