Business And Integration Arch Associate Manager Accenture Salary

Business And Integration Arch Associate Manager Accenture Salary – In this article, you will learn how the hierarchy or tier system is followed at Accenture and how you can promote and climb. Before starting, please note that this article only covers technical positions, others like business and management hierarchy are not covered in this article.

A little introduction about Accenture as an organization might help. Accenture is a consulting and information services company based in Ireland. It is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It is in the Fortune 500 list of the world. It offers strategy, consulting, digital technology, marketing, branding and other operational services.

Business And Integration Arch Associate Manager Accenture Salary

Business And Integration Arch Associate Manager Accenture Salary

Its clients include 91 Global Fortune 100 companies and more than a quarter of the Fortune Global 500. It has offices around the world and operates worldwide. As of 2020 statistics, it has more than 5,14,000 employees.

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As with other IT companies, Accenture also follows a rating or grading system called levels. There are 13 levels in the company’s technical field. Some levels are split into two or more sub-levels (not covered by the article).

This is an entry level position. You will be hired as an assistant if you are fresh and a recent graduate. This is mostly a temporary job where you are like an intern learning and adapting to the work environment.

This is where you get involved in the real work. The analyst gives you assignments or tasks. Or you help the analyst get the project out of hand. Here you will come across different situations so that you can analyze yourself.

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When you become an analyst, your responsibility begins. You should be able to involve in various projects and train a co-worker or assistant. The resource is involved in the company’s projects according to the instructions of the senior analyst or team leader.

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It is not much different from the previous one; after 3 years of analyst experience you will be promoted to senior analyst. This means that you are familiar with all the challenges of the respective field and are more experienced in dealing with them. There is a salary increase between the position of analyst and senior analyst.

After becoming a senior analyst, you will be promoted to one of three positions based on your skills and performance. If you are on good terms with the team, you will be the leader of the team, and if you are an expert, you will be promoted to specialist or consultant.

As with an associate engineer, it’s all a learning curve. The technical expert slowly learns business and administration at this stage. You will be promoted to a manager or the next position based on your performance.

Business And Integration Arch Associate Manager Accenture Salary

This role manages multiple team leaders and hundreds of engineers and analysts. He is the one who talks to the client and plans the project or product and assigns tasks to the respective teams.

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As explained earlier, this is just a higher position meant for those who are more experienced and have potential. Salary and responsibility increase as you become a top manager. And this is the last or highest management position in Accenture.

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The director is mostly involved in administrative and decision-making work, not in technical work. The assistant director is the one who replaces the presence of the director.

This responsibility is the one who makes the final decision regarding the technical area. He has a lot of responsibility and communicates both internally and externally to ensure the technical team is working efficiently.

This level is the one who verifies that the offered consulting or software solutions comply with the company’s rules.

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Above the third level and above are senior positions such as chief technical officer (CTO), vice president and CEO, etc.

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Business And Integration Arch Associate Manager Accenture Salary

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