Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary

Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary – Amazon is known to pay lucrative salaries for engineering and product positions. The company actively hires Product Managers for various business sectors, namely e-commerce, AWS, digital streaming, logistics, and aerospace. Although there is almost always a vacancy for a Product Manager at Amazon, cracking the Amazon product manager interview is not that simple. In addition to the necessary analytical and product management skills, there are a bunch of other aspects that need to come together in your interview to get an offer.

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Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary

Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary

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If you’re applying for a Product Manager position at Amazon, your grade level will depend on your level of experience and the skills you bring to the table. Product Manager positions are generally senior positions, so they naturally attract higher salaries. Below are the product manager ranks at Amazon:

L8 and L9 positions are mostly reached through elevation. If you are already a Senior Director of Product Management in a different company and apply to Amazon, it is very likely that you would be offered a position in the L8 series, although that your assignment may remain as it is.

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As you can see in the following chart, with an increase in seniority, the compensation becomes more and more heavy on Amazon stock:

Amazon offers Product Managers exciting stock options as well as other compensation-related benefits. Product Managers are offered Restricted Stock Units that typically have a vesting period of 4 years. The level of units offered is according to the senior level. Directors and senior executives are typically offered less in bonuses and more in stock options. In addition, the verification period depends on the total number of stock units received. Usually, it is 4 years.

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Apart from the attractive packages and stock options, Amazon also offers a bunch of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary

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Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary

Amazon has more than 200 million people on its two-day delivery services, Amazon Prime, as well as more than 150 million mobile users on the Amazon app, with Amazon Marketplace moving more than $300 billion of products over 2020 .It’s not that. to refer to Amazon owning nearly half of the world’s public cloud infrastructure market through its ​​​​subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), through​​​​which it gave more than $ 380 billion in net sales revenue. In addition to this, everything is Amazon’s “customer-first” business model, pushing Amazon’s Data Scientists to leverage their data to create the best possible experience for all of their customers. various Amazon platforms. Data roles at Amazon conduct some of the latest research in artificial intelligence and machine learning to create predictions and optimize algorithms for their customers.

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Sg&a Expense (selling, General & Administrative)

Here’s a quick overview of the types of data positions at Amazon and their salaries, with a comparison to the national average.

Total compensation at Amazon also includes health & dental insurance, life insurance, 401k with company match, company RSUs, and bonuses. Check out for a deeper dive into Amazon salaries and benefits.

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Teams of data scientists perform a critical function at Amazon, working with a broad set of Amazon products across different teams and levels across the organization. This includes the entire Amazon e-commerce arm, as well as other specific product and business areas. Amazon’s customer-centric business model means that any data space will consistently focus on providing value to the customer. At the same time, the responsibility and focus of data placement can vary depending on the team and department in which you are employed.

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The e-commerce branch of Amazon is the most famous branch of the multinational technology company with millions upon millions of sellers and customers. There are 1.9 million active sellers on Amazon Marketplace, with that number growing by over a million new users every year. As the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon has a data base working on potential problems in every aspect of the business, from reducing buyer risk to optimizing the t – supply chain.

With Amazon owning nearly half of the world’s public cloud infrastructure market, it’s only natural that there is a strong need for data environments that focus on building, maintaining and optimizing the their data practices and processes, not to mention the data infrastructure required for the island. products under the Amazon umbrella. Working cross-functionally with a variety of other teams at Amazon, these data engineering teams play a critical role in working with the enormous amount of data produced by Amazon Web Services.

Amazon has such an incredible amount of data to give it all kinds of opportunities to use insights and data-driven solutions to create value for customers from, for example, search results and video and product recommendations . Making great strides in the field of machine learning, these teams are impacting millions of Amazon users around the world.

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Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary

Now that you know more about the roles and responsibilities of Amazon’s data science teams, here’s an overview of how the interview process works.

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Amazon has a fairly standard (if extensive) interview process for a data scientist position, from the initial phone screening through a hiring manager interview, and finally the full day on-site interview.

After your online application and resume are submitted, there will be an initial screening phone call with an employer. This is a short half-hour interview where the recruiter goes over your resume and experiences, then briefly explains the role, the team, and the relative position of the side team. within the company.

Next up for the Amazon data scientist position is the technical screen, which goes more in-depth about your data experiences and technical knowledge. This will include questions about statistics, coding, algorithms, and product design, with the data science coding questions being done over a shared code editor.

After you pass the technical screen, there is a full day on-site interview. There will be approximately 5 interviews divided throughout the day, with a lunch break in between. The interviews will have a mix of behavioral and technical questions.

Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Please note: the interviews will be virtual and the format of the interview may change throughout the life of the pandemic.

Interviews for a data scientist position at Amazon always include the usual questions about your background and experiences, usually with many variations of “Tell me about a time where…”

These questions will help gauge your interest in Amazon as a company, as well as your knowledge of Amazon as a business.

Amazon Business Intelligence Manager Salary

This part of the interview tests your coding ability, covering the technical details of the code with specific examples.

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These questions deal with the practical application of your coding ability and how to deal with data problems. Don’t forget the natural follow-up to any modeling question: “How can you tell your model is working?”

Remember to check Amazon’s Career FAQ, and take a look

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