Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc – Business professionals are one of the best jobs in America for recent college graduates. Additionally, there are significant numbers of people out of college working as business professionals in every state in the union—it’s not like they’re all concentrated in California or the South.

Since business professionals are such a high-profile job, we wanted to look at where business professionals are best off: where there are plenty of jobs and people are paid what they deserve at every stage of their careers.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc

To that end, we dug into the numbers from the BLS to find out which states have the best opportunities for business professionals. After all the numbers were crunched, we were left with this list of the best for American business professionals:

How To Become A Data Analyst: Education & Skills Guide

So there you have it – Virginia is the best of the best when it comes to being a business person.

How did it end up here and does it really deserve this position? Read on to see how we completed our research on the best states for business professionals and for more on the top ten states.

Here at , we talk to lots of people from different backgrounds looking for work. Our research has concluded that there are two common things people want in a job:

So to find out the best states for business professionals in America, we had to find out where the jobs are and how well business professionals are paid. This led to the following criteria taken from the Labor Statistics Office for 2015:

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To make all salary figures more apples-to-apples by state, we compared the salary data based on the state’s cost of living.

Applying this normalization allows us to account for the fact that it costs more to live in certain states. For example, the average salary for business professionals in California is $96,550 and the average salary in Oregon is $83,780, but the Illinois salary actually goes further in paying for the necessities of life.

To develop and overall ranking, we ranked each state for each criterion from 1 to 50 with 1 being the best.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc

We then averaged all of the state rankings into a job score, with the state with the lowest overall job score being recognized as the best state for business professionals in America.

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What Do Data Scientists Make? [data Scientist Salary Guide]

Total Jobs: 45,960 Average Annual Salary: $102,810 Average Entry Level Salary: $55,110 Average Seasonal Salary: $159,020 Ranking: 2.8 2. Georgia

Total Jobs: 24,750 Average Annual Salary: $92,790 Average Entry Level Salary: $43,770 Average Experience Salary: $152,190 Ranking: 1.35 3. Washington

Total Jobs: 16,040 Average Annual Salary: $102,000 Average Entry Level Salary: $53,380 Average Experience Salary: $161,250 Ranking: 1.21 4. Texas

Total Jobs: 36,090 Average Annual Salary: $96,030 Average Entry-Level Salary: $48,420 Average Experienced Salary: $155,260 Location: 0.7 5. Illinois

Business Intelligence Analyst Salaries In Malta (2022 Overview)

Total Jobs: 28,510 Average Annual Salary: $91,380 Average Entry-Level Salary: $44,450 Average Experienced Salary: $150,880 Ranking: 1.09 6. Michigan

Total Jobs: 13,970 Average Annual Salary: $86,780 Average Entry Level Salary: $47,510 Average Experienced Salary: $136,780 Location: 0.76 7. North Carolina

Total Jobs: 14,430 Average Annual Salary: $88,880 Average Entry-Level Salary: $43,420 Average Experienced Salary: $146,860 Ranking: 0.79 8. Alabama

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc

Total Jobs: 4,380 Average Annual Salary: $91,020 Average Entry Level Salary: $44,590 Average Seasonal Salary: $146,270 Position: 0.52 9. Colorado

Data/ai Salary Survey

Total Jobs: 8,430 Average Annual Salary: $92,070 Average Entry-Level Salary: $48,420 Average Experienced Salary: $156,280 Location: 0.77 10. Kansas

Total Jobs: 3,580 Average Annual Salary: $83,680 Average Entry-Level Salary: $44,120 Average Experienced Salary: $137,420 Placement Rate: 0.59 There you have It If you’re looking to start your career as a business analyst, these are the states to be at the top of your list. You will find high salaries, job vacancies and career opportunities. If you’re curious, here are the worst states to be a business analyst in America:

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Data Analyst Salary: Skills And Tips For Maximizing It

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Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc

How to Become a Data Scientist: Education and Skills Requirements What Salary Can I Expect With a Masters in Data Analytics? Masters in Business Analytics Salary: What You Can Expect Is a Masters in Data Analytics Worth It? Should I Get a Masters in Business Analytics: 7 Things to Consider

How To Become A Business Intelligence Analyst

In our technology-driven world, businesses rely on data – both big and small – to make informed decisions and stay competitive in their markets.

While the collection and organization of this data is important, it is how it is analyzed that benefits the bottom line of the business. Leveraging, manipulating, and applying data models to inform business decisions is the critical work of business analytics professionals. From marketing to finance, business analysts analyze trends, risks and opportunities to calculate profitability and help the company achieve its goals.

Due to the key role of business professionals, this career offers a lot of job opportunities and high earning potential. But how do you acquire the skills to make accurate and strategic decisions? A Master’s in Business Analytics provides the practical knowledge to guide companies in making data-driven decisions, while also increasing your salary expectations.

According to Payscale, the average salary for someone with a master’s degree in business analytics is $72,000. Whether you’re working in a data-driven role or you’re looking for a career, a master’s in business analytics could benefit you. Let’s take a look at what makes someone successful in this career, the typical jobs they hold, and the average salary they earn.

Great Statistics Resume Examples For 2022

Choosing a master’s degree is a big decision. While a high salary can be a strong motivator, it shouldn’t be the only reason you choose a career. Make sure you choose a master’s program that you are truly passionate about and will lead to a long-term, rewarding career. Wondering if business analytics is the right path for you? Ask yourself these questions:

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If the majority of your answers are “yes,” you may be well-suited for a career in business analytics.

Get a FREE roadmap that includes insider information to help you maximize the many opportunities in the rapidly growing field of Big Data. 7 Highest Paying Jobs for Applicants with a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Nyc

The Masters in Business Analytics is an extremely flexible degree. You can work in any number of industries, using your knowledge of data to solve organizational challenges, identify opportunities and achieve business goals.

Mba In Business Analytics Salary And Career Outlook

We’ve compiled a list of the top jobs you can pursue with your master’s degree. These roles are essential in a wide variety of organizations – from Fortune 500s to startups. See which jobs are ideal according to your career interests.

Want to discover ways to increase profits and margins for your business? Senior business professionals can take large amounts of organizational data and understand how to apply it to meet business goals. They are responsible for using data to identify strengths and weaknesses and propose improvements that will improve a company’s profitability and competitiveness in their market. Job Responsibilities:

Want to use data to guide business strategy? Business Insights and Analytics Managers are responsible for leading a team of analysts and ensuring the accuracy of their results. They identify market trends and predict how their business should develop based on their findings. Job Responsibilities:

Do you thrive on turning data into actionable insights? The manager of financial planning and analysis is responsible for using data to forecast the company’s performance. They identify abnormal information, trends and variables to provide insight into improvements that will benefit the company financially. Job Responsibilities:

Masters In Business Analytics Salary: Salaries By Jobs

Do you enjoy delving into detailed financial information? Senior financial professionals must be experts in

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