Business Continuity Consultant Salary

Business Continuity Consultant Salary – “Partner” can mean many things in the technology and telecommunications channel. You have agents and sub-agents, independent software providers and system integrators, marketing technologies and emerging technology providers… the list goes on.

Among the types of partners that have seen the most development in recent decades are value-added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs), which in many cases are two sides of the same coin. Most VARs today offer some form of managed services, and there will always be equipment resale in the MSP business model. We see these two types of partners merging more, often facing the same challenges and opportunities.

Business Continuity Consultant Salary

Business Continuity Consultant Salary

Specializing in desktop support and productivity. MSPs today integrate cloud services to provide security, backup, desktop software and end-user support. The revenues come mainly from customers through monthly subscriptions and secondarily from implementations.

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Provide hardware and software for local systems. Revenues come from suppliers (as a percentage of customers’ large capital expenditures) and secondarily from customers for implementation, consulting and ongoing support. Cloud services challenge this business model.

Implementation and integration of complex business software. May include customizing systems to meet customers’ unique business processes/requirements. Revenues come from customers for the application and secondarily from ongoing maintenance.

To serve as experts in detailing and purchasing complex communication and network solutions. Usually paid by suppliers and acting as an indirect sales force, often selling a set of products known to go well together. The income from suppliers is paid as a monthly percentage of the expenditure in the client’s contract.

Technical talent is hard to come by these days. Now that every company is a technology company in one way or another, and most every job requires familiarity with some type of technology, those with IT chops have more offers than they know what to do with. In addition, businesses of all shapes and sizes now need technology architects, engineers and technicians to help them configure and secure remote work configurations.

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IT industry association CompTIA releases an annual workforce trends report based on a survey that asks about 400 US HR and workforce professionals in the IT sector about their organizations’ future plans for learning and development, among other things. According to CompTIA’s 2021 Workforce and Learning Trends Report, 40% of companies hired IT staff during the pandemic, and 66% have plans to add more in 2021.

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Because they are in high demand, IT professionals can command much higher salaries than just a few years ago, putting them out of the reach of many small to medium-sized businesses. The bulk of VARs and MSPs fall into this demographic—for example, in Channel Futures’ 2020 MSP 501 list, an annual ranking and report on top MSPs worldwide, fully 75% had annual revenues of less than $10 million.

Apparently, these shops are struggling to find the salary budget to hire and retain tech talent.

Business Continuity Consultant Salary

Affiliates compete with a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that is roughly more than an annual salary. 26 percent of respondents to a recent JS Group informal survey of 50 IT channel professionals say they recruit new talent not through paychecks alone but with comprehensive compensation packages. Think flexible work environments, unlimited vacation, commitment to diversity, educational reimbursements, medical benefits and retirement plans.

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Organizations are also looking inward, as it is often less expensive to train existing employees than to hire new, more skilled talent. In fact, the same CompTIA study reports that 42% of companies plan to launch upskilling or reskilling initiatives for current employees. This strategy can be especially beneficial for channel companies that employ help desk professionals, engineers, and other IT technicians who typically already must train, certify, and recertify technical skills such as security or cloud computing.

The challenges of the supply chain and the digitization brought about by the epidemic are reshaping the continuum of selling a service-support on which the IT channel has operated for the past two decades. Established go-to-market processes for vendors, distributors, and the partners we talk about here have changed as resellers, MSPs, and end users step in to find, acquire, and implement new hardware from an upended supply chain.

Supply chain issues aren’t the only force pushing partners to source software and hardware differently; There is also the changing buyer’s journey. Companies can now easily find the hardware and solutions they need without going through a partner, and are increasingly doing just that.

In our JS Group survey, 13% of partner respondents say customers shop around to find products or services, including using marketplaces or buying directly from a wholesaler. 17% say their customers buy software and services from third parties and then expect the partner to manage them, and 15% report that customers buy software, services and hardware that the partner only finds out about if something goes wrong. In some cases, customers find discounted software and hardware online and buy it for less than what a partner can offer.

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But end customers are not the only ones coming to the market. Partners are increasingly flocking to the third-party cloud marketplace, in part to avoid distribution and in part to accelerate their routes to market. A third of all business in the U.S. now flows through e-commerce, according to analyst firm Forrester, and 63 percent of that is through mega-marketplaces such as those run by large technology vendors and large-scale cloud providers. Traditional two-tier distribution is also dipping its toes. Its collectivity in cloud markets.

To put that in perspective, that’s over $2 trillion moving from traditional retail channels, merchants, and marketers.

These changes are not necessarily a bad thing for partners, but they require some change in processes. Marketplaces are shaking up the entrenched service chain, which means VARs and MSPs need to think differently about procurement and supply. Remember: Your customers are always further along in the buyer’s journey than might be ideal from your perspective. But the answer is not to fight to maintain the status quo. Instead, keep an eye on those emerging markets – they may be your preferred source of solutions in the future, especially when it comes to the cloud.

Business Continuity Consultant Salary

As we’ve said before, customer experience (CX) is the name of the game for many service companies these days when it comes to generating revenue. A subscription model means increased importance to customer retention, higher sales efforts and cross-selling opportunities. Brainyard’s Winter 2021 survey of business leaders found that CX remains a top priority this year as sales and finance professionals seek to minimize customer churn and maintain brand loyalty.

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Business leaders have consistently prioritized customer experience over the past few years, according to Brainyard survey data.

Along with this emphasis on CX comes blurred lines between sales, marketing, customer support and finance, with each department working to keep subscription customers happy.

43 percent of JS Group survey respondents report that they have improved their user interfaces or upgraded ticketing systems/processes to improve CX in the past 20 months, and we don’t see this trend slowing down. This is good news for providers of professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, as well as for MSPs outsourcing their help desk capabilities – something we’re seeing more of as resellers, agents, system integrators and XaaS providers offload Increasingly their Tier 1 support for MSPs that have top-notch help desk operations.

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If you’re struggling with essential CX components like first call resolution or meeting SLAs, offloading those tasks to a partner who already holds those buttons can make a lot of sense.

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As these proverbial silos break down, we see teams paying more attention to expanding relationships with existing customers. A full 59% of respondents to a JS Group survey say they have doubled the amount of marketing to existing customers to increase up-selling or cross-selling opportunities, for example. And partners, especially those coming out of the small to mid-sized space and moving into big growth, take a hard line with their customer support teams when it comes to monitoring and reviewing network promoter and customer satisfaction scores.

In addition, VARs and MSPs are increasingly taking a revenue operations (RevOps) approach to customer support, creating dedicated teams to monitor these results and correct any situation that led to an offending score.

The key to good CX – like almost everything else in business these days – is collecting, analyzing and addressing the right customer data and business metrics. MSPs especially need to make sure they are pro at this. Not only is it good for their business, but their customers ask for help with it. Customer segmentation and hyper-personalization are critical to growth for service providers aiming to keep customers coming back every month.

Business Continuity Consultant Salary

End customer work has changed drastically over the past year and a half. But this goes beyond the companies that equip and allow employees to work from home. Many of the white-collar city dwellers, who were suddenly freed from the burden of the daily commute, decided to leave the cities altogether, bypassing even the suburbs to what is known as “the suburbs”.

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As examples, 4.3% of Manhattan residents left the city during the epidemic; For San Francisco, it’s 3.4 percent, according to USPS mail transfer data. And while the data showed a slight increase in people moving back to the cities on the east coast in the months of May and June

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