Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts – We analyzed self-reported Salesforce salary information submitted by professionals around the world on popular platforms such as,, We also included data from a survey report on to provide a meaningful overview of current salary trends in U.S. states and cities, worldwide, and growth dynamics from 2017 to 2020.

The number of states listed for salary analysis of specific positions may vary depending on the information available on the resources mentioned above.

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

How can you benefit from this report? If you’re a Salesforce expert, you can see what other professionals with the same level of experience and technical knowledge are currently earning. Because of this, you will understand your market value better.

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If you’re planning to start a Salesforce implementation project and hire a team of experts, you’ll want to have a benchmark for reasonable budget expectations for the cost of the project. Therefore, you will be able to model the most cost-effective team structure and engagement.

Before jumping into our review, it is worth saying a few words about the platforms chosen for our analysis. Namely,,,, and

Indeed is an American employment website for job search that was established in November 2004. Company listings on this site display reviews and salary statistics based on information submitted by current or former employees.

Also, you can find the benefits the selected organization offers its workers, review and filter the salary tab by state, job title, and category.

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Glassdoor is another employee review platform headquartered in Mill Valley, California since 2007. On this platform, current and former workers can anonymously review companies, submit and view salaries, as well as search and apply for jobs.

Every profile on Glassdoor has a company review, its ratings, reviews, open positions, interviews, and information about salary and benefits. Salary can be adjusted by salary period (hourly, monthly, or annual), job function or status, and location.

PayScale is a Washington-based company that helps employers manage employee compensation and employees understand their value in the job market. Similar to the two websites mentioned above, PayScale is a job listing and review platform where you can find information about the company, its ratings, salaries, and open jobs.

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

Mason Frank International was founded in 2010 in London as a sales force recruitment platform. They help organizations find the best IT talent anywhere and on any employment basis: permanent (in-house or remote) or contract (freelance).

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Recently, they have released a report on the results of the independent Salesforce Salary Survey in 2020/21 with a statistical analysis of the essential information provided by Salesforce professionals. This information was related to employee welfare, certification, skills and experience, and earning potential.

Now, let’s analyze the base Salesforce salary from various angles regarding job title, seniority experience, location, and employment type.

The most frequently searched questions are: What is the salary for a Salesforce developer? And what is the average salary for a sales force administrator? But we decided to go the extra mile and examine the positions in more detail based on the data available in the Salesforce Salary Report from Mason Frank and from job listings and company profiles from recruiting and review platforms.

To summarize the above information, we will create a chart of the average Salesforce salary rates for the most popular professional niches in the USA:

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To fully utilize all of the customization capabilities of Salesforce platforms, businesses may need to hire Salesforce developers who can modify, develop, and fine-tune Salesforce products so that the software meets their corporate needs. do

Salesforce developers can deploy apps with the help of the platform (Salesforce’s application development platform) and use code to enhance the product’s functionality. And, as such, they should have a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and its mechanisms.

Additionally, Salesforce developers should be proficient in Apex and Java programming and have experience with the Visualforce framework.

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

You can find more about Salesforce certifications and credentials in our post on How to Choose a Salesforce Implementation Partner

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You can hire a Salesforce developer full-time or hire a freelance contractor to develop your Salesforce platform.

The average salary of a Salesforce developer ranges from $124,325 per year in the USA to $154,575 per year in the state of California.

A Salesforce administrator is less technical than a Salesforce developer, but is still one of the key players in a Salesforce implementation project.

Administrators manage the Salesforce ecosystem in the organization and act as a bridge between users and the platform. This person should have a deep understanding of the client’s business and sales force processes and needs. Salesforce administrators take care of system updates and upgrades, user training, and ensure that Salesforce is running as smoothly as possible.

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That said, they must be able to effectively analyze data, processes, and flows across the system.

The average salary for a sales force administrator ranges from $105,525 per year in Texas, to $125,050 per year in New York. The salary for a senior sales force administrator varies from $115,000 in Indiana to $146,000 in New York.

Salesforce software engineers, sometimes abbreviated as SWE, are professionals who apply software engineering principles to the design, building, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of Salesforce-based products.

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

Software engineers typically identify client requirements, software design, and existing hardware limitations. Required Salesforce certifications are generally similar to Salesforce developers. However, their salaries are often different from the salaries that developers earn on average.

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Salesforce software engineer salaries range from $124,325 annually in Texas to $163,000 annually in New Jersey. Salary pay for a Salesforce Senior Software Engineer varies from $129,000 in Indiana to $152,800 in New Jersey.

A Salesforce Solution Architect orchestrates the digital transformation of your platform by aligning with your business goals and technologies, choosing the right product features that maximize business value, and implementing and managing multiple clouds and systems. by integrating

The average Salesforce solution architect salary starts at $135,950 a year in Dallas, Texas and ends at $155,700 a year in San Francisco, California.

The salary range for a senior solution architect is $130,000 per year in Florida to $215,000 per year in California.

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Salesforce Account Executives work closely with existing and potential customers as consultants and sales executives at the same time.

In general, they should have a solid understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, however, there is no specific Salesforce certification Account Executives should have.

The lowest average account executive salary in the USA is reported in Texas – $102,900 per year, the highest is reported in California – $139,400.

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

Salesforce senior account executive salaries vary by state and range from $124,600 a year in Atlanta, Georgia to $158,900 in California.

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The role of a Salesforce business analyst in a project is similar to that of a project manager in a team.

They need to have a thorough understanding of Salesforce tools and company needs. Hence, business analysts are expected to be experts in both technical and managerial aspects.

Salesforce business analysts are responsible for ensuring, configuring, and enhancing the platform and improving the customer’s user experience.

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Employees in New York receive the highest average Salesforce business analyst salary – $129,300 a year and the lowest in Texas – $110,000 per year.

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Salesforce senior business analyst salaries vary from $94,000 in Texas to $148,900 in California. Salary for Salesforce interns is between $30 – $33/hour.

This means gathering and prioritizing product and customer needs, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering, sales, marketing, and support teams to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. are

The average sales force product manager salary in the USA starts at $121,800 a year in Texas and ends at $142,700 a year in California.

Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

The Salesforce Project Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the implementation project at its core, including its scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality, and resources.

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Typically, Salesforce project managers plan what work needs to be done, when and by whom; Identify risks involved in the project and manage those risks; Coordinate the work done by different people and ensure that the work is done to the best quality, ensure that the project is running on time and on budget.

An average Salesforce project manager salary ranges from $141K in New York to $120K in Texas. Senior project managers can earn from $107K in India to $177K in New York.

A Salesforce Consultant is a key asset in a Salesforce implementation project. They perform multiple tasks: from determining and documenting your requirements to designing solutions to ensure the platform addresses business pain points. Salesforce consultants act as an intermediary between the Salesforce org and clients through project completion.

In general, Salesforce projects involve two main types of consultants: a functional or technical sales force consultant who is either a permanent employee or hired on a contractor basis.

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The highest Salesforce consultant average salary offered is in California and is $144,000 per year and the lowest is in Texas – $133,300 a year.

Additionally, Salesforce Senior Consultant salaries range from a minimum of $103,000 in Washington to a maximum of $184,000 in Illinois.

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Business Analyst Salary Massachusetts

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