Amazon Senior Business Intelligence Engineer Salary

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AWS is seeking a professional Senior Business Intelligence Engineer to drive our analytical revolution in Talent Acquisition (TA). You get the opportunity to work on rebuilding our analytical capabilities, from data entry, to complex business transformations to end-user reporting and beyond. In this role, you will create and build on behalf of the candidate, experiment and test new ideas, evangelize success, and encourage consistency.

Amazon Senior Business Intelligence Engineer Salary

Amazon Senior Business Intelligence Engineer Salary

The ideal candidate is an independent Business Intelligence Engineer who can acquire data, clean, analyze, refine, enrich, model, present, automate and document our business data path. You will always be looking for ways to optimize information flow processes, stay abreast of the latest trends in data warehousing and be able to coordinate and work on multiple related projects.

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Are you passionate about driving business & customer impact through careful analysis and data-driven insights? Are you a highly technical individual who enjoys working with customers to change the way businesses operate? Are you a builder who excels with ambiguity? Are you inspired by invention? Is problem solving through teamwork and working in a startup environment in your DNA? Do you like the idea of ​​seeing how your work affects the bigger picture? Answer yes to all of these and you will fit in here. Basic Qualifications

Amazon is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Amazon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or any other legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who wish to request accommodation, please visit

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New York City, New … New York City, New York | Remote Full Time Senior Level USD 45K – 150K * USD 45K+ * Chainalysis Senior Machine Learning Engineer Big Data Blockchain D3.js Data visualization Hard Hadoop Engineering +11 Career development Health care Startup environment Team events

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Oakville, ON, Canada Oakville, ON, Canada Senior Senior Full Time USD 50K – 85K * USD 50K+ * Geotab Inc. Big Data Analyst Computer Science Data Analytics Data Mining Engineering Machine Learning Math +7 Career development Flexible hours Flexible vacation Health care Medical leave +2

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New York City, NY New York City, NY Full Time Senior Senior USD 76K – 150K * USD 76K+ * MongoDB Data Engineer Airflow Arrow Athena Avro AWS Azkaban Cask +25 Career development Fertility benefits Parental leave

Ontario or British Columbia Ontario or British Columbia Senior Full Time USD 76K – 150K * USD 76K+ * Greenhouse Data Engineer Airflow Banking Data pipelines Kubernetes Engineering Machine Learning Pipelines +4 Career development Equity Flexible hours Flexible vacation Health care +4

Amazon Senior Business Intelligence Engineer Salary

Ontario, CAN Ontario, CAN Senior Senior Level Cloud Support Engineer II – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, AWS Support Engineering AWS Classification Computer Science Distributed Systems Machine Learning Docker Engineering +4 Career development Team events

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United States – Remote United States – Remote Full Time Senior Senior USD 135K – 190K USD 135K+ HealthVerity Data Architect/ETL Developer Big Data Analytics Data Analytics Data Management Data pipeline Engineering ETL Machine Learning +6 Career development Competitive salary Equity Flexible hours Flexible vacation + 4

San Diego, CA San Diego, CA Full Time Senior Level Senior TuSimple Onboard Algorithm-Research Engineer/Research Scientist, Deep Learning Perception Autonomous Driving Science Computer Vision Computer Vision Deep Learning Engineering Industrial Lidar +8 Career development Competitive salary conferences Fitness / gym Health care +3

New York City, United … New York City, United States Senior Full Time USD 76K – 150K * USD 76K+ * Schonfeld Data Engineer Agile Engineering ETL Finance Linux Pipelines Python +1 Career development

Boston, Massachusetts, United States Boston, Massachusetts, United States Senior Full Time USD 76K – 150K * USD 76K+ * Andela Data Engineering Solutions Consultant, Boston (Remote) Airflow Consulting Engineering Kafka Python Career development Competitive salary Equity Flexible hours Flexible vacation + 3

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Cambridge, MA Cambridge, MA Full Time Senior Level Flagship Pioneering, Inc. Engineer AWS Machine Learning Infrastructure Big Data Biology CI/CD Docker EC2 ECS +12 Career development Startup environment

Find open roles in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science in general, filtered by job title or popular skill , equipment and products used. O’Reilly this week published the results of his salary survey, which shows the median salary for AI and data professionals in the US and UK is $146,000 per year. While that’s certainly more than a lot of jobs, it only represents an average 2.25% annual increase rate, according to the survey, which also cuts salaries by education, job title, gender, state, programming language, and platform.

