Affirm Business Development Associate Salary

Affirm Business Development Associate Salary – According to Glassdoor, three of the ten highest paying jobs in the US are now related to software engineering. Software engineering is also among the fastest growing fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 11% growth this decade, a rate much higher than any occupation.

And yet there aren’t nearly enough software engineers to fill these roles. 26% of business leaders surveyed by McKinsey said that IT, mobile and/or web design and management is an area with “the greatest need to address potential skills gaps”.

Affirm Business Development Associate Salary

Affirm Business Development Associate Salary

This means that companies offer top salaries to skilled software engineers. But how much can software engineers really earn? And what are the factors that affect their salary? Keep reading to find out.

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According to Indeed, the average base salary for a software engineer is $125,837. This includes all kinds of software engineers, from web developers to app developers. In addition to the cash compensation, many of these roles also offer bonuses and stock options. The top paying companies in the US include Citi ($198,457), Apple ($173,388) and Meta ($152,697).

One of the critical factors in determining software development engineer salary is work experience: the more experience, the higher the salary. Let’s see how it breaks down.

An entry-level software engineer is someone with less than a year of experience, or someone who has just completed a software engineering internship. The responsibilities of an entry-level software engineer are likely limited to writing code or building on existing code bases, working with a team of experienced programmers.

A mid-level software engineer has two to five years of experience in the industry. They typically have advanced skills in languages ​​such as Java, Python and JavaScript, process expertise across DevOps, front-end/backend programming or quality analysis. Or they want some kind of industry expertise in a field like healthcare, retail, financial services, etc. Many mid-level engineers also specialize in areas like cybersecurity, DevOps, and mobile app development.

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The average salary for a mid-level software engineer in the United States is $93,000 per year, according to

A senior-level software engineer typically has five or more years of experience and is a technical expert or a manager. A technical expert leads software development projects and is responsible for quality delivery of software within accepted timelines and budgets. They maintain a bird’s-eye view of the project, collaborate with various stakeholders, gather user feedback, and ensure that the software products meet the company’s needs. They also work to build technical leadership and intellectual property within the organization.

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A manager leads teams, brings together cross-functional skills, ensures they work well together, delegates and manages performance, resolves potential issues, conducts reviews, etc. In smaller organizations, many senior-level software engineers juggle both of these roles. And that reflects the salaries.

Affirm Business Development Associate Salary

Salaries for software engineers can also vary from industry to industry. Let’s look at a few top industries that are hiring software engineers today.

Manager, Revenue Operations At Affirm

Given that software is the bread and butter of tech organizations, these companies tend to hire the brightest engineers and offer highly competitive salaries. According to Built In, the average salary for a software engineer in the tech industry is $119,939.

Whether it’s traditional banks like Citibank/JP Morgan Chase or fintech startups like Stripe/Digit, the financial sector is rapidly adopting technology for a wide range of use cases. Across cyber security, mobile banking, cashless transactions, dynamic investments, personalization, risk management, etc., there are hundreds of high-paying roles for software engineers with an interest in finance.

The average salary for a software engineer working in the finance field is $108,690 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Today, retail is no longer just about physical stores. Software engineers in the retail industry create and maintain retail software such as POS systems or in-store point of sale systems, as well as dynamic and personalized experiences across e-commerce, mobile commerce and social commerce channels. Especially online, there are significant innovations in retail, such as try-and-buy technologies with augmented/virtual reality, hyper-personalization on mobile commerce, live shopping on social platforms and so on.

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The average salary for a software engineer working in the retail sector is $81,850, according to a study by HackerRank.

Healthcare is investing significantly in software, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Large hospital chains, small local clinics, equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical organizations all utilize software for their needs.

The average salary for a software engineer working in the healthcare industry is $77,000 per year, according to Payscale.

Affirm Business Development Associate Salary

Typically slower to adopt the latest technology, governments and public services across the globe are now more actively embracing software development. For example, late last year, President Biden passed an executive order to transform the federal customer experience and service delivery to rebuild trust in government. This initiative is also likely to trickle down to state and local government initiatives, opening up a large number of opportunities in software development for government and public services. The average salary for a software engineer working in government is $88,568 per year, according to Payscale.

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Education appears to play a role in software engineer salary. According to PayScale, software engineers with a certificate earn $76,000, while engineers with a bachelor’s degree earn $84,000 and those with a master’s degree average $112,000 per year.

While most companies hiring software engineers prefer candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, it’s not uncommon to find job descriptions that expect “a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.” Self-taught engineers and developers trained in bootcamps can access the same opportunities if they can demonstrate the necessary skills for each role.

Based on demand and supply of software engineering talent, competition, cost of living, etc., some cities in the US pay better than others. Let’s look at some top paying locations and their corresponding salaries for software engineers.

The average software engineer salary in San Francisco is $135,464 per year. These are the best companies in San Francisco for software engineers, according to Indeed:

Software Engineer, Backend (machine Learning Platform) At Affirm

The average salary for a software engineer in San Jose is $122,042 per year. These are the best companies in San Jose for software engineers, according to Indeed.

The average salary for a software engineer in New York is $122,042 per year. These are the best companies in New York for software engineers, according to Indeed.

The average salary for a software engineer in Seattle is $123,150 per year. These are the best companies in Seattle for software engineers, according to Indeed.

Affirm Business Development Associate Salary

The average salary for a software engineer in Boston is $124,027 per year. These are the best companies in Boston for software engineers, according to Indeed.

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There are dozens of specialized roles in software engineering that offer higher salaries based on experience, expertise and availability of skilled professionals. Let’s look at a few top paying roles in software engineering.

A solution architect is the person who transforms the technical vision of a product into usable software. They design the solution, lay out the architecture, create the roadmap and ensure that the smaller pieces of code work together as a meaningful and functional whole. They are also responsible for documentation, following best practices, validating results, etc. An experienced software developer typically grows into this role.

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DevOps is short for development operations. A DevOps engineer is responsible for ensuring that the software development lifecycle runs smoothly. They enable software deployment, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), automation, cloud/on-prem infrastructure management, system administration, security, etc. Especially in organizations moving towards agile software development, they also take on the role of advocate for ensuring seamless change management .

Staff engineers are senior software professionals who work on complex and challenging business problems. Their role involves understanding the business problem and the technology landscape to create innovative and differentiated solutions. They may also manage small teams of software engineers who manage experimental projects.

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A senior staff engineer takes on more long-term challenges and defines the course of a product/department over a 5-10 year horizon. Often they report to top management and steer the course of the organization itself. Typically, they are specialists in new technologies such as cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, etc.

A principal software engineer performs a combination of technical and managerial roles. They collaborate with the organization’s leadership to ensure that the software meets the needs of end users while helping to achieve business goals. They lead teams, troubleshoot problems, and remove roadblocks across the software development lifecycle.

A software engineering fellow is a prominent technologist within any organization. Typically, their contributions often extend beyond the organization to the open source community, academia, etc. Often they lead independent research within the organization exploring new avenues and futuristic technologies.

Affirm Business Development Associate Salary

The compensation design for any organization depends on a wide range of factors. Let’s see how it all shakes out.

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Most jobs expect candidates to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science. But this is not a deal-breaker, and many software engineers start their careers by enrolling in a certificate program or Software Engineering Bootcamp.

If you have some experience in software development, you can be an advantage and have more potential for a higher salary. For example if you worked in a company like software

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