Business Analyst Salary Denver

Business Analyst Salary Denver – Compensation for tech workers kept pace with inflation last year (but didn’t exceed it) with an average wage increase of 7% according to the report latest about Dice Tech salary. Data managers, support engineers, and data analysts have led the way in data-related advancements, while demand (and pay) has softened slightly for people with data science, machine learning skills. and AI capabilities.

At $104,566, the average tech salary reached six figures, according to the latest Dice Tech Salary report. Silicon Valley remained a technology hub with an average salary of $133,204, followed by Seattle, Washington and New York City.

Business Analyst Salary Denver

Business Analyst Salary Denver

C-level technology leaders and IT management have the highest salaries in 2021, at about $152,000. Technical support engineers grew 12.4% to just over $77,000, while data analyst salaries rose 11.5% to $85,000. .

Transunion Business Analyst Salary

Developers were in high demand last year, especially web developers, who saw a 21.3% increase in wages to nearly $99,000. Developers saw a 10% increase to $101,000, Dice reports.

Many data related tasks did not go well. Data engineers saw their salaries drop 1.1% to about $117,000, while data scientists saw a slight increase of 0.6% to just under $121,000.

Dice noted: “These jobs are generally very well paid, indicating their value to organizations large and small – so what’s behind the annual salary shortfall?” the company wrote in the report. “One possibility is that wages in 2021 for these roles are a lagging indicator, and these high-value, high-value jobs will begin to see increases in early 2022 and throughout the year. There may be related to the proliferation of tools designed to perform some of these specific tasks.”

Several other interesting trends emerged when breaking down wages by skill, as opposed to occupation. Demand for Solr is on the rise, with average salaries above $143,000, an increase of nearly 16% since 2020, Dice said. Demand was also strong for Elasticsearch (6.0% to about $137,000), Amazon RDS (10.9% to about $134,000) and Hana (6.7% to $133,000).

Remote Work Is Driving Up Salaries In Cities Across The Us

Interestingly, many areas of high growth have seen a decline in wages. Those with machine learning skills saw a 2.1% drop in median pay to nearly $123,000, while natural language processing and all “artificial skills” saw a decline of 7.8% to about $121,000. 8.9% to $120,000. Over the two years, machine learning salaries increased 1.0%, NLP salaries fell 3.4%, and AI salaries fell 2.3%.

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Related AI technologies saw little change in average earnings, per Dice, including neural networks, which rose 1.5% to about $131,000 and TensorFlow, which rose 0, 1% less to $139,000. Hadoop (anyone remember Hadoop?) held its own, with an increase of 0.4% in average salary to $130,000. However, Cloudera as a skill is associated with 5.7% less salary to about $ 124, 500, and MapReduce decreased by 2.6% to $ 132, 000. Spark saw a rise of 3.1% to about $ 128,000.

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Business Analyst Salary Denver

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How Much Do Data Analysts Make? [data Analyst Salary Guide]

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As I have said in the previous articles in this series, this article is not intended to compare roles as if they are worth more money or not, but rather a guide that professionals in both fields can use. to estimate their current or expected salary. Keep in mind that these salary values ​​are more general and no single website can estimate your worth. The direction of these values ​​can be used as a tool when dealing with future wages.

Data analysts and business analysts may have the same role in a particular company, while the opposite can be said – they may be very different in other companies. That being said, there are certain factors that should be included when estimating salary, such as specific equipment and skills required, as well as general things such as location and years of experience. Knowing this concept, we can look at specific examples from real data with these factors in mind below.

Job Specifications & Pay Ranges

Just as the roles of data analysts and business analysts can be similar or very different, so can the positions of data analysts alongside them. Some of the important goals of a data analyst may include analyzing past data, or predicting future data. This difference is an example of something that can cause a difference in pay. As with any job, there are factors such as years of experience and your specific job title that can affect salary.

In general, I often see data analyst positions with more technical skills on the rise, and I’ll report more on specific examples later.

This salary data is collected from PayScale, and if you want a personal estimate, you can use the salary survey [4].

Business Analyst Salary Denver

I think all these salaries should be high here because data analysts can perform many skills and often bring great value to a company.

Bain Salary By Positions & Locations [2020]

Let’s take a closer look at cities and specific skills to get a better idea of ​​the average salary and how much it might change for these reasons. Below I will apply some of these factors and you will see the effect on the salary.

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Here are other popular cities and towns with their average salaries for the average data analyst:

As you can see, just looking at different cities results in different salaries. Let’s dive deeper and add some special skills.

By increasing just one skill in the same city, you can see the salary increase, for example, adding statistics in San Francisco added more than 15K. You can see the importance of adding as many skills as you can to get the best estimate of your salary. It is important to communicate these skills to the recruiter as well, and not assume that they think you know a specific skill.

Banking Business Analyst Average Salary In United States 2022

Business analysts differ from data analysts in that they often have more in-demand skills. Some, of course, expect to know the same skills as a data analyst, while others may be completely different. My point is that if you are a business analyst and know more than Microsoft Excel and Tableau, and can also use SQL and Python, you will be a more competitive applicant.

” Business Analyst. This tagline shows you already that this field is probably the biggest for technology/data roles.

”, I believe they will be lower, and of course, adding more technical skills will increase your salary expectations.

Business Analyst Salary Denver

Just like we did with data analyst salaries, let’s dive deeper into different cities/locations as well as the roles of business analysts with different skills.

Data Analyst Salary

All of these averages seem a little low so let’s see how specific skills add to the salary range:

These improvements are not as significant or large as we have seen for data analysts. The most important thing here is that the skills vary between these two roles and other skills that are less related to data analysis and more related to business metrics.

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