Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary

Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary – According to recent research, the average salary for an inside sales rep at a SaaS company is $60K (Base Salary) and $118K in total earnings by target.

Recruiting and onboarding new reps is one of the biggest challenges facing sales leaders at SaaS companies. One of the most popular questions I hear asked is how much should you compensate each member of your inside sales team? If you’re in the process of growing an inside sales team, you may be wondering what the average salary is for an inside sales representative. The Bridge Group just released the latest version of their Inside Sales Metrics Periodic Table, which reveals average salary and sales compensation data for inside sales reps across multiple roles. It also details their average quota and ramp time. While total rep compensation will vary based on industry and experience, we think Bridge Group data can help you create a reasonable benchmark for rolling out a fair compensation plan that inspires reps to sell at peak performance.

Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary

Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary

Some of the biggest differences from last year include a decrease in SDR duration. As competition to recruit representatives has increased, the turnover for these roles has become higher. Another key difference is that earnings on target (OTE) for account executives have increased. I think this is only fair, given that average quotas have increased (they’ve even crossed the seven-figure range!)

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Here are some more inside sales compensation facts from The Bridge Group’s research that aren’t specific to SaaS. We’ve broken down compensation metrics by individual sales role:

Click this image to view a full size version of this table and more amazing research from The Bridge Group!

A sales development representative (SDR) is sometimes called a pre-sales representative. Their goal is to prospect business and qualify leads before handing the opportunity over to a quota-carrying account executive.

For more up-to-date research on sales development reps, including compensation, quotas, activity metrics and more, I highly recommend checking out The Bridge Group’s 2016 Sales Development Metrics and Compensation Report.

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An account executive (AE) is your quota-carrying salesperson assigned to sell to sales-qualified leads. Here are some metrics that reveal the average compensation for inside sales account executives.

Naturally, managers and directors in charge of account executives tend to earn higher salaries than those who manage a team of sales development representatives. Here are some average salaries for sales management positions.

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The Bridge Group’s research also revealed some of the key challenges facing sales teams today. It’s no surprise that the number one challenge facing sales teams is improving productivity and performance. According to the table, only two-thirds of the representatives reached the quota (other reports estimate that even fewer representatives reached their number). In this increasingly competitive landscape, sales development reps need tools that can help them dial in and connect with more key decision makers. Account executives need tools that can help them have smarter sales conversations. Managers need tools that can empower them to make smarter predictions and coach representatives to succeed. is a complete sales acceleration platform that can help sales reps in every role do a better job of driving.

Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary

For more information on how to launch an inside sales compensation plan that motivates reps to drive more , check out our eBook.

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Jesse Davis West is the Director of Lifecycle Marketing at , focused on improving experiences and maximizing lifetime value for customers throughout their journey. Based on 11 years of B2B marketing experience, Jesse is passionate about communications, branding and strategic marketing. He also plays lead guitar and can belt out karaoke. Is it still possible to make over a million dollars a year in sales, or even half a million? We analyzed over 10,000 compensation data points to answer that question.

To determine which sales jobs can earn you the most commissions, we analyze the jobs with the highest prior year gross earnings. The higher the gross income, the higher the commission.

Sales representatives earn a commission for closing deals for their company. Commission rates vary by industry, account size and company. In SaaS sales, Enterprise Account Executives typically earn a 10% commission on each deal. If you are in sales at a company that offers several million dollars is common, like Salesforce, and you consider this commission rate, it is certainly possible to close half a million a year.

If the rep closes multiple leads and hits 500% quota, the total commission earned is $150,000 * 5x Quota = $750,000. Add a base salary of $150,000 ($150,000+$750,000) and you’re at $900 , 000, just short of about a million dollars in gross revenue that year. And this does not include commission accelerators, which increase your commission payout rate.

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Although it is very rare to reach 500% or 250% quota, it definitely happens. You just need to find a sales job that consistently puts you in a position to earn that potential million dollar commission.

Note: Base Salary, Signing Bonus and Stock Bonus are fixed amounts for sales reps and do not change based on performance. Only the sales representative’s commission salary is variable and will reflect performance.

When you are looking for a high commission sales job, if they meet all of the above criteria, chances are you can make $500,000 or more a year if you do 200%+ of your quota.

Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary

Snowflake Enterprise Account Executive tops our list of highest commission sales jobs 2022 with gross earning potential of $1,300,000.

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As an Enterprise Account Executive at Snowflake, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, you will be required to generate new business in a set of large enterprise accounts. You will interact with C-Suite executives at your target company and pitch Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse (DWaaS) to companies looking to modernize their IT data infrastructure and accelerate their digital transformation.

Because you’ll be working with large enterprises focused on making IT a revenue-generating center rather than a cost center, and Snowflake is uniquely positioned to do just that, you’ll have the potential to close deals that bring home multi-million dollar commission checks.

$1,119,000 is the Gross Earning Potential for a Workday Account Executive, making the HCM giant second on our list.

Workday Account Executives covering Key Account Segments are required to close deals with Workday’s most strategic customers. You will be responsible for growing the HCM and financial management footprint within a company that is already a heavy user of Workday software.

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Because you will be selling to some of the largest enterprises in the world, many of the deals you propose involving Workday will likely be in the seven-figure ballpark, representing opportunities for commissions in the hundreds of thousands per deal.

Pleasanton, CA-based Workday hires Account Executives in several US cities and states and often allows account executives to work remotely.

Enterprise Account Executives at Sumo Logic can reach seven-figure W2s, with total compensation reaching as high as $1,000,000. This figure puts them in third place on our list.

Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary

Sumo Logic’s Enterprise Account Executive is tasked with selling to the Analytics giant’s major enterprise customers. You will build relationships with C-suite executives and help them understand the value of Sumo Logic’s enterprise machine learning analytics and log management solution, with the end goal of the relationship being a big time seven figure deal.

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Although Sumo Logic is headquartered in Redwood City, California, you’ll have the flexibility to find enterprise account executive roles on any coast.

As an AE9 Account Executive at Salesforce, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, you will be required to generate new business in select large strategic enterprise accounts. You will interact with C-Suite executives at your target company and deploy a Salesforce cloud software solution, be it their well-known CRM or one of their specialized products such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. AE9 will often make big quarterback deals involving multiple different product lines.

Because you’ll be working with large enterprises with IT budgets in the hundreds of millions, you’ll have the potential to close deals that bring home multi-million dollar commission checks.

DocuSign Enterprise Account Directors have gross earning potential of up to $967,000, making them fifth on our list of highest commission sales jobs.

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The DocuSign Enterprise Account Director focuses on selling e-signature platforms to large companies, many of which are in the Fortune 500. The Enterprise Account Director is a full-cycle seller, although you will have sales development, engineers and other support to help you find and close deals.

With the rapidly evolving B2B business landscape, more traditional Fortune 500 enterprises have adopted DocuSign, and many will continue to do so, meaning high commission potential for years to come.

DocuSign, like many other large technology companies, is based in San Francisco, California, and has account director positions throughout the US.

Business Development Representative Salesforce Salary

Paycom Executive Sales Reps will see gross income in excess of $850,000, thanks to large commission checks from closing large enterprise payroll software deals. This puts them in

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