Business Analyst Salary San Jose

Business Analyst Salary San Jose – (Photo courtesy of New research shows that smaller metropolitan areas — cities like Provo, Utah, and Omaha, Nebraska — are becoming mini-tech hubs, where tech workers can earn salaries that are double, sometimes triple, the median wage. . of the state.

Much has been made in recent years about the exorbitant cost of living in tech meccas like San Jose and Silicon Valley, and rightfully so.

Business Analyst Salary San Jose

Business Analyst Salary San Jose

The horror stories — from paying $750 a month to occupy a poltergeist-infested attic or $400 to live in a wooden box — are well-documented and often fascinating.

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Perhaps the only positive byproduct of the Bay Area’s absurdly high cost of living is that it forces talented techies to look for work elsewhere, sprinkling the rest of the country with intellectual seedlings that are beginning to blossom. That’s one of the key takeaways from a recent study comparing tech worker salaries in cities across the country.

According to the Business Research Organization, San Jose and San Francisco remain at the top of the list of highest-paying cities for site technicians in 2019. But research shows that smaller metropolitan areas — cities like Provo, Utah, and Omaha, Nebraska — are becoming mini-tech hubs, where tech workers can earn salaries that are double, sometimes triple, the state average.

“The rising cost of living and working in areas like Silicon Valley, plus the growing demand for tech companies, is allowing entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses outside of traditional hubs, while still allowing them to pay higher-than-average wages that allow workers to live more comfortably in these areas.” ,” said Micah Pratt, marketing manager. Take Wichita, Kansas, for example, where the average tech salary is still nearly $20,000 higher than the cost of living.

To pick their top cities, looked at 100 metro areas in the U.S. and pulled the most recent data available (mostly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics) on their tech salaries. The researchers then compared the average salaries in each metro area and came up with a list.

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The researchers reviewed salary data for a wide range of jobs in the computer and mathematical science industry, including: computer and information research scientist, computer systems analyst, information security analyst, computer programmer, software developer, web developer, database administrator, network and computer systems. Admin and many more.

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• Nationally, tech salaries average 66% higher than other occupations. El Paso, Texas saw the highest percentage increase in tech wages, where tech wages increased by 11.09 percent, from $65,000 to $73,000. The median salary for other occupations is $39,000.

• The region with the largest wage gap between technical and other occupations is Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Technicians make an average of $87,000, up 87% from $45,000.

Business Analyst Salary San Jose

• While tech salaries in most cases are double the state average, there are a few cities that saw a year-over-year decline in tech salaries. According to, Chicago saw a 10 percent decline in tech salaries in 2018 compared to 2017, potentially the result of an influx of qualified candidates.

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• San Jose offers the highest tech salary in the US, with the average tech worker earning $117,701 annually. While that number may be attractive on paper, researchers say it’s crucial to consider the cost of living. Midwestern cities tend to have a lower cost of living, so they add that tech workers’ salaries will go much farther.

Donate to the newsroom now. Salt Lake Tribune, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity and contributions are tax deductible. Any problem can best be solved by gathering all possible data. The data analyst job search is no different. Whether it’s completing a data analyst course or moving to a new location, knowledge simplifies the process and helps you succeed.

Despite how the world is changing, the need for data has never diminished, and the job outlook for data analysts in the United States is strong. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that growth in this field will be 18% through 2029, four times that of all other industries in the country. While a strong national perspective is good, it’s also important to know where the strongest job markets are in the United States and how much it will cost you to live in those areas.

Although the BLS offers data for the nation, there are some cities or counties that lower the trend for their state. Some states may have lower wages, but it’s possible to find a city that pays slightly better. The same goes for cost of living (COL). While a particular state may have a high COL, there are areas that may be quite affordable. Anyone who can get a job that allows them to telecommute some of the time or has a decent commute can take their dollars farther.

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— A strong field for analyst work, mostly in the lower part of the region. Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island have fewer jobs. Head to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts, and work is much more plentiful.

– Vermont jobs are the only truly low in this part of the nation. The average for the rest of the area is $60K or more. Even some states with low employment still manage to pay their workers well. The BLS list of the five highest-paying states is entirely occupied by northeastern states.

– Besides the West Coast and Hawaii, this is the most expensive region in the United States. In this area, no state is in the top 10 most expensive places, and seven are in the top 10 most expensive, with the rest not far behind.

Business Analyst Salary San Jose

Florida, North Carolina and Georgia are leading in the South. Besides West Virginia, the rest of the region is also a good place to look for work.

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– Although the job market is solid, the pay is not always the highest. No state is placed in the top tier of the BLS wage data, which is $72K and above. West Virginia, Mississippi and Louisiana have the lowest wages. The rest of the region falls into the $58K-$72K range.

– Low pay may not be a complete negative for analysts looking for work in this field. Five states are in the top 10 least expensive states, and the overall COL is below the national average for all states in the South.

– Illinois and Ohio are the highest employment states, while the Dakotas are the lowest. The rest of the Midwest has a decent mix of employment. Nationwide, Illinois ranks 5th

– Like the South, the Midwest is also an area that tends to have lower wages. Minnesota leads the way in terms of wages in this area, with North Dakota and Nebraska at the bottom of the spectrum. The rest of the region falls in the middle of the pack and offers solid wages.

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Data Analyst Salary In California

– Three states – Missouri, Michigan and Kansas – all rank in the top 10 most expensive places to live. It is an area similar to the South, where the cost of living in most of the area is well below the national average. With salaries that are still in the good range, it can be a good choice for a data analyst career.

– Colorado and Texas are the top states that offer jobs for data analysts. These two states are not only growing in the region, but along with Arizona, they are also growing in the United States. Texas is ranked 4th

BLS list of best states for employment. Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico are the states with the fewest data scientists.

Business Analyst Salary San Jose

– Again, Colorado and Texas lead the charge for this area. Wyoming and New Mexico pay the least of those states, and the rest of the region fares only slightly better.

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Top 10 cheapest places to live. Wyoming is also one of the best places if low costs are a priority. Texas’s COL is below the national average, while Colorado’s is slightly above. The rest of the region is quite accessible.

— This is an area where any coastal state offers good jobs for data analysts. The further inland you go, the fewer jobs there are. Washington and California are the top two in the region, and California is the nation’s top employer by a wide margin.

– Similar to employment, wages are higher on the coast when you move to Nevada, Montana, and Utah. California and Washington metropolitan areas take five of the six places with the highest wages.

– The downside to the West Coast is that although it pays the highest wages, COL is significantly higher than the national average, especially in California and

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