Business Analyst Salary Texas

Business Analyst Salary Texas – Solving any problem is best approached by gathering all possible data. Searching for a data analyst job is no different. Whether it’s completing a data analyst course or moving to a new location, knowledge will make the process easier and help you achieve success.

No matter how the world changes, the need for data has never diminished, and the job outlook for data analysts in the United States is strong. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that the growth in this field will be 18% until 2029, which is more than four times faster than all other industries in the country. While a strong national outlook is good, it’s also important to know where in the US the job market is strongest and what it will cost you to live in those areas.

Business Analyst Salary Texas

Business Analyst Salary Texas

Although the BLS provides data for the nation, there are some cities or counties that report the trend for their state. Some states may have an overall lower salary, but it is possible to find a city that pays a little better. The same applies to the cost of living (COL). While a particular state may have a high COL, there are areas that can be quite affordable. Anyone who can get a job that allows them to work remotely some of the time or has a decent commute can make their dollar go further.

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– A strong area for analyst jobs, mostly in the lower part of the region. As far as Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island there is less work. Go down to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts, and work is much more abundant.

– Vermont jobs are the only really low place in this area of ​​the nation. The average for the rest of the region is $60K or higher. Even some of the states with lower employment still manage to give employees a good salary. The BLS list of the five best-paying states is entirely occupied by the northeastern states.

– Apart from the West Coast and Hawaii, this is the most expensive region in the United States. None of the states in this area place in the top 10 least expensive places and seven place in the top 10 most expensive, with the rest not far behind.

– Florida, North Carolina and Georgia lead the pack in the South. With the exception of West Virginia, the rest of the region is also a solid place to find jobs.

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– Even if the job market is solid, there is not always the highest salary. No state placed in the highest level of the BLS salary data, which is $72K and above. West Virginia, Mississippi and Louisiana have the lowest salaries. The rest of the region falls in the $58K-$72K range.

– The lower salary may not be a complete negative for analysts looking for jobs in the area. Five states are in the top 10 of the least expensive states, and the entire COL is below the national average for all states in the South.

– Illinois and Ohio are the states with the highest employment and the Dakotas are the lowest. The rest of the Midwest has a decent mix of employment. Nationwide, Illinois ranks 5th

Business Analyst Salary Texas

– Like the South, the Midwest is also an area that is trending toward lower wages. Minnesota is by far the leader in wages in this area, with North Dakota and Nebraska at the bottom of the spectrum. The rest of the region falls in the middle of the pack, offering solid salaries.

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– Three states – Missouri, Michigan and Kansas – all rank in the top 10 least expensive places to live. This is an area much like the South, where the cost of living in the majority of the region is well below the national average. With salaries still in a good range, this can be a good choice to consider for a data analyst career.

– Colorado and Texas are the top states that offer jobs to data analysts. These two states are not only growing in the region, but together with Arizona they are also gaining strength in the United States. Texas is ranked 4th

In the BLS list of top states for employment. Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico are the states that employ the fewest data scientists.

– Again, the pay for this area is led by Colorado and Texas. Wyoming and New Mexico pay the least in these states and the rest of the region is only slightly better.

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In the top 10 least expensive places to live. Wyoming is also one of the best places if low costs are a priority. Texas’ COL is below the national average, and Colorado’s is slightly higher. The rest of the region is quite affordable.

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– This is an area where every state on the coast offers a good amount of jobs for data analysts. The further you go in the country, the fewer jobs there are. Washington and California are the top two in the region, and California is the top employer in the nation by a wide margin.

– Much like employment, there are higher salaries along the coast with drops as you move to Nevada, Montana and Utah. Metropolitan areas of California and Washington occupy five of the top six places with the highest salary.

Business Analyst Salary Texas

– The downside of the West Coast is that while it pays the highest salaries, the COL is significantly above the national average, especially in California and Oregon. Washington is not far behind, and Utah is the only state below the national average.

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– Alaska offers data analysts a decent salary, and Hawaii is also one of the lowest paying in the country.

– There is nowhere more expensive in the USA than Hawaii, with the COL being almost twice the national average and the cost of housing more than three times higher. Alaska is not much better, ranked as the sixth most expensive state in the country. Through data analysis, business analysts help companies in enhancing processes, goods, services and software. These fluid staff act as a bridge between IT and the business, bridging the gap and improving productivity. You should always try to start a job when you know how much money you will make. According to Herzberg’s theory, a basic salary is essential to ensure survival. As of December 29, 2021, the average business analyst salary in the United States is $78,803, but the salary range is often between $70,762 and $88,043. Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on a variety of things, including . Education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have worked in your field. In this article, we will look at the average salary from an entry level to a senior level for a business analyst in the US, UK and its territories.

The amount of money you can make as a business analyst is determined by several things. These range from your previous experience dealing with data to your level of business or domain expertise, as well as more practical considerations such as your location.

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We used data from multiple salary comparison sites, including Glassdoor, Indeed,, Salary Expert, and Payscale, to give you an estimate.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas

According to job sites Glassdoor and Indeed, the average business analyst salary in the United States is $75,976 and $76,676, respectively. Meanwhile, has it at $77,434, Payscale has it at a more conservative $61,741, and Salary Expert has it at a more aspirational $94,773.

While these values ​​vary slightly, we can conclude that the average business analyst salary in the United States is approximately $77,000 by taking the average of this data. Keep in mind that this does not include monetary bonuses or other potential employment benefits. So it’s not too spicy! Of course, this estimate is a broad average and does not take into account characteristics such as experience and geography. So let’s look at these next.

If you are an experienced businessman with a background in commercial jobs (such as sales, IT or management), a move into business analytics may be a natural progression. Even if you lack significant data analyst experience, your unique insight into how companies operate will give you an advantage, potentially leading to a higher salary. Similarly, a business analyst with a strong data background, such as a software engineer or IT manager, should expect to earn more salary in an entry-level position.

Business Analyst Salary Texas

In this part, we look at the average salary of business analysts with different experience levels. Payscale salary estimates are typically conservative, so we’ll stick with them for that reason. It is better to undersell than to oversell! Just remember that if you are currently in the middle of salary negotiations, you may be able to go higher than these estimates.

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You don’t necessarily need commercial experience or much proven ability to work with data to secure entry-level employment. However, you will require at least a bachelor’s degree. If your degree isn’t in data or statistics, you almost certainly will

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