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Travel to Sri Lanka

Important information ant tips.

Airports in Sri Lanka

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an Asian island, lying beneath India in the Indian Ocean. Previously known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is gaining its popularity for its surfing spots, beaches, and interesting culture. Availability of gems such as Sapphires and Topazes is also making this destination a popular choice among holidaymakers and honeymooners.

Sri Lanka usually experiences warm weather throughout the year. April is considered to be the hottest month in Sri Lanka, while May is the wettest. So, the ideal time to visit Sri Lanka is anytime between January to April and from July to September.

Sri Lanka is a very popular travel destination all around the world. It is really easy to get there from India and Australia, but still, it is easy to reach there from anywhere in the world. That is because of the great international airports in Sri Lanka and the flight connectivity from across the world that offers great service to the travelers.

Airports in Sri Lanka

The two International airports in Sri Lanka are Bandaranaike International Airport and Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.

Bandaranaike International Airport is also known as Colombo Sri Lanka Airport, as it lies just 30 kms away from Colombo. It is the main International Airport in Sri Lanka. It is also the busiest airport in Sri Lanka as it has a partnership with over 37 airlines serving over 10.79 million passengers annually.

The Colombo Sri Lanka airport has 3 terminals. Some of the major flight operators providing services in Sri Lanka include Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Etihad Airways, Air India, Qantas and Malaysia Airlines.

Visa Requirements

Tourists require a visa to enter Sri Lanka and are usually offered Tourist Visa for a duration of 30 days. The tourists can get their travel visa online using the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) online system allowing short trips for a maximum duration of one month.

Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) is the second international airport that is situated in the south of the country, 18 km near Hambantota. MRIA is an alternative airport to Colombo Sri Lanka Airport that is set up to serve the Southern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka. The airport currently serves nearly one million passengers per year. Inaugurated in 2013, MRIA is an eco-friendly project established to enhance Sri Lanka’s economic development.

Traveling from Airport to Colombo

Getting from Colombo Sri Lanka Airport to Colombo is fairly easy and passengers prefer traveling the distance on their own. There are commercial buses and taxis that serve passengers between Colombo Sri Lanka Airport and Colombo and one can get to the city center in nearly an hour. The highway buses running in Sri Lanka are also a great way of transferring between Colombo Sri Lanka Airport and Colombo.

Sri Lanka is considered a safe country to travel. Natives of Sri Lanka are very polite, helpful and hospitable. Sri Lanka is gaining more popularity over the years as a travel destination among families and couples and one of the main contributing factors is the ease of accessing the country from anywhere in the world.

So, for the visitors looking forward to a trip to Sri Lanka, it is good to plan in advance while keeping the weather conditions in mind and getting ready for a great trip ahead!


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