Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc – In 2020, despite the economic turmoil caused by the global pandemic, the US technology sector experienced rapid growth. Last year, the total number of US tech jobs grew by 60,000.

Because of this demand, US employers are willing to pay for the right talent – ​​on average, tech workers in the US earn about 61% more than the average salary. But some technicians earn more than others, depending on where they live.

Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

This graphic from uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to highlight the average annual technology salaries in each state compared to the average salary for other occupations. We’ll also touch on the best paying metropolitan areas and what type of tech jobs offer the highest compensation in the entire country.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Washington and California have the highest average wages, largely due to the high job density in these areas.

But when it comes to the difference in tech wages versus average wages, Alabama takes the top spot — on average, tech jobs pay 85% more than other occupations in this state.

Why are tech workers so generously compensated in Alabama? This may be because the area’s talent pool does not keep up with demand.

By 2021, Huntsville, Alabama is expected to see 25,000 new jobs in aerospace, logistics, defense and other technology-related industries. But these jobs can be hard to fill given the area’s low unemployment rate.

The U.s. States With The Top Tech Salaries In 2021

At the other end of the spectrum, the District of Columbia has the smallest discrepancy between tech and other wages. But at $95,330, the area has the highest average annual salary for other occupations in the country — and tech workers

For example, when it comes to tech pay gaps, two of the top 10 metro areas are located in Washington state, while three are in California. The graphic below shows the metros with the highest gap between the area’s average salary and the average salary for tech jobs.

The highest pay gap between tech jobs relative to the average wage is in San Jose, where tech workers earn 507% more on average. This number is almost certainly skewed due to the area’s high concentration of tech millionaires and top programmers.

Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

Of course, location is not the only factor that affects salary – the type of job is also important. Here’s a look at US tech salaries, organized by job type:

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In this analysis, which looked at jobs in computer science as well as math, actuaries are the highest paid professionals on average.

While actuaries are more on the math and economics side of the equation, jobs more commonly associated with tech are also all over the list: software developers, computer network architects, information security analysts, data scientists, computer programmers, web developers, computer systems analysts, and so on.

America’s information technology sector, worth about $1.6 trillion, is expected to grow to $5 trillion by the end of 2021. And as this fast-growing industry continues to boom, jobs in this sector are likely to remain in high supply.

Augmented Reality (AR) in the US looks particularly promising and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 100% between 2021-2025.

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Markets The largest engineering talent hubs in the US and Canada 6.5 million skilled engineers are currently working in the US and Canada. Here we look at the biggest tech hubs across the two countries

The tech workforce just keeps growing. In fact, there are now an estimated 6.5 million tech workers between the US and Canada – 5.5 million of whom work in the US.

Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

This infographic is based on a report by CBRE to determine which tech talent markets in the US and Canada are the largest. The data looks at the total workforce in the sector as well as the change in the number of tech workers over time in different cities.

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The report also classifies which metropolitan areas and regions can rightly be considered tech hubs in the first place by looking at a number of factors, including cost of living, average education level and tech employment level as a share of various industries.

Silicon Valley in California’s Bay Area remains the most prominent (and expensive) US tech center, with a talent pool of nearly 380,000 tech workers.

Here’s a look at the top tech talent markets in the country in terms of total workforce:

America’s big coastal cities still contain the lion’s share of tech talent, but mid-sized tech centers like Salt Lake City, Portland and Denver have seen strong growth numbers in recent years. Home to both Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle has seen an impressive 32% growth rate over the past five years.

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New tech hubs include areas like Raleigh-Durham. The two cities have nearly 70,000 employed tech workers and a strong talent pipeline that is seeing a 28% increase in degree completions in fields such as math/statistics and computer engineering year-over-year through 2020. In fact, the entire state of North Carolina is becoming an increasingly attractive business center.

Tech giants such as Google, Meta and Amazon are continuously and aggressively growing their presence in Canada, further strengthening the country’s status as the next big destination for tech talent. Here are the country’s four tech hubs with a combined working population of more than 50,000:

Toronto saw the most absolute tech job growth in 2021, adding 88,900 jobs. The tech sector in Canada’s largest city has seen a lot of momentum in recent years and is now ranked by CBRE as North America’s #3 tech hub after the SF Bay Area and New York City.

Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

Vancouver’s tech talent population increased the most over the original number, rising 63%. Seattle-based companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have established significant offices in the city, adding to the already thriving tech scene. Furthermore, Google is set to build an undersea high-speed fiber optic cable connecting Canada to Asia with a terminus in Vancouver.

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Not to be left behind, Ottawa has also taken giant steps to increase their technical talent and make their presence felt. The nation’s capital even has the highest concentration of tech employment in its workforce, thanks in part to Shopify’s success.

The small but well-known tech hub in Waterloo also had a very high concentration of tech hires (9.6%). The region has seen its tech workforce grow by 8% over the past five years.

The post-COVID era has seen a changing definition of what a tech hub means. It’s clear that telecommuting is here to stay, and as workers migrate to chase affordability and comfort, traditional tech hubs are seeing some decline — or at least slower growth — in their tech worker populations.

While it’s not obvious that there is a mass exodus of tech talent from traditional coastal hubs, the increase in high-paying tech jobs in smaller markets across the country may point to a trend and is positive for the industry.

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Working At Avidxchange

As more employees with great talent, resources and education continue to choose cost-friendly places to live and work remotely, newer markets like Charlotte, Tennessee and Calgary will see an increase in tech companies, or both large companies and startups will continue to choose the larger coastal cities?

Water mapped: Countries at highest risk of flooding Recent floods in Pakistan have affected more than 33 million people. Where is the risk of flooding greatest in the world?

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Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

Devastating floods across Pakistan this summer have left more than 1,400 dead and a third of the country under water.

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This begs the question: which nations and their populations are most vulnerable to the risk of flooding around the world?

, this graphic maps flood risk around the world and highlights the 1.81 billion people directly exposed to 1-in-100-year flooding. The method takes into account potential risks from both inland and coastal flooding.

Not surprisingly, countries with significant coastlines, river systems and flatlands find themselves with high percentages of their populations at risk.

The Netherlands and Bangladesh are the only two nations in the world that have more than half of their population at risk from flooding, 59% and 58% respectively. Vietnam (46%), Egypt (41%) and Myanmar (40%) round out the rest of the top five nations.

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Apart from the Netherlands, only two other European nations are in the top 20 by percentage of population at risk, Austria (18th with 29%) and Albania (20th with 28%).

The Southeast Asia region alone accounts for more than two-thirds of the global flood-at-risk population of 1.24 billion people.

China and India account for 395 million and 390 million people respectively, with both nations at the top in terms of the absolute number of people at risk of rising water levels. The rest of the top five countries by total population at risk are Bangladesh (94 million people at risk), Indonesia (76 million people at

Business Analyst Salary Charlotte Nc

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