Business Development Salary Los Angeles

Business Development Salary Los Angeles – A country you’ve never heard of is sitting on a huge offshore field that can replace Russian gas

The Los Angeles area consists of Hollywood film studios, Beverly Hills, Muscle Beach, and a previous boom economy second only to New York and Tokyo.

Business Development Salary Los Angeles

Business Development Salary Los Angeles

The city is also home to powerful politicians such as US Representative Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, Beach’s chief deputy; and Mayor Eric Garcetti, national co-chairman of Biden for President.

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However, LA itself is in trouble. Whenever we open the books, the city consistently ranks among the worst tax and expense offenders.

Last year, there were 20,000 highly paid city employees whose average salary topped $147,000 and cost taxpayers $3 billion. All earned more than $100,000 and nearly $2,000 more than California Governor Gavin Newsom ($202,000).

Our auditors at found that painters earn $113,943; “tree surgeons” prune $207,058; arresting officers at $325,942; legislative analysts earning $399,631; firefighters pour in $486,674; and “harbor boat pilots” who swim for $515,000.

Mayor’s Office – Mayor Garcetti cost taxpayers $269,375 in salary – $67,000 more than Governor Newsom. Seven “deputy mayors” earned $1.44 million with individual salaries exceeding $200,000. Chief of Staff Anne Guerrero earned $232,205 – the compensation earned by the mayor of Chicago ($216,000).

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Garcetti has an executive staff larger than 48 of the 50 state governors. The mayor employed 261 people last year for $20+ million in salary costs.

While full-time staff enjoy handsome salaries, Garcetti also relies on unpaid work. Although internship positions are available in dozens of departments dealing with issues such as homelessness, sustainability, and immigration, these internships are unpaid.

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Business Development Salary Los Angeles

Police Department (LAPD) – Chief Michael Moore drew $590,764 last year – cutting his $350,764 salary and $240,000 pension in half. In 2018, Moore “officially” retired, but was reinstated 30 days later. The golden handshake helped Moore get a one-time payment of $1.27 million and another $170,000 check for unused sick and vacation days. Garcetti blessed the scheme.

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Last year, the LAPD had 14,119 employees on the payroll with total compensation of $1.6 billion. 9,280 employees earned $100,000+ and 451 officers earned more than $200,000. The top five officers, sergeants and detectives, earned between $300,000 and $325,000 thanks to generous overtime benefits ranging from $129 to $129, 807.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (L) listens as Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Michael … [+] Moore addresses the media at LAPD headquarters on April 2, 2019 in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP) (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

Fire Department (LAFD) — The LAFD employed 3,934 last year, and 3,409 earned at least $100,000. Almost 30 percent of the payroll (1,128) made over $200,000.

Generous overtime pay boosted pay: 540 employees earned at least $100,000 for overtime alone. The extreme wildfires in the Los Angeles area in 2019, which continue into 2020, certainly contributed to the costs.

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The first ten firefighters cost the city $4.3 million — an average of $428,307 each. Firefighter Don Thompson took home $486,674 in pay and $359,416 in overtime. Fire Captain Charles Boswell earned $481,020 in compensation with $329,991 in overtime.

Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas took home $332,952—and 67 LAFD colleagues still earned it. The department’s total payroll costs were $654.6 million.

Department of Housing and Community Investments—The agency helps people in poverty by administering federal Section 8 grants, rent stabilization policies, housing code and homeless services with a payroll of 737 employees costing $55 million.

Business Development Salary Los Angeles

In 2020, Principal Rushmore Cervantes brought home $254,937 and so the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, earned a cabinet-level seat ($199,700). Furthermore, four assistant general managers earned more than $200,000.

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Despite high wages and good intentions, the number of homeless people living in LA has continued to escalate. Figures from its own census show 40,000 homeless people (2020), which is 14.2 percent more than last year.

A $1.2 billion bond issue approved by voters in 2016 promised 10,000 new apartments for the homeless. However, the actual number of units is now projected to be around 7,600 as construction overruns and consultant fees have pushed the price of some housing units to over $700,000 apiece.

So the problems seem to be getting worse. The city’s 311 encampment complaints reached nearly 100,000 calls in the 20 months between January 2019 and August 2020.

