Business Development Manager Salary Google

Business Development Manager Salary Google – Interesting subject matter, challenging work, work environment, growth potential, benefits…these are just a few of the factors product management professionals consider when entering or staying on the job. But for many product his managers, salary is a big factor in whether or not to accept an offer.

For employees, job seekers, and recruiters, having the right information is essential when considering salary for any job. This is especially important for product management. For example, there are likely far fewer workers performing these functions than engineers or salespeople.

Business Development Manager Salary Google

Business Development Manager Salary Google

As such, industry benchmarks are very useful for all parties involved. With this data, everyone can understand what is fair and what is unreasonable. The data more fully illustrates the full range of compensation packages offered to product management professionals at various career stages and locations.

Project Manager Salary Statistics 2019

Collected salary-related information from respondents to the 2021 Product Management Annual Report. Today, everyone from aspiring product managers to seasoned veterans to executive leaders can access this benchmarking data. This information is powerful for career decisions and job offers.

Note that the numbers in this article are specific to US product management professionals. It’s important to note that the average salary for product managers in the US is higher than in any other market.

On average, a rookie product manager makes $74,000 in her first two years. Those with 2 to 5 years of her experience bring in an average of $88,000 per year.

After her first five years, her salary increases significantly. Her employees with six to ten years of product management experience earn an average of $116,000 annually. Those with 10-15 years of experience receive an average annual income of $134,000.

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The people with the most years of service are, unsurprisingly, also the ones who take home the biggest paychecks. Product professionals with 15+ years of experience earn an average of $154,000 annually in the US.

The pay gap between men and women performing similar jobs is a problem for all employees. Women face an uphill battle to get fair compensation. Unfortunately, this also applies to product management. On average, a man earns 7% more than a woman in product management.

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This gender gap widens at the top, with women occupying 36% of her senior positions and men occupying 64% of her.

Business Development Manager Salary Google

It wasn’t always the case that men held a disproportionate number of product management positions. At one point it was a fairly even split.

How Much Google, Facebook, Other Tech Giants Pay Software Engineers

However, more and more organizations are emphasizing technical product management and product managers with degrees in computer science. With women still lagging far behind men when it comes to studying computer science at university, male candidates are outperforming and gaining market share.

In fact, women outnumber men in the lower ranks of product management, but things tend to change after year five. Men begin to take on the majority of the roles. Women are less likely to enter senior positions because they abandon the field sooner than men.

Her 41% of women leave technology after her decade, while only 17% of men leave at a similar time. This tends to disproportionately favor men as candidates for high-paying senior positions.

Looking at actual product management salary data, we find that on average a woman earns 7% less than a man in this sector in the United States. This discrepancy begins immediately. On average, most female product managers make 7% less of her than their male colleagues.

The Evolution Of Developer Salaries: Looking Back 20 Years

After that, things are somewhat even. Females are 2% less likely than males from age 3 to age 5, and only 3% less from age 6 to 10.

The most noticeable gap is in her 11-15 years period of significance. This is where the gap in when a woman is most likely to abandon product control is her 9%.

Product management and technology in general are also not excluded from the systemic problems that perpetuate race-based inequality. In the same types of jobs, Asian professionals continue to earn the most, followed by white workers, Hispanic workers, and black workers the least.

Business Development Manager Salary Google

Much like real estate, where you work (or where your company is headquartered) can make a big difference in salary.

Google Career Certificates: A Complete List

Part of this compensation is based on living expenses. But it’s much more driven by competition for talent. A tech hotbed finds itself competing for candidates and pushing up salaries.

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The city that never sleeps is also the city with the highest salaries for product management. New York City is 129% above the national average. The Bay Area isn’t far behind, as the average San Francisco-based product manager earns him 80% more. Seattle (up 49%), Boston (up 48%) and Los Angeles (up 43%) round out the top five most expensive markets.

We’re yet to see the impact of her two key trends that started in 2020 and will continue. First, many technology companies are moving to flexible work environments and a remote-first mindset.

While the pandemic has accelerated this movement, more companies will seek out talent wherever they can find it. But they may not be too thrilled about distributing higher salaries to workers in more expensive regions. We are happy to support them, but these moves come with pay cuts.

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Another is the rapid exodus of businesses from these expensive locations. Oracle, Tesla, and Hewlett Packard have left the Bay Area for Texas, while Miami has California and New York companies heading south for spring break and beyond. Low cost and low taxes are obvious attractions. But the impact on general salaries is still up in the air, not just for those staying in the more expensive markets, but for those moving.

Big names in the tech industry are paying premium wages to their employees. Product manager salaries are no exception. Product management professionals at Uber, Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, and Slack earn over $200,000 a year on average.

However, not all big name companies necessarily offer large amounts of cash. For example, the average Adobe product his manager makes only about $132,000 a year. Even Dell product managers make an average of $120,000 a year. All of these outperform less notable companies, but remember that product management rewards are company-specific.

Business Development Manager Salary Google

It’s also important to remember that location is part of the reason big-name tech giants pay so much. They are positioned in a more expensive market due to ongoing competition from other top companies for top talent.It hurts that they usually have cash and are still in growth mode. will not be

The Highest Paid Workers In Silicon Valley Are Not Software Engineers. The Most Lucrative Salaries Got To Product Managers Like Those At Google (goog) And Facebook (fb), Although Data Scientists And Designers

But also remember that bigger isn’t always better. In very large companies, individual product managers may not necessarily have a significant impact on bottom line. Therefore, they may not be valued as much as smaller companies where they can have a greater strategic impact.So like all things, it depends on individual circumstances.

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A bachelor’s degree is table stakes for anyone pursuing a career in product management. However, he is only 43% of product management professionals with a graduate degree. When evaluating senior management, these numbers are a little higher, with 48% having two or more of her diplomas.

That’s not to say that people with graduate degrees aren’t pursuing product management roles, though. In fact, 7% of his Harvard Business School graduates go into product management. But most product jobs don’t require a degree. These degrees are usually only listed as ‘Preferred’, ‘Preferred’ or ‘Optional’ on most job descriptions.

Some product managers view annual bonuses as part of their overall compensation in addition to their regular salary. 44% of survey respondents reported receiving a bonus, with an average of $3,000 per year.

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It’s not an insignificant amount, but it’s usually not as decisive for product management as it is for people working in bonus-heavy industries such as sales and financial services.

Of course, the attraction for many technology companies is the attraction of equities. However, stock options are not a sure thing and should not be counted as part of the package until the company goes public.

If you read this article and are frustrated by your stagnant or low salary as a product manager, don’t rush to quit your job or look for a new role. A data-driven debate will allow us to lobby for pay increases in our current workplaces when the political and economic environment lends itself to such demands.

Business Development Manager Salary Google

As long as you’re working in the same place, the product manager salary you decide when you’re first hired will determine your financial trajectory. It’s much harder to get a raise when you’re already on the payroll.

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So ponder your options and whenever you pursue other opportunities, make sure you are negotiating

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