Body Contouring Business Salary

Body Contouring Business Salary – Body contouring salaries in the Scottsdale area have been on the rise for some time. But what does that mean for you? Whether you are a practicing physician or a pre-med student, you should take sculpture seriously. The potential impact on both a personal and business level is enormous.

It would be worth spending time knowing where Body Contouring came from. Doctors may already have this technology in the office, and that’s fine. But prospective students should at least have an idea where it came from.

Body Contouring Business Salary

Body Contouring Business Salary

Coolsculpting is actually nothing new. It was actually invented over 10 years ago by a company originally called “Juniper Medical Systems”. In 2007, the company changed its name to Zeltiq and later made enough money to go public in 2011. In addition, it is worth noting that Zeltiq is a subsidiary of Allergan, a major player in medical aesthetics.

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When you start talking about fat freezing, you might get some stares. Fat loss is a complex topic that is further confused by lack of knowledge and fad diets. But once you know the roots of Coolsculpting, everything starts to make sense.

Coolsculpting is a medical device first approved by the FDA in 2010. Coolsculpting works by pulling a section of skin between two blades, allowing it to cool below freezing.

Today, it has a much wider range of uses. For example, fatty patches on the abdomen are treated to give them shape and a slimmer appearance. In addition, Coolsculpting is also used on the face and chin, and difficult back areas are treated. This is also the reason why body contouring is also called body sculpting.

Body Contouring/Coolsculpting is used all over the world today. Health Canada and the European Union approved the treatment along with 46 other countries. Because the sculpture is non-invasive, it has a much greater appeal. And because it has such a wide range of uses, its off-label use is quite common.

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Coolsculpting is unique in that it allows patients to resume their normal activities shortly after treatment. For you, this means in most cases that clients can go to the gym the day after their appointment.

Above all, it means you can treat more people every day. In turn, you will see more customers during the week and as a result, your income will increase.

Body Contouring Wages in Scottsdale are Impressive. Paysa reports average salaries in the $80,000 range, with top earners earning $100,000+. And Scottsdale, Arizona’s Hollywood, definitely tops that scale.

Body Contouring Business Salary

In comparison, a recreation manager in Scottsdale earns $16.95+ per hour and a librarian averages $69,574 per year. Those numbers alone should be comforting to anyone looking for a new career. Similarly, an assistant working at a Scottsdale library can make $20.18 an hour and a helper can make $15.80 an hour!

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Laser technicians looking for work after graduation will be happy to hear that the Phoenix area is full of spas and specialty practices. Scottsdale is no exception. Every road you drive down seems to have a new spa that just opened. Technicians then have more job opportunities than anywhere else in the state of Arizona.

If you live in Scottsdale and want to get in on the juicy Body Contouring Wages, there are a few things you can do.

First, as with other professions, you need certification. But unlike other careers, laser education seems to be much more accessible. The only real requirements are a G.E.D and 18+ years of age.

Second, you want to find a school that has enough experience in the industry to help you in the long run. NLI has 17+ years in the field of aesthetics and can help you once you have completed your training.

Body Contouring E Courses Phoenix

Third, we always recommend finding a school that respects your personal life. It means you understand what’s going on in your home and understand that a 5:00pm evening class might not work.

Fortunately, NLI has gone out of its way to bring all of the above to you. Even in these difficult times, they are more focused on virtual classes. As a result, they have made it easier than ever to access a laser certificate.

For body contouring salaries and jobs in Scottsdale, you can also check out our esthetics FAQs

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Body Contouring Business Salary

In our Hybrid Laser* Online Comprehensive Laser Course, you get online classroom laser training with a variety of instructors and live demonstrations with multiple hours of each modality. Then choose one of our nationwide locations to participate in your clinical trials for hands-on learning!

Ways To Introduce Body Contouring Services To Your Clients

Procedures include laser hair removal, facials, laser skin rejuvenation, radiofrequency skin rejuvenation, cooling sculpting, cellulite reduction, tattoo removal, radiofrequency skin tightening and microneedling. Their business partnership began when they ran Colorado Girls Lemonade together.

So it was no surprise when sisters Melissa Mickelson and Jessica Johnson joined entrepreneurial forces as adults to launch their CoolSculpting-only boutique, Bodify, in 2015.

Their joint venture had been going on for a long time. As they went to college and pursued careers in different industries—Melissa in medical spas and Jessica in marketing and business training—they tossed around ideas, but nothing stuck.

Years ago, Melissa owned a cosmetic surgery recovery business in Southern California where she cared for liposuction and tummy tuck patients after their procedures. He was disturbed by all the promises made to get customers to use the services.

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“The surgeons reduced recovery time. The pain, the leakage… they felt like they’d been hit by a train,” Melissa said. “I loved that with CoolSculpting you could do a kickboxing class an hour later.”

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that removes stubborn fat using controlled cooling. It is commonly used to treat the abdomen, arms, under the chin, and inner thighs.

Melissa managed Valley Medical Spa and performed CoolSculpting treatments. He asked Jessica to do the marketing for the company. Jessica had a business coaching franchise that brought her to Arizona after college. He started working at a marketing company and helped Melissa on the side.

Body Contouring Business Salary

One day, Jessica and her boss had a disagreement. She quit her job and took up her sister’s marketing full-time.

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Melissa’s failed attempt to buy a medical spa from the doctor who owned it inspired the sisters to fulfill their longtime dream of starting a business together. Three months later, Bodify opened its doors.

Their experience of owning a combined business proved to be the key. Between Melissa’s extensive experience running two businesses in the industry and Jessica’s experience in marketing and business consulting, they covered most of the bases that novice business owners tend to leave vulnerable.

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“We definitely had a leg up,” said Jessica, who is 2.5 years younger than Melissa. “We think it was just meant to be.”

Together, they raised $400,000 and renovated a suite for their new facility. Early on, they experienced perhaps their biggest stumbling block: getting people in the door. Jessica explained that most of the CoolSculpting businesses were moved into an existing practice, so all it takes is an email to let clients know.

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They put a lot of effort into marketing, doing radio and events and forming strategic partnerships with small businesses that have clients interested in their services. They also ran a powerful social media campaign. The results started coming in.

Jessica said Bodify has a database of 4,600 customers and has doubled its revenue from last year. The procedure starts at $800 and goes up from there. The initial consultation is free.

They’ve done more than 9,000 treatments to date, making Bodify the number one CoolSculpting practice in the country, Melissa said. Customers come from all over the country.

Body Contouring Business Salary

It is not a quick fix for extreme weight gain or obesity. The average client is someone who is healthy, eats well, and is 5 to 35 pounds heavier than their ideal body mass index weight.

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“It’s for people who are healthy but are frustrated that diet and exercise can’t get rid of it,” Melissa said. “The fact that we were able to change people’s bodies in a positive way and make them feel better … it was amazing to find something that worked and people kept coming back.”

That was Maggie Silva’s predicament when she contacted Bodify shortly after it opened. She eats well and exercises regularly, but found that small imperfections that subsided with an extra cardio session seemed inevitable at the dawn of middle age.

Silva tried CoolSculpting in California, but it didn’t work out well. He blamed a lack of technical knowledge. But he found the opposite experience at Bodify with Melissa behind the wheel.

“They just know the equipment and advise me if something is a good idea or if there’s a better way to get the results I want,” said Silva, 59, who lives in Gilbert. “They really care about their customers.”

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Melissa earned a degree in biochemistry from Arizona State University. Jessica graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Marketing and Spanish.

Their fields of study reflect their difference

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