Business Development Manager Amazon Salary

Business Development Manager Amazon Salary – As a multinational technology company, Amazon not only offers its customers a variety of products but also offers a variety of services. Whether you’re a data scientist, marketing manager, web developer, or content creator there’s a job out there for you.

Believe me, there are thousands of different jobs that one can get because of his interest in Amazon. So, there are so many jobs available on Amazon that I can’t cover them all.

Business Development Manager Amazon Salary

Business Development Manager Amazon Salary

Amazon has divided its operations into 12 levels. To shed some light on this, let me explain what I mean. Each level requires people to have different work experience, and different pay.

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At level 12 which is the highest level, there is only one person and that is “Jeff Bezos” who is the founder of Amazon. At level 11, there are only a few CEOs and SVPs.

Among the important people on this level, we can see Andy Jassy who is the president and CEO of Amazon, and Jeff Wike who is considered to be the second most important person in Amazon. However, Wike retired as Amazon’s global CEO and no longer works there.

Those working on levels 9 and 10 are mostly VPS and not more than a few hundred. To better understand each step let me explain it separately. But before that, you should know that the basic salary in Amazon is not less than 150,000 per year. Of course, it’s only for workers at level 4 or above. For workers at levels 1, 2, or 3, the pay is much less than the amount I talked about.

The basic salary for a director at Amazon is $170,993 which includes a bonus of $55,086. So, the total salary per year is about $226,019 However, in some cases, the additional payment. Shares, bonuses, commissions, and the like can be under 50K. In such cases, the total amount will decrease.

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This job is available for low rates on Amazon. As before, there is a base salary of $61, 964, and a bonus of $20, 519. Therefore, the total annual salary for this job is approximately $82,483.

Amazon level 1 employees typically earn something around $44,000 per year. The amount of salary can increase as you gain more experience and can reach up to $135,000. Generally, people who are approved as employees at Amazon do not need this level. in general while they do their jobs correctly. .

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The basic salary at Amazon level 2 usually starts at 88, 000 per year and can go up to $ 211, 266. There is not much information about the amount of knowledge that one needs for this level at Amazon .

Business Development Manager Amazon Salary

You will find that the best paying job on amazon starts from level 4, however, you need some knowledge and understanding about what you want to be able to do at that level.

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Those who are at Amazon level 4 or want to start working at Amazon at this level should have at least 1 to 3 years of experience. However, if you have more than 3 years of experience you can work at higher levels than level 4.

For example, if you are a data analyst and have 5 years of experience, after successfully passing an interview, you can start at level 5, not this one, and get more money more depending on the result. The average salary for this level is $166,000.

It is true that I am giving you some figures about the salary level for each level, but you should know that there are many different jobs for each level. So Amazon might pay you $200,000 for a job at Amazon level 5 per year and another job at the same level might pay you more or less at before the specified amount. To explain my point I will give an example.

Let’s say you are a software engineering manager at Amazon, your base salary is $161K and the total salary is $285K per year. Now let’s compare this with another job at the same level. If you work as an accountant at the same level, the base salary is $150K and the total salary is $227K.

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So as you can see, different jobs at the same level have different salaries. By the way, one needs 3 to 10 years of experience to be able to work at this level.

You can work on Amazon level 6 only if you have 8 to 10 years of experience. The salary of this level is high. For example, if you are a level 5 business developer, you will earn $211K, but if you are a level 6 business developer you will earn 309K. You know the difference! Typically, the base salary for this level is no less than $200,000.

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The higher we climb, the higher the reward. The base or minimum salary for an Amazon 7 level is $300,000 and it varies from job to job and can go up to $638,000 per year. So depending on the job, your salary will vary but will not be less than $300,000.

Business Development Manager Amazon Salary

Also, it is important to note that there are some jobs that are only available for one or two specific levels and not all of them.

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Typically, employees will be hired from within the company for this level. Additionally, one needs 10 years of experience for this level.

The minimum salary for a level 8 Amazon is over $600,000 per year. There are only a few specific jobs at this level and workers at this level can earn more than a million or more. Leaders, seniors, and managers are working at Amazon level 8, which is similar to level 7 in terms of content.

The most important employees of the company are working on this Amazon level 9 and 10. There is not much information available for this level, however, we can guess that the minimum salary is 1 million and the maximum salary is over 1 million per year.

As I already talked about the Amazon 11 level, there are only a few CEOs and SVPs at this level, and there is no information about their salary. They probably make like a million and a half every year.

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Only the founder Jeff Bezos is in Amazon level 12 and I have little idea how much he earns every year. However, his net worth is about 138.9billion USD at the time of writing this article.

I hope you found this article helpful and interesting. If you have any questions about the topic of this article, leave them in the general section below.

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Business Development Manager Amazon Salary

Amazon Salaries Revealed: See How Much Engineers, Managers, and Other Employees Make at the Cloud and Commerce Giant

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A job at Amazon has never been one of the best paying gigs in tech. The ecommerce giant is lagging behind Google and Meta in terms of fees, Insider has previously reported. Amazon’s plan is to hire what it calls “missionaries, not mercenaries.”

The virus changed everything. After working for two years at a pace to support the rapid – perhaps rapid – expansion, Amazon’s employees are not satisfied with the salary in the crisis levels, forcing the company to do the serious work.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced that it had more than doubled the basic salary caps, from $160,000 for most positions to $350,000, and increased its salary ranges. Amazon has also changed some of its shipping policies.

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Insider has compiled the base wages for thousands of Amazon workers, as shown on work visa applications submitted to the US Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Insider is linked through data from the agency, which allows hiring non-US workers and then releases the data to the public.

This data includes four major divisions at Amazon:, the primary retail and ecommerce division; Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing business; Amazon Data Services, which manages the company’s data centers; and Amazon Development Center, which supports other Amazon divisions and manages special projects.

The data does not include financial contributions, which are available on Amazon, which can account for the size of the workers’ compensation packages. The data does not fully reflect the changes in Amazon’s price, because most of the days are ahead of Amazon’s original price.

Business Development Manager Amazon Salary

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