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Among the 3,136 data and AI professionals (i.e. data scientists, data engineers, and AI and machine learning specialists) who took O’Reilly’s survey via the Internet in June, those from California earned the most, earning an average of $176 , 000 per year. That should come as no surprise, given the number of major tech companies making their home in Silicon Valley, as well as the state’s overall high cost of living. Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland follow the Golden State, with median salaries of less than $150,000.

Amazon Senior Business Intelligence Engineer Salary

Men accounted for 81% of survey takers, and they reported significantly higher median salaries ($150,000) than women ($126,000). Women earn only 84% of what men earn, according to the survey. “The differences exist regardless of education,” O’Reilly said in the survey.

Data Science Salary Survey

However, despite the salary difference, the percentage of women who have degrees is higher than that of men, according to the survey, which shows 16% of women have doctorates, compared to 13% of men. And 47% of women have masters degrees, compared to 46% of men.”

The difference in salary between the sexes is also visible when viewed through the lens of the position. “At the executive level, the median salary for women is $163,000 versus $205,000 for men (20% difference),” O’Reilly said in the report. “At the director level, the difference is much smaller – $180,000 for women versus $184,000 for men – and women’s salaries [at the director level] are actually higher than at the executive level.”

O’Reilly also collects data on what programming languages ​​AI and data professionals use. Unsurprisingly, the usual suspects are always present: Python (used by 61% of respondents), SQL (54%), JavaScript 32%), Bash (29%), Java (24%), and R (20%).

But when the Sebastopol, California-based media company compared language data with salary data, some interesting trends emerged. For example, the AI ​​and data pro who ticked next to Rust had the highest average salary ($180,000+) of all languages. It was followed by Go ($179,000) and Scala ($178,000).

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O’Reilly tries to explain it: “The supply of talent for newer languages ​​like Rust and Go is relatively small. While there may not be a huge demand for data scientists using this language (yet), there is definitely some demand—and with a shortage of experienced Go and Rust programmers, they earn higher salaries,” he said in the report.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular languages ​​(Python, SQL, Bash, and R) are back to average in terms of salaries, with a bunch of them showing up at just under $150,000, just around the absolute average salary in this study. Java is showing slightly increasing traction, averaging a little over $150,000 (right ahead of everyone’s favorite language, “I don’t use a programming language”). Outliers on the downside include Perl, D, and CSS, which cluster around $125,000/year. level.

O’Reilly also asked about what tools and platforms AI and pro data are using for statistics and machine learning, and this is where salary comparisons get really interesting. For starters, it’s clear that people who use these tools are paid slightly more than the average respondent of this survey; that is, the distribution is skewed higher than $150,000.

Amazon Senior Business Intelligence Engineer Salary

Unsurprisingly, some of the most popular statistics and machine tools and platforms, such as PyTorch and TensorFlow, are grouped in the middle, which on this chart is around $155,000. Outliers at the high end include, where the average user is paid around $175,000, and KNIME, coming in just below that. Spark NLP, SparkMLlib, and Google Prediction round out the top five.

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The outlier on the lower end is Stata, with a median salary of around $115, 000 per year. There was a big jump then to IBM System ML and Nimble (a lightweight deep learning library based on PyTorch) for around $140,000, followed by Excel and everyone’s favorite ML/stats package “I don’t use any ML/stats tools” right at around the median for the entire survey (approximately $145,000).

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