Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Salary India

Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Salary India – Do you want to be an AI engineer? Check out this detailed AI Engineer salary chart to understand how much you can make as an AI engineer based on a variety of factors—experience level, company, and location.

The artificial intelligence (AI) market will be worth USD 190 billion by 2025. As of June 2022, there are 18,380 open positions for AI engineers in the United States, while India has 2,740 open positions. AI Engineer position. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the use of AI machines will add 133 million jobs by the end of 2022. These numbers are indicative of the growth of AI engineering jobs.

Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Salary India

Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Salary India

Before we get to the AI ​​Engineer salary information, we’ll explore the roles, responsibilities, and skills you need to have.

Business Intelligence Career In 2022

An AI engineer works with Machine Learning and artificial intelligence techniques, such as Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, etc., to develop systems with AI. Data Science is an example of the job role assigned to an AI Engineer.

An AI Engineer job comes with many responsibilities, including data preparation, AI programming, algorithm design, data analysis, and more. Once data processing is complete, building Machine Learning is one of the most important parts of the job role. Machine Learning is one of the most important skills in AI. As an AI Engineer, you will perform the following duties and responsibilities:

In the next two parts, we’ll look at the technical and technical skills needed to become a successful intelligent engineer.

As an AI engineer, you can work on AI technology and neural network is one such field that plays a major role in the field of AI. You should be familiar with neural networks and deep learning methods to solve speech, description, image classification problems, etc.

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As a professional, you will have domain knowledge of the organization you will be working with in the future. For example, banking organizations are incorporating AI into their infrastructure. It also works well in the field of education or medicine. Domain knowledge of these fields will be useful for effective AI and AI-based applications for work and life systems.

In terms of non-technical skill-sets, communication is an essential skill in the profession, and the role of an AI engineer is no exception. You will work with a diverse team and stakeholders, and communication will be essential to your success. Likewise, analytical, team building, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are important.

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AI engineer salaries vary based on experience and location, and also, compensation can vary from one organization to another for the same role. We will look at the salaries offered by some of the market giants and continue to provide detailed information by country and level of experience.

Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Salary India

ArtificiaI Intelligence Engineer starting salary is undoubtedly higher than the salary of other high level roles in IT, such as Software Engineer, Software Developer, etc. You can search for AI Engineer Salary on Glassdoor or AI Engineer Salary on Paysa to easily see the difference. . In terms of AI, the salary of an AI engineer is not the same as the salary of an AI research engineer or the salary of an AI machine learning engineer.

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AI Engineer starting salary and AI Engineer senior salary have a big difference. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an AI Engineer in the United States is $119,297, and that number can range from $78,000,000 to $150,000,000 or more. In every professional role, salaries tend to increase with experience, and this is because the skill set expands with real-world experience in the field. The salary of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer with 10+ years of experience is higher than someone with five years of experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology with huge potential. Combining AI with other technologies can also make a big difference. For example, according to the NY Times, AI professionals with only a few years of experience and well-developed skills can earn a base salary of between $300,000 and $500,000 per year. The demand for AI professionals is growing every day, and there are many opportunities for entry-level, mid-level, and professional positions.

Professionals looking to start their careers often have a lot of questions about the salary of a high-level AI engineer as one of the majors. We have applied the intelligent skills of salary engineers based on years of experience to answer such questions.

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This group includes professionals who want to start their career in AI. It is divided into two groups. The first group consists of newcomers with no professional experience. It includes university students who have completed their studies and are willing to join organizations as intelligent engineers. The second part consists of professionals with a few years of experience, especially in IT. They may be looking up and switching from regular roles to Engineer AI roles. In both cases, professional experience working as an AI engineer is limited or non-existent. However, they may have completed an AI internship or artificial intelligence course with a background and knowledge of AI and related technologies.

This is a group of experts who have worked in AI and similar fields. They may have three to eight years of experience as an AI engineer, machine learning engineer, or any other technical role. Since these professionals have real-world experience in AI and amazing skills, they earn higher salaries than other professionals. These professionals may have skills in data analysis, data visualization, data migration, data modeling, and more. They may also have knowledge and experience in deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, and other requirements for mid-level AI researchers. Mid-level AI professionals can therefore claim a salary increase of up to 80% depending on their skills and experience. Increases in other roles are usually between 20-30%.

This is a team of experts with more than a decade of experience in the field of AI. Since AI is still a very sophisticated technology, finding professionals in this field is not easy. Most of the professionals are still new to the technology. However, early adopters can help organizations expand their AI infrastructure and transform the organization into larger and more innovative businesses. The demand for high-level engineers is evident in areas such as banking and finance, automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, and more.

Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Salary India

The salary of a senior AI engineer is between $150,000 to $200,000. This number can increase with additional benefits and other skills in machine learning, business intelligence, etc.

Amazon Machine Learning Engineer Salary

The table above contains a list of the top companies that offer the most services in the field of AI. Included salaries are average salaries and entry-level mid-levels of experience in AI. We use sources, such as Glassdoor, family websites, Indeed, etc., to provide you with accurate statistics as shown in the images below.

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Leaders in the cloud market offer exciting opportunities for AI. Amazon, for example, is a leader in cloud computing. The company provides AI services and products based on business and products, leading to many job opportunities for AI engineers and other professions. Amazon Echo, for example, has brought AI to personal assistance for users in the form of Alexa. Lex, Polly, and Rekognition are other important AI-based applications. Google is also a leader in AI and data analytics and has acquired several AI projects over the past few years. Google Cloud also sells many AI and Machine Learning services to businesses. The Tensor AI Chip project is an exciting AI project run by Google.

IBM has decades of experience in technology and is active in the field of AI. IBM Watson is an AI-based cognitive service by the company. It provides AI software-as-a-service to end-users to provide cloud-based analytics and AI services. IBM’s powerful cloud is able to provide exceptional AI services to its customers.

Microsoft is another big name in the technology market, offering a combination of AI solutions and business-oriented applications. Cortana is a digital assistant by Microsoft and now available on Smartphones, and Chatbot Zo is an interesting application based on AI. Microsoft Azure is a widely used service that offers great opportunities for AI researchers to explore.

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Nvidia is also very active in AI and Machine Learning. The company’s technology model is based on GPU development using cloud-based AI technology. One of the company’s target areas is autonomous vehicles.

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