Automotive Business Manager Salary

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Many people view a career in auto sales as a job filled with long hours and a need to employ difficult closing techniques. However, a career in auto sales can be very rewarding.

Automotive Business Manager Salary

Automotive Business Manager Salary

People who are successful in auto sales understand that their success does not depend on the brand of car they sell. Success is based on their ability to build relationships with their customers. The days of fast-talking, hard-working sales professionals are over and have been replaced by a need for professionalism, courtesy and service.

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Anyone who believes that a career in auto sales will result in nothing more than a good way to practice closing skills will find little success and a lot of disappointment.

The rapid progress of people’s access to the Internet, and more precisely the Internet, represents a tremendous change in the auto sales industry. What was once a mystery, the price of an automobile is now readily available to anyone with Internet access and some very basic Google skills.

This access to pricing may, to some, seem like the beginning of the end of an auto sales career, as dealerships may only need to post the price of their vehicle on car windows and staff to answer questions. Someone might, however, hand over the keys for a test drive and help customers fill out paperwork. This reality is far from reality.

As long as there is competition in the market, the need for sales professionals will remain. While pricing may no longer be a negotiating issue, consumers will still be more likely to buy from someone who likes them and from someone who rubs them the wrong way. This is where the constant need for sales professionals comes into play!

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For those who are just starting out selling, auto sales have a lot to offer. In general, sales professionals in the auto industry earn a base salary plus commission, receive company-sponsored benefits and can often either receive a discount or earn a “demo” car when purchasing a vehicle. Total salary ranges vary greatly and depend heavily on location, how busy and popular the dealership is, the make and model of vehicles sold and, of course, how well sales are at selling professional cars.

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People who do well in sales usually have the ability to advance in sales management. But not all sales professionals are interested in management, and many who succeed at one dealership are recruited to another dealership. Both advancement and landing a new job with a new employer should mean an increase in compensation, but some other factors can increase as well.

First of all, a sales professional should never be bored. There are always new skills to learn, products to learn more about, prospects to call and customers to follow. However, many in auto sales complain that the long hours demanded from most dealerships often lead to endless hours with nothing to do.

Automotive Business Manager Salary

If you get frustrated easily when work isn’t stable, make sure you go to auto sales with the full understanding that there will be hours when a customer won’t walk through your dealership’s door. For some dealerships, these hours can be very long and plentiful, so either seek employment with a dealership known for heavy traffic or use any downtime to improve the effectiveness of your “uptime”. Commit yourself to.

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Starting your sales career in auto sales is a well-travelled and potentially very rewarding decision. You will be tested and your working hours will create a challenge of work-life balance. However, no one ever said selling was easy.

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Car sales consultants for dealerships use their skills of persuasion to sell new or used cars. The job is well suited to open, friendly people who have the gift of building relationships with customers – you need to be able to make customers feel comfortable about making one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Most car sales consultants earn a modest base salary, plus a generous commission. So the more cars you sell, the more money you make.

The main job of a car sales consultant is to show the car to the customers who visit the dealership and negotiate the sale. You will need a good understanding of the different car models as well as financing and warranty options. You’ll need persuasive sales skills and a key to negotiating car prices and trade-ins with customers. Once the car is sold, you will walk the customer through the paperwork and coordinate repair and servicing through other departments at the dealership. You are the face of the company, and your success depends on your ability to educate a customer about the options available and to make them feel comfortable.

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You will need a high school diploma or a minimum GED for this position. Some employers prefer candidates with an associate’s degree in business or credentials in automobile repair. The best qualifications are hard work and a willingness to learn, however, most of the training takes place on the job. As a new apprentice, you can expect to engage with an experienced salesperson for a few weeks or months until you learn the trade.

What can you expect in return? The median car dealership salary in 2018 is $39,903 annually, on a pay scale ranging from $23,574 to $95,627. The mean means that half of the automotive sales consultants earned more than this amount and half earned less. This salary is significantly higher than the average for all retail positions, which stood at $22,900 per year in 2016.

Car sales consultants are associated with car dealerships, and their primary duty is to earn money for their employer. They spend most of their time showing cars to customers at car lots, finalizing papers at the office, or on test drives. Printing hours are fairly regular, although you would generally be expected to expect weekends and holidays as these are among the dealership’s busiest times. Expect to stand on your feet for long periods of time and keep moving.

Automotive Business Manager Salary

The amount of money a car sales consultant makes does not increase with time and experience, at least not directly. That’s because advisors are paid mostly by commission, which represents about two-thirds of their take-home salary. Therefore, the more cars a consultant sells for his dealership, the more money he will make. The commission amount varies by dealership but the traditional structure is 20 to 25 percent of the profit amount. For example, if a car sells for $25,000, and the dealership makes a profit of $1,000, the sales consultant will earn $250 based on a 25 percent commission rate.

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Jobs for all retailers, including car sales consultants, are expected to grow by 2 percent by 2026. This represents the addition of 92,400 new jobs. This figure is well below the average growth rate for all occupations. The outlook may be better for car sales consultants than for general retail employees, however, car sales are not affected by the boom in online sales that is causing other retail sectors to shrink. People still buy cars face-to-face, and that’s not expected to change any time soon.

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Friendship Automotive Enterprises, an eight-rooftop dealership group in Bristol, Tenn., is reevaluating how F&I managers are compensated as a spike in F&I profitability has drastically changed the status quo in stores.

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