Port of Los Angeles – Last year, Port Chief Pilots John Dwyer ($515,991) and David Flynn ($503,360) topped eleven senior pilots whose salary averaged $417,000. Harbor pilots help incoming ships navigate the harbor and are the highest paid public servants in the city.

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The Port of LA also has its own police force. The highest-paid police lieutenant, Nathanael Blair, earned $307,530, including $104,082 in overtime. Seven other lieutenants earned between $212,759 and $277, $314 last year.

The Port Authority has a public beach staffed by county lifeguards. Last year, LA County’s 44 lifeguards cost taxpayers $200,000 to $365,000 each — with free sunscreen and other benefits.

The agency responded to our request for comment saying that port pilot salaries are competitive with other ports; it is more expensive to hire additional police officers compared to overtime costs; and the port does not pay for or have authority over lifeguard personnel.

Business Development Salary Los Angeles

City Council — There are fifteen city council districts in Los Angeles. Each has an elected member charged with collecting taxes, approving public improvements, and passing ordinances, among other duties.

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Council members earn $207,000 a year — more than any member of the U.S. Congress except Speaker Nancy Pelosi ($223,500). Each office employs 22 to 36 assistants. Last year, 58 city council aides took home more than $100,000. District 10’s Andrew Vestal was the top-paid aide ($193,886) and topped every state governor except Newsom.

Sharon Tso is the chief legislative analyst at the city council. Appointed in 2014, Tso was paid $283,000. Last year, Tso’s salary rose to $399,631, making her 20th.

Public Works – In 2019, Wastewater Superintendent James Pearl was paid $2.4 million from his judgment against the city. Pearl, straight man, alleged sexual harassment by other men at work in Public Works – Sanitation. The judge awarded Pearl $12 million. The city appealed the ruling; however, the award was confirmed.

In the street services department, we found 37 “tree surgeons” and supervisors who earned between $100,000 and $207,058 last year. Known as tree trimmers in most communities, these surgeons and their supervisors cut a lot of overtime: the first eleven earned

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Los Angeles’ long-term financial situation looks bleak and the city is asking Congress for a $3.9 billion “coronavirus” bailout. For example, LA has guaranteed $64.3 billion in pension benefits to public employees.

Unfortunately, $10.7 billion of pension benefits are unfunded: pensions ($7.9 billion) and retiree health care ($2.8 billion). Therefore, each city taxpayer owes $4,000 just to cover unfunded liabilities, according to data provided by the fiscal responsibility organization Truth In Accounting (2019).

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Los Angeles is a progressive utopia, so the well-intentioned fiscal hawks will have to cry a lot louder – or they won’t even have a voice at the table. Salaries vary depending on where you live for housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, health care, and more. For example, an impressive $133,000 software engineering salary in San Francisco yields only about $81,000 in purchasing power (the so-called COL-adjusted salary). That’s a whopping $52,000 difference.

Business Development Salary Los Angeles

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, the COL-adjusted median software engineer salary is actually higher than their median salary due to Atlanta’s lower-than-average cost of living.

Public Paychecks: Here Are The 25 Highest Paid Winston Salem/forsyth County School System Employees

So while it’s certainly important to consider median salary when evaluating compensation, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Job seekers need to know what those salaries are worth in any location.

In response to a recent discussion on this topic, we decided to take a look at median salaries and COL-adjusted median salaries for some of the most popular job titles in the US. We’ll then compare across 15 major markets to see which MSAs offer the most buying power for each business.

To make an accurate estimate, we pulled from our compensation database, which includes comprehensive salary data from government sources and social profiles. When evaluating compensation data, it is important to consider two things:

Data drawn from only one source (eg, self-reported surveys) and without COL adjustment will be inherently incomplete. Context is critical, and we believe job seekers benefit most from complete data built from a variety of sources.

Why Los Angeles Is In Trouble

And here are the 15 MSAs we’ll evaluate, ranked from cheapest to most expensive based on C2ER’s Cost of Living Index. For reference, a score of 100 equals the national average.

It’s no secret that software engineers make good money. Especially when they are employed by some of the biggest names in the tech world, e.g.

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